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Chapter 340 - Responsible for You.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 340: Responsible for You.

    “Get out!”

    Su Li made no secret of her disgust and gave Yang Hongzhi a cold glare.

    How could she not know what happened last night? Her mother treated Yang Hongzhi like a prospective son-in-law, acting as a lobbyist for Yang Hongzhi more than once. She just didn’t think that Yang Hongzhi would be so despicable and actually used drugs. He also had her mother administer it while she was unaware. This was not only infuriating, but also hateful!

    “Su Li, I …”

    “Get out!”

    Su Li lost control of her emotions, she grabbed a glass filled with milk and threw it at Yang Hongzhi. The glass fell to the ground and “broke” into pieces, scaring Yang Hongzhi that he jumped back a step.

    “Good… good… Fine! I’ll leave you alone for now!”

    Yang Hongzhi dared not stay any longer, he ran out despondently.

    “Li Li, what happened?”

    Chai Zhiying frowned and asked. Yang Hongzhi was the son of the company’s major shareholder. It was not good to be so rude to him.

    Luo Pingxiang did not say anything, and together with Aunt Li, they cleaned up the broken glass on the ground and the spilled milk.

    “I’m fine!”

    Su Li lightly answered. While saying so, she looked at Xiao Luo, her eyes had a complex look, but was generally indifferent.

    For the first time Xiao Luo couldn’t withstand a person’s eyes, he was feeling guilty.

    “You too.”

    Su Li said coldly, “I don’t want to see you right now.”

    The man who took her first time was not her sweetheart nor a man with a successful career. Instead, he was the hired help. At the thought of this, she wanted to cry. She was unwilling. It was hard to accept the fact that she was taken away by this man. It was like a sudden stain that could not be washed away in her entire life.

    “You pay more attention to rest!”

    Xiao Luo got up without any hesitation, and turned to leave. To some extent he could understand Su Li’s emotion right now.

    Chai Zhiying suddenly saw the hickey mark on his neck. She was immediately stunned at the sight of it. Connecting Su Li’s current attitude towards Xiao Luo and her current state of health. She immediately guessed what had happened. She opened her eyes wide as she walked to the table. Looking at Su Li, she asked carefully, “Li Li, by any chance, did you give it to that poor gopher turtle …”

    Su Li didn’t respond to her words as two lines of tears fell silently from the corner of her eyes.

    This was already the most definite answer! All of a sudden, Chai Zhiying felt her brain going blank. Su Li was an actress under her protection but she was bullied to such an extent. How could she endure it? Her eyes turned red, which represented her anger, “I’ll get that piece of shit back! I want that son of a bitch to go and rot in jail!!!”

    “Come back!”

    Su Li stopped her and stood up in pain. “It’s none of his business. Don’t bother yourself.”

    “Why, that bastard he …”

    “I don’t want to say it again.”

    Su Li bit her lips, her face and forehead were covered with sweat.

    Chai Zhiying grinded her teeth. She could only glance resentfully at the closed door. In her heart, she hated Xiao Luo to the extreme. In her eyes, he was a wolf. Men were all animals, only thinking about their lower part! She warned Su Li long ago. And this still happened. She hated Xiao Luo so much that she wanted to tear him up alive.



    Outside the door, the corridor, Yang Hongzhi’s eyes were red while staring at the kiss mark on Xiao Lou’s neck. He was practically a veteran in this field so how could he not know what went on?

    The thing that worried him the most happened. For countless times, he had fantasized about trampling the goddess hard under his body. Only to have it replaced with her being taken by another man! This kind of feeling was like he got cheated on by his wife. It also happened to be that rotten loach who struggled at the bottom. The one he very much despised that did it.

    Anger. He was feeling unbearable anger!

    Yang Hongzhi’s cold face suddenly became distortedly ferocious. With a loud roar, he threw a punch towards Xiao Luo’s face.

    His punch contained his anger. He used all of his strength into it and roared like a mad lion.

    However, it was easily intercepted by Xiao Luo with only the use of his palm. He then gave a kick to Yang Hongzhi in the abdomen.

    “Peng ~”

    With a muffled sound, Yang Hongzhi flew back. He covered his abdomen and could not help but kneel on the ground. The great pain made his body shiver uncontrollably. His face turned red, his veins stood out, and his mouth kept making painful muffled sounds.