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Chapter 237 - Old Madam’s Invitation

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 237: Old Madam’s Invitation

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    Su Cha sensed the other girl’s movement and quickly drew back her hand, avoiding her grasp.

    She turned around and narrowed her eyes. “Can’t you be a little more polite?”

    The girl seemed, at the very least, to have been born to a wealthy family. But when Su Cha heard her speak, she was shocked. Now, the girl had been so uncultured as to attempt to grab Su Cha. Ordinary people with status would not be able to fathom doing such a thing.

    Su Cha felt like being even more impolite.

    She had lived in the palace for so long in the past, but in the present, she also had to take the handling of interpersonal relationships seriously.

    This represented the core of a person’s character.

    “Be polite?”

    The girl seemed to laugh out of anger. “Don’t you know who I am? The owner of Lookout Pavilion, Bo Muyi, is my brother. The old lady who lives here is my grandma. Who are you?”

    Su Cha frowned.

    A young lady came to visit the old lady yesterday, but Bo Muyi refused to let her in. Could it be this person?


    Wasn’t she too different from how the old lady’s descendants should be?

    Su Cha could not imagine that an old lady like her from a wealthy family would have a descendant like this one.

    She felt that with the old lady’s family background, the people in her family should be of a different sort.

    The two bodyguards did not interfere when they saw Su Cha arguing with this lady.

    And when she could not catch Su Cha, Su Cha had managed to enter the door. The lady was probably someone so hot-headed as to want to follow her in…

    In an instant, the two expressionless bodyguards reached out to stop her. The distance between their hands seemed to have been carefully measured, completely blocking the possibility of her going over.

    “I’m sorry, Miss Tong. This is not a place you can enter.”

    Su Cha raised her eyebrows slightly.

    Tong Ran, who was stopped, blushed. She pointed at Su Cha and asked, “Why can’t I enter when this woman is already inside?”

    She remembered clearly that even if guests were allowed to enter, they had to report to the old lady or to Bo Muyi before they could do so.

    No one had reported Su Cha’s arrival yet she went straight in. For a moment, Tong Ran could not figure out the reason behind it. She felt indignant.

    Su Cha suddenly chuckled.

    That smile had a deeper meaning to it. When it landed on Tong Ran, it became a mockery of her intelligence.

    The bodyguards did not stop her directly. If Su Cha could reach this spot, shouldn’t Tong Ran understand what that meant?

    If the old lady was not present to make the decision, would the bodyguards stop her without Bo Muyi’s permission?

    Seeing Su Cha’s smile, Tong Ran became even more furious. She was about to jump as she pointed at Su Cha through the bodyguards. “You…”

    The average person would understand after thinking about it carefully. Su Cha could not be bothered to lower herself to such a stupid person’s level. She walked straight into the pavilion.

    Tong Ran was still looking at Su Cha reluctantly.

    Su Cha entered the room. As Bo Muyi was not back yet, the maid informed her to go over for dinner.

    She looked at the time. It was six o’clock in the evening. She did not know about the old lady’s dinner time, but since she had already invited her, Su Cha still had to go.

    At the same time, she was deep in thought. This Miss Tong had even called herself the old lady’s granddaughter, but why didn’t the old lady allow anyone to come in?


    Su Cha suspected that this one might be different from the young lady who came yesterday.