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Chapter 317 - Meng Meng Is Very Angry!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 317: Meng Meng Is Very Angry!

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    Su Tiantian looked like she was in the middle of filming as she was still in her costume. "Love in the Summer" was a TV drama with a plot about the happenings in the entertainment industry, and Su Tiantian played the female lead who was in the middle of filming in the TV drama. The TV drama was set in the summer of the ancient days, and so, she was clad in white traditional Chinese clothes.

    Ning Meng's senses were sharpened when she caught sight of her. She closed her eyes and planned to just pass her by, not wanting to stir up any waves of troubles, however, somebody was just itching to be insulted. When they were not too far from each other, Su Tiantian called out, "Sis Ning Meng."

    Ning Meng looked at Su Tiantian with her peach blossom eyes. She never liked to look for trouble, but she was not afraid of trouble either. Su Tiantian continued, "Are those accusations on the internet true? Sis Ning Meng, I feel that you're not the kind who would simply stir up trouble for no good reason."

    Ning Meng scanned her from the top to the bottom, her eyes falling onto the sword prop in Tiantian's hand. She suddenly chuckled. "Su Tiantian, look at you. There are so many weapons you could have learned in this country and yet, you insist on learning the art of stabbing. Upward stabbing was not enough for you, so you also went for downward stabbing. There are so many ways to stab a person and you chose to also learn how to stab others drunkenly. You could have stabbed people from the front, but you keep stabbing people from the back. Now, finally, you have achieved the ultimate level of stabbing. I'm impressed, that's not easy!"

    She had mentioned the word "stab" in almost every sentence. If Su Tiantian still did not understand what she meant, it would have been all for naught!

    Su Tiantian displayed a wronged face. "Sister, it's fine that you want to insult me, but those people from the villages are pitiful! I know that you did not do this on purpose. Anyone would be angry if their car was scratched…"

    Ning Meng coldly laughed. "Tsk, tsk, why do I feel like laughing at what you just said?"

    Su Tiantian's manager could not stand it anymore and cut in. "Miss Ning, that is enough! Teacher Tiantian was being considerate toward you and yet, you still choose to be condescending. So many people have been scolding you over your video, are you that heartless?"

    She raised her brow and coldly laughed. "Hmph, you think you're an innocent little lamb just because you're wearing white clothes? You even dare to educate me now? Why don't you take a good look at your Pekingese dog face first and check whether you're even fit for this role!"

    Su Tiantian's face flushed red that instant and she held her face as she started crying. After Ning Meng had said this, she became too lazy to continue arguing with her, so she decided to turn and leave, but the moment she was about to turn, she saw one of Su Tiantian's staff getting flustered while holding up a phone.

    It was clear that he had been recording the whole incident that had just happened. Ning Meng furrowed her brows and understood at that moment that Su Tiantian had purposely triggered her to hype up the matter!

    What a filthy schemer!

    There were many people at the scene, so she could not possibly take everyone's phone and delete their videos, which meant that the only way was to…

    Ning Meng turned and went toward Su Tiantian who was still pretending to cry to the point that her eyes had turned red. Ning Meng thought of the day before where Su Tiantian must have paid online troopers to wreak havoc although the hype should have died down by then.

    The issue had been so blown out of proportion that now, she could only suck it all in. In fact, the commotion was so bad that it had interrupted the police from carrying out their duties properly.

    Ning Meng's anger soared through the roof as these thoughts ran through her mind. She had finally found a place to vent out her frustrations. Glaring at Su Tiantian, she warmly said, "Su Tiantian, there's a rumor online that claims that I kept bullying you."

    Su Tiantian was stunned. Just as she was about to say something…


    Ning Meng had thrown an aggressive slap at her face. Ning Meng then looked at her hand, her eyes intensely sharp.

    "In that case, let me confirm this rumor."