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Chapter 947 - Meeting with an Assaul

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 947: Meeting with an Assault

    Si Yiyan was completely stunned by Wen Xinya’s behavior. Her watery eyes began to turn red and her gaze was sharp and strong, almost penetrative. Her rosy lips were just like blades and every word of hers was so stern that he almost became breathless.

    His willpower began to erode and he was on the verge of despair. He suddenly reached out and pulled her into his arms.

    Wen Xinya was extremely resistant towards his hug and she struggled while pushing him away. “Let go of me…”

    She had risked her life to get the document that he needed and yet, all he said was: “I don’t need you to obtain the things that I need. I can get them myself.” She felt embarrassed by what he said.

    She admitted that she had acted inappropriately because dire consequences would entail if there were to be any blunders. However, she only did that without hesitation because she trusted him.

    Now that she had returned in one piece and given him the document, she felt that there was no need for him to teach her a lesson that way.

    She knew that Si Yiyan had only acted that way because he was afraid that she would meet with a mishap. However, she simply could not get rid of the feelings of resentment in her heart and Avrora’s sense of superiority made her lose control of her anger.

    Avrora kept bragging about how she could help Si Yiyan, and how useless Wen Xinya was to Si Yiyan, so much that she might even become his Achilles’ heel. However, she could not retort because Avrora was telling the truth.

    Due to the injury on her arm, Si Yiyan dared not move her too violently. Hence, he had no choice but to comfort her softly. “Baby, let’s not argue, alright?”

    She had gone through painstaking means to get the document. He was not so senseless as to not realize her intentions. However, he had acted insensibly because of how dangerous the situation was.

    Wen Xinya hollered. “Who wants to argue with you? Let go of me.”

    “Let’s not argue and make love instead!” Si Yiyan grabbed her arm and flipped her over while pressing her down onto the seat. He then kissed her ferociously.

    “You… you’re despicable…” Wen Xinya’s eyes widened in shock and she extended her hand to push him away while grunting.

    Si Yiyan grabbed her hands to restrain her, pressing her down forcefully and kissing her manically.

    Wen Xinya was completely subdued and all of her energy seemed to have been sucked out of her. She could not struggle at all and in a moment of anger, she bit down on his lips with all her might.

    She froze in shock as the metallic odor of blood filled her mouth.

    Si Yiyan stopped kissing her and pulled away from her to hold her gaze, his eyes as dark as ink.

    “I said… I… didn’t want to!” Wen Xinya exclaimed angrily while glaring daggers at him.

    Si Yiyan guffawed, his neat and refined brows appearing like beautiful strokes painted by a brush.

    “What else do you need me to do other than get intimate with you?” she questioned angrily while staring at his bleeding lips. The dim, yellow light in the car made his face look mysterious and his red lips looked rather terrifying.

    She suddenly felt an urge to look away.

    “Pull over!” Wen Xinya screeched at the top of her voice assertively.

    Si Yiyan grew flustered and explained, “Xinya, that’s not what I meant. I can explain. I just didn’t want you to take the risk. Do you know how dangerous of a situation you were in…”

    He did not expect that she would thwart and misunderstand the meaning of his words.

    Wen Xinya hollered coldly. “I said, pull over!”

    Si Yiyan frowned slightly and said, “Firstly, if the matter about you and Avrora competing for the document spreads, you’ll be accused of harboring ill intentions and plotting against the aristocrats. Even if you have me to defend you, I can’t guarantee that I’ll ensure your safety. Lucifer may be powerful, but we’re not strong enough to defeat the Russian aristocrats. I just didn’t want anything to happen to you.

    “Besides, have you ever thought about the consequences that would entail if you were to fail in taming that horse? That horse poses more danger than Avrora’s docile horse. You might have suffered severe wounds on your arms or you might have broken your limbs. In fact… you might have even died!

    “You may won the race and obtained that document, but… you’ve challenged their authority and once the word about it spreads, the entire Moville Family will see you as their enemy and they’ll possess the right to execute you in public.

    “Had Avrora not been afraid of letting the news spread and given you the chance to escape unscathed, you might already be dead now.

    “Besides, your actions have caused us to be embroiled in a conflict against Duke Moville. Even though you managed to escape unscathed, they wouldn’t let you off.”

    Wen Xinya smacked the divider and barked. “Pull over! I said, pull over. Did you hear me!?!”

    Just like she had expected, the car came to a halt.

    Wen Xinya pushed Si Yiyan’s hand away and reached out to open the door.

    Si Yiyan frantically grabbed her arm and tried to calm her down. “Xinya, that’s a junction. There are many cars and it isn’t safe to alight. If you want to alight, why don’t we alight from there?”

    Throughout the years of their relationship, she had never been so angry at him, even though she would throw silly tantrums and act willfully every now and then. She would never go overboard.

    Wen Xinya could no longer be bothered anymore. She pushed the door open and alighted.

    Si Yiyan hurriedly followed suit.

    As soon as he alighted, he was engulfed by the chilliness of the air as the smell of the gunfire wafted into his nose. He was immediately alarmed. After being in a dangerous environment for such a long time, he had already developed an acute sense of danger.

    “Xinya, watch out!” Si Yiyan exclaimed while leaping towards Wen Xinya at the instant that his body reacted. She fell onto the ground while he hugged her tightly in a bid to prevent her from getting injured. They then rolled on the ground.

    Just as Wen Xinya was about to struggle, she heard a soft sound which she instantly recognized to be the sound of a bullet leaving the gun barrel!