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Chapter 337 - Heresy.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 337: Heresy.

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    Yu Jiangu nodded approvingly. Xiao Luo was magnanimous, high-quality and modest. He felt that he needed to meet Xiao Luo again some time in the future. Such a student made him feel extremely gratified and proud as a teacher.

    “Senior Xiao, is your company hiring?” Guan Yilin suddenly asked.

    “The branch office in Xia Hai is just starting, so we are in urgent need of talents.” Xiao Luo laughed.

    Guan Yilin bit her lip and asked hesitantly, “Can I … can I apply?”

    “Of course you can. However, I am not in charge of such matters. If you have the intention, you can send your resume to our company online. If the personnel department is interested in you, they will reach out to you for an interview.” Xiao Luo replied.

    “Then, what is the name of senior Xiao’s company?” Guan Yilin took out a notebook and was ready to write down the name of Xiao Luo’s company so that she could find it later and post her resume in their official website online.

    “Luo Fang.”

    Luo … Luo Fang?!

    Hearing these two words, Yu Jiangu, Guantong and Guan Yilin were all shocked. They looked at Xiao Luo as if they were looking at an alien.

    “There was a lot of talk because of a company called Luo Fang last year. Is your company the same Luo Fang that made it to the headlines several times?”

    Yu Jiangu’s face was full of disbelief. When he heard Xiao Luo said that he was in a baking company, he did not associate it with Luo Fang at all.

    “I am only one of the shareholders, it’s specifically Dashan’s company.” Xiao Luo said with a smile, putting himself behind the scenes.

    Oh, my god!

    Yu Jiangu felt dizzy and thought that the world was too crazy. The company was actually a giant! In just a short three to four months, it crushed its rivals and became a strong business legend. And the creator of such a legend was his own student! This was simply unimaginable.

    “I suddenly feel so low, you and Zhang Dashan are really… abnormal (in a good way)!” Tong expressed his inner shock by spouting out these words.

    On the other hand, Guan Yilin looked at Xiao Luo now with complete adoration. She never expected that the person who set off a frenzy in River City’s business circle last year would be her senior. It was too hard to believe. Just literally moments before, in the class meeting, she even thought that she was better than Xiao Luo. It turned out that she was just a frog in the bottom of a well.

    She then said gravely, “Senior Xiao, I will try my best to become a member of Luo Fang!”


    Xiao Luo nodded.



    After eating hot pot with Yu Jiangu and Guantong, it was already 9 pm when he left for Star Moon Bay Hotel.

    While sitting in a taxi, he was considering what to bring back for Su Bei when his cell phone rang. It was Su Li.

    Was it because he was returning late?

    Xiao Luo frowned and picked up the phone: “Miss Su.”

    “Save … I …”

    Two words broke through the phone with difficulty. Xiao Luo only heard the sound of the phone dropping to the ground, followed by hurried footsteps and disconnect sound of the call. He tried to call back but all that greeted him was a no connection voice message. Su Li’s phone was now turned off.

    There was no doubt that an accident happened!

    Xiao Luo took a deep breath. Although he didn’t know Su Li very well, she did ask him for help instead of someone else. He should quickly do something about it.

    “Boss, please pull over and stop.”

    “Yes, it will cost 20.”

    After paying the fare, Xiao Luo headed for the internet cafe on the roadside, opened a computer and used his computer skills to hack into the background of the communication company. Finally, he was able to locate the signal position of Su Li’s phone.

    Hilton Hotel!

    Have you been kidnapped?

    Xiao Luo did not want Su Li to get into an accident. She was Su Bei’s only relative. Therefore, she must not be harmed in any way.

    His fingers continued to tap on the keyboard, and then he broke into Hilton Hotel’s network system. Su Li’s name was not found on the guest list. But in a surveillance video, he saw Su Li, who was dressed tightly to avoid being recognized, entered room 2011 with a lady.

    Turning off the computer, he called a taxi at the roadside, and immediately rushed to Hilton Hotel.