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Chapter 330 - Hate.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 330: Hate.


    Xiao Luo mocked him coldly in his heart, a strong internal force burst out from his body.

    Just listening to the scream, one could tell that Yang Hongzhi suffered as if he was hit by a car. Xiao Luo’s slam dunk was a success and the basketball was smashed into the basket, the white net kept swinging, leaving behind a bitter aftertaste.

    After completing the dunk, Xiao Luo lightly and steadily landed back to the ground. In the meantime, the basketball that was bouncing under the basket seemingly bowing to Xiao Luo. It bounced until it finally came to a stop at his feet.

    During this time, Yang Hongzhi’s two bodyguards, Shen Qingyan and Su Li had all of their mouths open with surprise in their eyes. Shen Qingyan’s cell phone slipped out of her hand and fell to the ground. Even Su Bei was deeply shocked by Xiao Luo’s fierce dunk. Her eyes wide open, and her mouth was also opened in an “O” shape.

    Who would have thought that Xiao Luo could dunk, and it was also the most domineering and powerful tomahawk dunk. This explosive force and jump ability were too strong!

    Yang Hongzhi was lying on the ground, looking at the slender figure under the basket. In addition to shock, he also felt endless humiliation and anger, 10-0. Originally he was going to beat Xiao Luo 10-0, but the result was completely opposite. He was beaten 10-0 and was finally put into his place. He couldn’t believe it was true. He felt that his self-esteem had been impacted unprecedentedly.

    “Ah San, Ah Si, what are you two still doing, scrap this bastard!” Yang Hongzhi ferociously pointed to Xiao Luo and roared an order.

    “Yes, master.”

    The two bodyguards returned to their absolute being. They gave a nod and headed for Xiao Luo.

    “Yang Hongzhi, what are you doing?” Su Li’s eyebrows furrowed as she walked up.

    “Su Li, I …”

    “You proposed to play basketball with Xiao Luo yourself. And when you have lost, you’ll beat him? Is it that you can’t afford to lose?” Su Li said coldly.

    Yang Hongzhi was unable to say anything. He didn’t know what to say to justify it. When he saw the anger in Su Li’s beautiful eyes, he immediately put up with it, got up from the ground and laughed, “Misunderstanding, this is a misunderstanding. I’m just playing with him.”

    He waved and motioned the two bodyguards to back off.

    “I have long seen that Yang Hongzhi is joking. How can a magnanimous person like you even lose a match? Am I right, Hongzhi?” Shen Qingyan came up to muddle.

    Hearing this, Yang Hongzhi almost vomited blood. He got ten-to-zero. Who could afford to lose such a terrible defeat in front of the woman he loved?

    However, his appearance was accompanied by smiles, nodding, “Qingyan really knows me too well. Oh, Qingyan, I’m afraid I can’t join you for the meal. I suddenly remembered something urgent and have to leave first.” Then he waved to Su Bei, who was hugging Xiao Luo’s thigh from behind, with only half of her little face timidly looking at him. “Say goodbye to Uncle Yang, Su Bei!”

    “Goodbye, Uncle Yang.” The little girl said in a small voice.

    “That’s a good girl.”

    Yang Hongzhi laughed, “Li’er, I’ll come to see you next time.”

    Finished saying that, he turned around and then walked off without hesitation.

    There was not really an emergency, but his body was hurting too badly and his waist seemed to be aching. If he stayed here, he would only be full of gaffes. The moment he turned around, the smile on his face disappeared instantly. It was replaced by a face full of hate and malicious color.

    “Ah San, Ah Si.”

    “What is the master’s order?” The two bodyguards replied immediately.

    Yang Hongzhi said coldly, “Find the opportunity to teach him a lesson. Remember, don’t leave any evidence that could lead back to me.”


    The two bodyguards respectfully acquiesced to his order.

    Looking at the back of their departure, Shen Qingyan shook her head and said to Xiao Luo, “You must be careful in the following days. Yang Hongzhi is not a good man. He will surely find trouble after you have humiliated him so much.”

    “Thank you for the warning.” Xiao Luo nodded in confirmation.

    “You are quite calm.”

    Shen Qingyan glanced at him with various amorous feelings. She thought of him as an ordinary person at first, but he could make Yang Hongzhi lose miserably, especially with the final tomahawk dunk.

    It seemed that this guy was really strong, and he really didn’t like to talk. It was either because he had experienced great storms and had seen many big scenes; or he had great skill and deep confidence. Either way, she was now interested in this man, although it was only a little bit.

    Without saying anything else, Su Li said, “I’m hungry, let’s have a meal.”

    “Ha ha … it’s the first time I’ve heard our goddess Su say she’s hungry.” Shen Qingyan laughed.



    Xiao Luo also ate at Shen Qingyan’s house. Rich families have personal cooks. Even a plate of green vegetables could be made with all kinds of designs and colors. People’s appetite could be greatly increased because of this. Lafite red wine, Li Ziyuan orange juice and even the water they drink; which were mineral water from deep underground mineral water, a small bottle was priced at 300 yuan.