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Chapter 404 - Stalemate

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 404 Stalemate

    Zhou Wen flew back and touched a leaf that exploded like a grenade. Fortunately, he was wearing the Mutated Stone Chi armor. He charged out the instant the leaf exploded using Ghost Steps, suffering minimal damage from the explosion.

    Even so, the Mutated Stone Chi’s armor was blackened from the blast. Zhou Wen was somewhat astonished. This person’s ability was so bizarre that he could actually turn an ant and a leaf into his weapons. It was impossible to guard against.

    The entire forest was filled with insects, leaves, and vegetation. Zhou Wen didn’t know which insects or leaves would become a bomb. Even the grass on the ground could become a landmine.

    Zhou Wen’s body stood in midair. He used Truth Listener’s hearing and his eyes to search for Ják. If he couldn’t find him, no amount of strength was useful.

    However, Zhou Wen couldn’t find any traces of Ják within the range of his senses. The entire forest only had the rustling sounds of leaves when the wind blew and the chirping of insects.

    Zhou Wen hovered in the air, using the Godfiend flying ability to prevent himself from touching anything. Then, he slowly moved in the air, in search of Ják’s possible hiding locations.

    When insects, birds, or leaves approached him, he would preemptively slice them apart.

    However, there weren’t any further explosions. Zhou Wen sensed that Ják was still there. He hadn’t left. The atmosphere in the woods felt very odd.


    Zhou Wen suddenly heard an explosion. However, the explosion didn’t happen from his body. Instead, it happened above a large nearby tree. A bug exploded from the crown of a tree, scattering the leaves and branches everywhere. Even a wasp hive that was nestled in the tree flew out.

    Zhou Wen looked at the leaves and wasps that filled the sky as though he was watching a flurry of bombs. He only had one thought in mind: he absolutely couldn’t let them touch him.

    With Ghost Steps and Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill, Zhou Wen’s figure rapidly flashed. The leaves and wasps that filled the sky failed to touch him.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Several trees were blasted apart as the sky filled with leaves and critters. Zhou Wen kept flying as his body twisted and turned, passing through the leaves like a ghost.

    He didn’t touch the leaves, but the nearby leaves automatically exploded as though the entire forest had turned into an explosive warehouse. Anything that approached Zhou Wen could explode.

    Zhou Wen was caught off guard. All he could do was dash out of the forest and appear in the sky above. He looked down at the forest from above and observed everything that was happening.

    Truth Listener’s power had already presented everything that was happening in the forest to his brain. No activity could escape his ears.

    Zhou Wen was certain that the person was still in the area, but he had used some unknown method to hide. As long as he carefully searched, he could definitely find him.

    This was the most terrifying opponent of the same level Zhou Wen had ever encountered since he began cultivating. Although he had fought others before, the strongest was the Mutated Stone Chi and Mei. No matter how powerful they were, they weren’t as diabolical and terrifying as this person.

    Previously, although Yan Zhen was also diabolical and terrifying, he wasn’t good at combat. He was more like a crazy scientist, but this person was like a killing machine. Although his combat ability wasn’t very strong, his abilities and means allowed him to kill someone without doing the dirty work.

    Zhou Wen moved back and forth in the air as he swept the nearby trees several times, but failed to find any traces of Ják.

    That bastard Shen Yuchi. Is this his idea of an ordinary student? Ják cursed inwardly as well.

    Before he was locked up, he had seen many experts. Only a handful were as terrifying as Zhou Wen. He really couldn’t believe that Zhou Wen was only a student.

    Ják didn’t dare move. Although he had already made use of sorcery to disguise himself as a part of the forest, he could sense that showing any signs of abnormality would be detected by the aerial Zhou Wen.

    He didn’t know how Zhou Wen did it, but he knew that he was using a method to constantly scan the forest’s situation. He had already felt something similar to a vision sweep over him several times.

    Ják closed his eyes, unwilling to let his gaze attract Zhou Wen’s attention. However, his heart was burning with zeal.

    He loved killing people. The more powerful someone was, the more excited he became. At that moment, his blood was about to boil. He yearned to kill Zhou Wen immediately to satisfy his inner desires.

    As for Shen Yuchi’s order to bring Zhou Wen back alive, Ják had completely forgotten about it. He was like a venomous snake that was seeking an opportunity. Once the prey showed weakness, he would deliver the most lethal strike.

    I don’t believe that you can keep flying in the air. Ják waited patiently for the opportunity.

    One of them was in the air while the other was in the forest. They were in a stalemate.

    Zhou Wen couldn’t find Ják’s hiding spot, and it wasn’t convenient for him to attack the woods. That would only give Ják a chance.

    As time passed, Ják realized that Zhou Wen didn’t show any signs of descending despite him floating in midair. His desire to kill Zhou Wen intensified.

    Half a day passed and the sky gradually darkened.

    Here’s my chance. As he felt the sky grow darker, Ják knew that his chance was here. The night was his home ground.

    Although he couldn’t find Ják’s location, Zhou Wen continued waiting patiently. He was waiting for Ják to strike. As long as he made a move, it was impossible for him to perfectly conceal himself. This gave him a chance of finding his true body.

    Zhou Wen really didn’t wish to let such a terrifying figure escape. Otherwise, he didn’t know who would be the next victim.

    When the sun set and the moon silently crawled up. Zhou Wen continued floating in the air, waiting for Ják to reveal an opening.

    Suddenly, Zhou Wen felt an abnormality in the woods. A snake was rapidly darting under the leaves. It was normal for snakes to move around in the grass, but Zhou Wen found something was amiss with the snake. It seemed to have a clear goal—it was heading deep into the forest.

    Zhou Wen summoned his Overlord Sword and slashed out. The sword beam instantly tore through the forest and chopped down a tree. At the same time, he split the snake into two.


    The snake exploded, creating a huge pit in the vicinity. But on the other side, Ják’s body emerged from a cave made of tree root that was the size of a fist. He dashed into the forest like a black shadow.

    However, the direction he headed in wasn’t directed at the aerial Zhou Wen, nor was it deep in the woods. Zhou Wen quickly chased after him, but he saw Ják stop and reveal his snow-white teeth. He gave Zhou Wen a sinister smile.