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Chapter 322 - MLM Den (Pyramid Scheme).

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 322: MLM Den (Pyramid Scheme).

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    Early in the morning, when the curtain was pulled open, fresh air brushed against his face, and a few small birds were chirping in the trees outside the window.

    “Dad, dad …”

    Xiao Luo was preparing to wash up when the little girl Su Bei knocked at the door outside.

    Xiao Luo had to open the door and let her in.

    “Dad, have you brushed your teeth after breakfast? My mother said that I have to brush my teeth every morning and evening so that no worms will grow.” Su Bei earnestly lectured Xiao Luo.

    “Dad will brush them now!”

    Xiao Luo intimately touched her head, and then went into the bathroom.

    The little girl also came in with her small hand clinging to the edge of the sink and looked at Xiao Luo unblinkingly with her big black gem-like eyes.



    “Why don’t you live with mommy and me?”

    “Dad has to work at night. Living with you and your mother will disturb your rest.” Xiao Luo made up a random reason.

    The little girl frowned and said, “Then is it ok to work during the day?”

    “There are things that happen during the day.”

    Xiao Luo put down his toothbrush and cup and gently squeezed her little face.

    After washing his face, he picked up Beibei and went out.

    Arriving at Su Li’s apartment, the dining table in the hall was full of breakfast food; toast, poached eggs, corn, cakes, milk, etc. Aunt Li was still busy in the kitchen. Seeing Xiao Luo holding Su Bei in his arms, she warmly greeted him, “Mr. Xiao, breakfast is served!”

    Xiao Luo nodded, then sat down at the table and said “Morning” to Su Li, who was sitting opposite to him.

    Su Li didn’t answer him but just looked up at him.

    Her beautiful and unsurpassed face with slender curved eyelashes, exquisite small nose, thin and tender lips, and a head of black hair that was curled with an attractive luster reflected by the sunlight shining in from the balcony. She looked as pure as a fairy inducing an extraordinary poetic charm.

    “Su Bei, he is up now, can you eat quietly?”


    The little girl nodded her little head.

    Xiao Luo smiled and put her on a high stool.

    The little girl smiled sweetly at Xiao Luo from time to time while eating breakfast, and Xiao Luo smiled back.

    Looking at the two people appearing like a close father and daughter, Su Li had a burst of envy and jealousy, even anger. Su Bei was brought up by her, but she was completely incomparable by an outsider. It felt like she was the outsider. But she couldn’t say anything, she hired Xiao Luo to take on such a role as Su Bei’s father, and Xiao Luo looked like he was doing it very well, wasn’t this what she wanted?

    “After breakfast, I have to go out for a bit.” Xiao Luo said to Su Li first.

    “I said, you can do your own thing while playing this role well.” Su Li didn’t even look at him when she spoke.

    Xiao Luo didn’t say a word, this woman seemed very reluctant to talk to him. He also didn’t like to talk more, so he kept silent.



    After leaving Star Moon Bay hotel, Xiao Luo dialed his cousin’s phone number, Ding Zhenyun. His first task was to pull this lost poor youth out of the pyramid scheme scam.

    After he heard that Xiao Luo came alone, Ding Zhenyun immediately agreed to meet at a place.

    It was a subway station. When Xiao Luo arrived, he did not see Ding Zhenyun’s figure. Instead, two strange youths came to pick him up.

    Pale and emaciated, it looked like it was due to severe malnutrition.

    One of them warmly took Xiao Luo’s hand, “You are Zhenyun’s cousin? We are his good friends. He asked us to pick you up.”

    “Why didn’t he come?” Xiao Luo asked.

    “He doesn’t have time. He has to study in class. Please come with us.” The other replied.

    Xiao Luo already had a general guess in his heart that ‘studying in class’ was nothing more than brainwashing.

    He agreed to come, followed the two and walked through several busy and noisy streets. Finally, he turned and walked into a dirty, messy and poor alley, where advertisements for rent were posted everywhere. Each house was very shabby. The people he met here were mostly old people, and the cries of children came from one of the houses.

    Obviously, there are many migrant workers living here, including people from all over the world.

    Xiao Luo followed the two men down a dark corridor, and then walked until he finally arrived at their destination.

    Three rooms and one hall, they looked very shabby, and a musty smell washed over him as soon as he walked in. In one of the rooms, seven or eight people were sitting on the ground, listening with notebooks. The one who was speaking was tall, hale and hearty, his white shirt was spotless, and his age was young. He was full of energy when he was making a speech.

    His cousin Ding Zhenyun sat on the ground with the others and listened attentively.

    “Brother Lu, Zhenyun’s cousin is here.” One of the men who brought Xiao Luo here said.

    The young man who was giving a speech immediately welcomed him warmly, holding Xiao Luo’s hand tightly with both hands, “Brother, it is not as good as coming early. We are just taking a course of starting a business. You should also sit down and listen to it. Zhenyun, show your cousin in.”

    Ding Zhenyun was short and dark. Although he was in his twenties, he still looked like a growing young man, it seemed to be atavism. He somewhat looked similar to Xiao Luo.

    “Cousin, come on, let’s sit down and listen to lectures first, then catch up.” He came out and pulled Xiao Luo in.

    “You’ve lost weight.”