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Chapter 332 - Sharing Experiences.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 332: Sharing Experiences.

    “Lao Yu, stop calling me with your damn pet phrase.”

    Guantong’s strange voice sounded apathetic, like a male duck who had been strangled and was struggling to scream.

    Yu Jiangu glared at him bitterly, warning, “You rotten boy, don’t bring bad influence to Xiao Luo. If you dare, I will castrate you.”

    “That’s just wrong. I probably don’t even need to influence him at all. Zhang Dashan’s soul is so ‘holy and taint-free,” it ‘certainly’ didn’t rub on Xiao Luo…” Guantong puffed his nostrils.


    “Achooo …” Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, in Luo Fang’s headquarters, Zhang Dashan who was sitting in the office reading documents, sneezed, “Damn, which beautiful woman is thinking about this brother?”


    “…” Xiao Luo was speechless.

    Yu Jiangu directly gave Guantong a smack. “Do you think Xiao Luo is just like you, and only knows how to muddle through all day long? I still remember clearly that his comprehensive results are among the best in his class. He also won a school-level scholarship. Am I right, Xiao Luo?”

    “It’s all a thing of the past. I didn’t think Mr. Yu still remembered it.”

    Xiao Luo also secretly admired Yu Jiangu’s memory. He still remembered that he (Xiao Luo) took the scholarship. Though later on, because of his work-study condition that led to moderate grades, his scholarship was revoked.

    “That’s because students with good results and those with poor results can impress us teachers most. By the way, how is that boy, Zhang Dashan, doing now?” Yu Jiangu took the initiative to mention Zhang Dashan.

    “He’s doing fine. We’ve opened a company in Jiang City.” Xiao Luo said.

    Although Luo Fang was technically his, it was more or less Zhang Dashan’s. He was more like the equivalent to Luo Fang’s major shareholder.

    Yu Jiangu was astonished. “That smelly boy can actually run a company in an economically developed city like Jiang City? Very Good. Also, you have such a good relationship with him. Surely your position in the company is not that low?”

    “I at least have some say…” Xiao Luo vaguely replied.

    “Not bad, not bad. I was very optimistic about you two in college. And indeed, you two didn’t disappoint me.” Yu Jiangu clapped Xiao Lou’s shoulder in appreciation.

    Guantong suddenly interjected, “Lao Yu, I seem to have remembered that last time you’ve also said the same thing to other students who came to see you…”

    Yu Jiangu once again smacked Guantong on his head. “No one will think you’re dumb if you don’t talk!”

    “Lao Yu, I curse your baldness.” Guantong retaliated against the injustice he’d suffered.

    Upon hearing the word “baldness”, Yu Jiangu went on the rampage. He was like a cat that had its tail stepped on. His face became flushed red as he said to Guantong, “You boy, no wonder why my hair is falling fast recently. It turned out that you are cursing me. Believe it or not, this boss will kill you!”

    “Calm down, calm down… With an anger of that magnitude, you’re more likely to have alopecia than balding…”

    “You little… What else besides hair loss, huh? I’ll really kill you!”

    Yu Jiangu’s anger flared and he no longer had the appearance of a gentle teacher.

    “Hello, Mr. Yu!”

    At this time, three girls passed by and greeted him.

    Yu Jiangu immediately recovered from his outburst, adjusted his collar and nodded with a smiling face. “Hello.”

    Seeing this, Xiao Luo was distressed. Had Yu Jiangu always been such a funny person?



    After the three had dined together, Yu Jiangu said to Xiao Luo, “Xiao Luo, you have graduated for almost four years now and have accumulated some social experiences. Later, there will be a class meeting. Please do share your experiences to your younger brothers and sisters so that they will be prepared when they enter society.”

    “Teacher Yu, this …”

    Xiao Luo was very embarrassed. He really wasn’t that kind of person, and he didn’t like talking to people. He would talk less if he could talk less. But suddenly, he had to give a speech with 50 to 60 people… It would be difficult for him.

    “Don’t pressure yourself. You’re just meeting with your junior brothers and sisters. Just tell them about some of your memorable experiences in society. That way, they’ll know that our engineering department is not an unpopular major.”

    Yu Jiangu smiled as he put his hand on Xiao Luo’s shoulder. His eyes were sincere, “Just do me a favor. They always jump on to things hastily. They didn’t even listen to what I, the head teacher, had to say. However, if I were replaced by a senior with a successful career, the effect would definitely be different. I sincerely hope that they can make vigorous careers in the future. In this way, my face will also lighten, unlike a certain someone who only drags me down.”

    Speaking of which, he profoundly looked at Guantong, who smiled foolishly.

    Guantong was stunned and gave a glare as he realized what Yu Jiangu had just said. “Lao Yu, what do you think I’m doing? What do you mean? Are you saying that I’m bringing you down?”

    “Mr. Guantong, this humble teacher is very gratified that you have self-awareness.” Yu Jiangu patted him on the shoulder twice with profound meaning.