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Chapter 327 - Compare.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 327: Compare.

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    Yang Hongzhi strode up with a smile and a sneer in his heart: Be merciful? Sorry, I just came to embarrass this rotten loach!

    At this moment, Su Bei just picked up the ball and ran to Xiao Luo, “Dad is really good. Dad, you keep throwing.”

    Xiao Luo lovingly touched her head and picked up the basketball.

    But when he turned and was about to shoot, Yang Hongzhi stood in front of him and looked at him with a smile, “Mr Xiao, it seems that you play basketball well. How about a one-on-one?”

    “Not interested!”

    Xiao Luo gave a faint reply and took Su Bei to the other side, throwing the ball into the basket.

    “Dad is great.”

    Su Bei was as happy as if she had thrown it herself. She ran to retrieve the basketball in a lively and disorderly way and then came back to Xiao Luo with it. She became Xiao Luo’s exclusive ball girl.

    “Can we take a break after this?” Xiao Luo asked gently with a smile.

    The little girl nodded heavily and said cleverly, “Okay.”

    Xiao Luo turned and faced the basket, took off and shot the ball.

    But at this moment, Yang Hongzhi rushed up like a tiger, leaping high, and then his right hand fiercely intercepted the ball. The ball had just left Xiao Luo’s hand when it was mercilessly shot out of bounds.

    This was a clean and perfectly blocked shot!

    If such a shot was blocked during a match, it would definitely hurt the player’s morale and enthusiasm, and could even make the referee’s brain buzz.


    Yang Hongzhi’s two bodyguards applauded enthusiastically.

    “The shot was beautifully blocked.”

    From a distance, Shen Qingyan also nodded with great appreciation.

    “Taking advantage of people’s unpreparedness. Shameless!” Su Li made a bland comment.

    Shen Qingyan thought for a moment and immediately agreed, “Indeed, Yang Hongzhi is really shameless.”

    Su Bei stood there, frozen. She kept looking at the basketball that was knocked off by Yang Hongzhi with her pair of big eyes.

    Xiao Luo was deadpanned, his face without any emotion.

    Then Yang Hongzhi picked up the basketball and walked up to Su Bei. He waved the ball and smiled, “How about uncle Yang score a basket for you, Beibei?”

    Without waiting for the girl’s response, he dribbled the ball and sprinted toward the basket. He then made a three-step layup, spun his body 180 degrees in the air. With a slight flick of his right wrist, he smoothly put the basketball through the hoops. His movements were elegant and natural, and he displayed a kind of picture perfect beauty.

    Yang Hongzhi picked up the basketball again and glanced at Su Li from the corner of his eye. He appeared to be performing basketball moves for Su Bei, but in fact he was performing in front of Su Li.

    “Beibei, look at uncle Yang again!”

    He dribbled the ball and sprinted toward the basket again, still making a three-step layup, only changing his movement in the air. The basketball passed the ball between his legs, positioned and pushed his hand up slightly. Once again, the basketball successfully entered the basket again.

    After that, he performed the free reverse windmill pull-rod layup, the hand-to-hand layup behind the back, the 360-degree crotch-to-hand layup … the difficulty coefficients were getting harder than the previous ones. His movements were very sharp, his steps were as swift as flying, and the visual enjoyment was extremely pleasing to the eyes.

    Besides the two bodyguards of Yang Hongzhi, even Shen Qingyan couldn’t help but exclaim, “Yang Hongzhi is absolutely stunning. If he played like this during university, he would charm a lot of younger sisters.”

    Su Li didn’t respond. Although she didn’t want to really want to admit it, Yang Hongzhi’s basketball level was top notch.

    After finishing a series of layups, Yang Hongzhi’s breathing was somewhat rapid and his body perspired heavily. He walked up to Su Bei with the ball in his arms, bent down and smiled at her. “Do you think uncle Yang is good at basketball, Beibei?”

    The little girl could not lie, she nodded, and replied weakly, “Looks good.”

    “Do you want to play with Uncle Yang?” Yang Hongzhi said.

    The little girl looked up at Xiao Luo, then hugged Xiao Lou’s thigh and shook her head without hesitation, “I … I like to play with dad.”

    Yang Hongzhi’s eyes became a little hazy but it changed into a smile, “Do you want to know if Uncle Yang is good or your father is good?”

    The little girl didn’t speak, timidly hiding behind Xiao Luo.

    Yang Hongzhi stood up straight and looked at Xiao Luo, “Mr. Xiao, come and play a game. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. Let’s just have fun.”