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Chapter 324 - Brainwashed Too Deeply.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 324: Brainwashed Too Deeply.

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    Lu Ge’s full name was Lu Yuanbo. He and his two men were pyramid scheme agents targeted by the police for a long time now. At the moment, they were all caught in the act and would have to face criminal punishment of detention and reform through labor. As for the others, they were released on the spot. Those who had no money were given monetary assistance to help them buy tickets to go home.

    However, many of them still did not wake up from Lu Yuanbo’s dream, such as Ding Zhenyun.

    Just as they reached the door of the police station, he pushed Xiao Luo away with all his might. He shouted at Xiao Luo with his eyes red like a madman, “Xiao Luo, why are you blocking me from making money? Are you still my cousin, you can’t see me well off, can you? “

    A loud, heart-wrenching roar showed his anger.

    Xiao Luo also lost his temper, “Use your head to think about it carefully. If they are legal, why is your so-called Lu Ge detained by the police? I can understand your wanting to succeed, but success is not so easy, nor can you make money in class.

    In your Lu Ge’s eyes, you are cash cows after cash cows, and he is waiting for you to give him a promotion. Why can’t you understand such a simple reason? Besides, if your investment is really as good as they say, why didn’t they find a big boss to invest and choose to find you? Have you ever thought about this problem?”

    “You don’t understand, you don’t understand anything, just like Ma Li started his business. No one understands him, no one values him, and many people think he is a liar, but he succeeded and his deeds are now a legend.” Ding Zhenyun argued strongly.

    Ma Li?

    Xiao Luo shook his head helplessly, “Since you take Ma Li as an example, then I’ll tell you about him. Besides seizing the opportunity of the information age, what is more important is that he has excellent skills. He is eloquent and has the ability to influence others. He can speak fluent English and communicate with foreigners without pressure. Most importantly, he has incomparable wisdom.

    Do you want to be as successful as him? Have you carefully examined yourself? What skills have you mastered, are you eloquent or do you have great appeal? If you really want to succeed, then you should settle yourself well and improve all aspects of self-improvement. Only then, when opportunities arise can you firmly grasp them.”

    “Is that enough?”

    Ding Zhenyun shouted, pointing to Xiao Luo, “After saying so much, you just look down on me and think that I am incompetent and have no diploma. Am I a waste? You don’t need to teach me, and you are not qualified to teach me.”

    His tone was very radical, he completely took Xiao Luo as an enemy.

    Xiao Luo’s face condensed, “If it weren’t for elder sister-in-law asking me, I’m too lazy to argue with you!”

    “I know what I’m doing, and you mind your own business with those dogs and rats.”

    Ding Zhenyun drew a clear line with Xiao Luo, he turned to leave but his shoulder was heavy. Xiao Luo held him.

    He shouted, “What are you doing? Let me go, let me go!”

    “All your relatives are watching out for you, elder sister-in-law and uncle are worried about you every day. Why do you always feel that you are on the right track? Your original intention is to let elder sister-in-law and uncle live a good life, but instead you make them worry. Elder sister-in-law often lives in suffering. Is this what you call a good life?” Xiao Luo really wanted to beat this kid up. He was stubborn and didn’t wake up at all.

    “I don’t need you to tell me, you let me … go … let …”

    Ding Zhenyun gnashed his teeth, then turned around with all of his strength and punched Xiao Luo.

    Forget it!

    Xiao Luo helplessly sighed, he let him go and took a step back. In this state, even if he returned home and had elder sister-in-law and uncle to help, it would still be difficult to wake him up, he needed to wait until he himself slowly realized the problem.

    Ding Zhenyun resentfully stared at Xiao Luo with one eye and left.

    “If you want to go home but you don’t have any money, come to Star Moon Bay Hotel and find me. Also, take care of yourself!”