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Chapter 323 - Dream Breaking.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 323: Dream Breaking.


    “The wealth creation model sweeping the world subverts the traditional financial management scheme and shakes the wealth code of the industry!

    People love each other and will never disappear.

    Fools come in, but men go out.

    The poor come in and the rich go out.

    The automatic money making machine is such a cow!”

    The lecturer named Lu Ge took the lead in shouting a lot of slogans. His speech was mixed with body movements. The atmosphere was warm and his expression was vigorous. Then he analyzed the pattern of making money, which doubled in size. All the participants present listened attentively and watched with admiration.

    “This is a hoax and a lie. There is no business that people could just wait for the money to be collected just by putting in more than 3,000. This is a dream they are weaving for you.” Xiao Luo tried to wake Ding Zhenyun up.

    Ding Zhenyun was immediately unhappy when he heard this, “Cousin, how can you say that to Lu Ge? He is a successful person and a leader in this industry. His income in a year is over one million. He is willing to give us a hand because he has come this way. He wants to repay the society and let more people succeed.”

    “Any business model that does not have real commodities and relies solely on pulling people’s heads and making profits off the line is pyramid scheming. Haven’t you heard of pyramid schemes, it’s been going on for so long?” Xiao Luo said helplessly.

    “How many times have I said that this is not a pyramid scheme, why don’t you believe that we have products and software?” Ding Zhenyun’s mood fluctuated greatly.

    “Selling software? Do you guys look like IT experts?” Xiao Luo asked.

    “We are selling software, the selling is our part. Cousin, you don’t know anything. Can you stop talking and listen to Lu Ge first? After listening, you will feel that this is the way to get rich.” Ding Zhenyun earnestly preached. In his eyes, Xiao Luo was a person who did not understand.

    Xiao Luo smiled, laughing at himself for taking this thing for granted. Also Ding Zhenyun, this boy, was too stupid, he was trapped in too deep.

    All the people in the room looked at each other. There were men and women. Lu Ge smiled and looked at Xiao Luo. “It seems that brother Xiao Luo here doesn’t agree with our way to get rich. Then I’ll tell you now, so you can understand us, trust us and join us.”

    “Join you? Sorry, but I have two questions about what you just said.” Xiao Luo said.

    “Oh? Do you?”

    Lu Ge was shocked, but his face was still calm. “Let’s listen to it. Our team needs to speak freely and express their opinions. Come on, we welcome brother Xiao Luo to point out our shortcomings.”

    All the men and women present were already brainwashed by him and applauded.

    Xiao Luo looked at Ding Zhenyun in the eyes. If he wanted to wake this boy up, he really would have to go hard and crush his dreams.

    So he stood up and said flatly, “The first point I want to talk about is a practical problem. You don’t count how much money you earn. First of all, you have to count how many people that don’t earn money. Starting from the second stage, the difference between level D and E, after rising to D, four people would earn no money for level D. While in the fourth stage, the difference was 30 people who would earn no money.

    B and C are even more frightening, 349 people would have no money to earn. That is to say, the wealth has not increased in your hands. Money is just a continuous process from the bottom to the top. Only the people standing at the top of the pyramid can make money.”

    The concise and lively Lu Ge immediately stopped and stared. Xiao Luo intuitively calculated the number of people who couldn’t earn money, when the team had developed to a larger scale, that number would increase.

    Xiao Luo continued, “The second point is a story. The mountain is 100 meters high. Some people climbed 50 meters on the first day and climbed half of the previous day every day. When will this person climb to the top of the mountain?”

    Lu Ge’s frown deepened. The bunch of brainwashed men and women looked at Lu Ge and then at Xiao Luo. One by one, they were at a loss. In this short period of time, it seemed that they began to question their road to wealth.