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Chapter 336 - Perfect.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 336: Perfect.

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    Guan Yilin was creating the engine model quickly. She could not help but snort and cast a scornful look when she caught a glimpse of Xiao Luo from the corner of her eye.

    Yu Jiangu was also sweating for Xiao Luo at the moment, thinking what was he going to do? Did he really not know where to start?

    “Yilin has already finished one third of it.”

    “Of course, she is the best in our class. It makes sense that she is fast!”

    “It seems that our senior will be defeated by Yilin.”

    The crowd started whispering one after the other, saying that Xiao Luo was bound to lose. Guan Yilin’s victory was a sure thing, there was no suspense at all.

    But at this moment, Xiao Luo ‘finally’ started to work on the Auto CAD’s interface. Though, what he drew were some dotted lines and curves. They were scattered and not integrated with each other. They were simply lines that did not add up.

    What was this? Was it really an engine?

    Everyone frowned as they doubted Xiao Luo’s work. They shook their heads at those lines. No matter how you look at those lines, they had no resemblance nor connection to an engine at all.

    “Senior, are you sure you are making an engine model?” Shen Shiya crossed her hands on her chest and asked scornfully.

    Xiao Luo didn’t mind her mocking and only continued his work indifferently.

    Suddenly, when all was going well and smooth, Guan Yilin encountered difficulties. She realized that the curved surface of the engine needed to be drawn first by a tangent method. She had to go back and delete the previous seven or eight steps and redrew them. As she progressed, her brow wrinkled deeper and deeper. Because more and more problems arose, it was all a matter of drawing sequence. She was always deleting and redrawing, as a result, her speed was becoming slower and slower.

    The drawbacks of not planning the drawing steps in advance are now exposed. Yu Jiangu shook his head, as his heart lightly sighed.

    When he looked at Xiao Luo’s work, let alone the students, even he could not associate those scattered curves, circles and dotted lines with an engine.

    What was this?

    Yu Jiangu had no idea. But he firmly believed that Xiao Luo was not scribbling. Though… it looked so much like he was scribbling(?). It looked disorganize as it didn’t even have the most basic patterns. He was just like a child holding a pen and scribbling on a piece of blank sheet of paper.

    He looked at Guantong. It seems that, likewise, even Tong was confused.

    Xiao Luo breathed out a long sigh of relief, then his left hand propped up his chin while his right hand controlled the mouse. He continued to work step by step. Under his inching, the redundant lines disappeared one by one, leaving only a small piece. As the redundant lines disappeared, the flywheel part of the engine appeared magically, like a sculpture carved from a huge rock into the required shape.

    This is …

    The people around were stunned. It was the first time they saw this kind of creation method. Drawing lines first then modifying and deleting them, leaving behind the composition lines of the actual engine. Such a technique is simply incredible and amazing.

    “The intake manifold has appeared.”

    “The cylinder head also came out.”

    “It’s a cylinder block now. Oh my God, it’s too fast.”

    Seeing the rapid shaping of the engine, the crowd was shocked as they opened their eyes wide. They all thought, is this really a four-star difficulty? How can it be made so easily, simply and smoothly, without any unnecessary or wrong steps?

    Yu Jiangu was also unable to contain his excitement. He squeezed a position and looked at Xiao Luo with burning eyes. The more he looked at it, the more shocking it became. The process of erasing line segments and curve segments was smooth, without even the need to pause. This showed that Xiao Luo had already completed the model work in his mind. At this time, he was only using Auto CAD to draw the steps completed in his mind.

    Is this what a genius is?!

    His face was full of wonder. Such a complicated engineering model could be completely constructed in his brain. This is simply unthinkable.

    Guan Yilin’s drawing speed has now become snail-like, because every part drawn has many problems. The wrong sequence will make it impossible to draw the parts behind, so she has to delete the drawn parts again to determine the correct drawing sequence, which is very difficult.

    When she saw that Xiao Luo had drawn two-thirds of the engine already, she gave up. She knew that she had lost and suffered a terrible defeat at that. She was defeated in not having a global view and in not being able to find an accurate drawing route in her mind like Xiao Luo. She could only slowly grope her way forward… Although she could draw it out, it would surely be time consuming.

    “Xiao Luo finished!”

    Guantong suddenly let out a cry of excitement.

    Xiao Luo just took his hand off the mouse, while the laptop in front of him displayed a 3D model of an engine. The dimensions were automatically marked, and every detail was processed in place. It was exactly the same as the engine shown in the textbook, and even the color matching was more delicate than the photos provided by the textbook.

    Yu Jiangu looked at it, stupefied. He can’t help but give a round of applause. He is teaching the subject, he is the teacher, but even he knew that even himself can’t do this without at least three hours. Xiao Luo on the other hand, only took 45 minutes. Not only he was fast but it was also made excellently.

    “Pa pa pa pa pa …”

    The crowd also followed suit and applauded in succession. The applause was very warm. At this moment, Xiao Luo’s image in their minds suddenly became tall. They’ve learned that from experience.

    Guan Yilin’s eyes are no longer as proud as before. There is a sense of shame now present as she did a re-examination of herself.

    “Senior, please teach us.”