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Chapter 331 - Eight Years in University.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 331: Eight Years in University.

    It was almost noon when he arrived at the west province aviation university. Xiao Luo went straight to the noodle shop in the third canteen, which was already crowded. Because there was no queue system, everyone was crowding outside the small window. From time to time, there were trampling and shoving incidents, and complaints were frequent.

    One of them, a plump and short man, complained harshly.

    “Don’t squeeze, another squeeze and I will get pregnant.”

    “You stepped on my foot!”

    “This is mine. Don’t rob me.”

    His hair style was similar to a Mohawk with the middle part of the hair prominent. He was wearing a black chinese tunic suit, and his plump and round face was apparent.

    Xiao Luo stood still, because he recognized the fat man. The man was an acquaintance, he was his college classmate Guan Tong. However, Guan Tong was still in his sophomore year because of serious substandard grades, not only that, he also has substandard credits. Simply put, Guan Tong was a drop out. Of course, he also heard from Zhang Dashan that after two years of suspension, Guan Tong applied to return to school. Xiao Luo originally thought that Dashan just made it up, but now that he saw Guan Tong, he was able to confirm Dashan’s previous words.

    The fat man turned around and met Xiao Luo face to face after he grabbed three portions of meat paste noodles and squeezed himself out of the crowd. He blinked his horribly small eyes before finally confirming it.

    “Xiao Luo?!”

    His face was full of surprise. He even took a second look to make sure his eyes weren’t mistaken. He seemed to take a journey back to the past, the young man’s face woke him up from that kind of unrealistic fantasy.

    “Long time no see, Tong.” Xiao Luo greeted him.



    Ten minutes later, the two sat face to face at a table.

    Xiao Luo also ate noodles which Tong gave him. This fat man darted through the crowd and skipped the queue to directly buy noodles. Nobody dared to complain loudly, after all, he had a fierce face.

    “I thought I was daydreaming. I didn’t think it was really you. Aren’t you hanging out in River City? When did you come back? Is it another story of Hu Hansan’s murder?”

    Guan Tong was very talkative. He stammered and talked while eating. He was very excited to bump into his former classmate.

    “I returned this year and am preparing to work in Xia Hai.”

    Xiao Luo took a bite, and tasted the once familiar smell, he couldn’t help but think of a lot of things in the past.

    “Then welcome back, now I am not alone. When I am bored, there will be someone to bicker.”

    Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows: “You are not alone, isn’t the monitor in Xia Hai all the time?”

    “Don’t mention Guo Qinghe. He is now a gold medal lecturer in a MLM organization. I have never contacted him.” Tong shook his head around.

    Gold Medal Instructor of a MLM Organization? Guo Qinghe?

    Xiao Luo was startled, what Tong said caught him off guard.

    Guan Tong went on to say: “Guo Qinghe dressed like a dog. He pretends to dress like a successful person to deceive those poor people who want to become rich overnight. He got them to pay out of their own pocket. The places he chose were all in the county town or small town under Xia Hai City, specially deceiving outsiders.”

    “How do you know this?” Asked Xiao Luo.

    “When he first joined the pyramid scheme organization, I was the first one on his list. I didn’t know at first, fortunately I am very clear-headed. Otherwise I would have really fell for it”

    Guan Tong sighed and reached for the second bowl of noodle. While speaking, he had already finished one bowl of noodles. “Forget it, let’s not talk about him. It’s not good to talk about him behind his back. It was also for this reason that I didn’t go to the reunion he initiated at the end of last year. By the way, have you and Zhao Mengqi made any progress?”

    “We broke up.”


    Tong’s reaction was calm and he did not think it was strange.

    Xiao Luo changed the subject: “Have you got your diploma now?”

    “No, I don’t even remember how many subjects I’ve taken. I feel that I can’t even count them with my ten fingers. It’s hard to make-up for past exams. But my diploma and degree certificate are nothing to me. Education is not important. What matters is talent. I have long given up the idea of acquiring a diploma and degree certificate.” Tong said bluntly.

    Give up your diploma?

    Although academic qualifications do not represent everything at present, finding a job was a stepping stone. It was really impossible to do without them. Therefore, these two certificates were better than nothing.

    Xiao Luo really did not agree with Guan Tong’s point of view: “Are you working now?”

    “No, no, no, no, I’ve always lived at home, but I ride my bicycle to the school library every day to read books, increase my knowledge and become a talented person.” Tong went on to eat his third bowl of noodles.

    “How can you support yourself if you don’t work?” Xiao Luo said.