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Chapter 498 - Rice Herb and Potato Herb (1)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 498: Rice Herb and Potato Herb (1)

    “Of course we can. Elder Bai has long thought of this situation. So, he took the seat from our clan’s valuable collection to give to you,” said A’ze as he pulled out a green net from a leather pouch on him.

    After he spread it out, he then supported it with a white, hard bone, and it became a fully stabilized shape of a seat.

    “Advisor Jun and I will carry it. You just take a seat on it,” A’ze showed off the firm straps to indicate that the seat was absolutely safe.

    “It looks good,” replied Yun Jiuge. She tugged at that green netting, which was really secure. Even if it was not, she still had the Moon Spirit Silk Thread.

    “So, are we going over now?” A’ze asked excitedly.

    “You’re going to take Senior Yin for a ride first. I still have to prepare some things,” Yun Jiuge replied as she turned around to palm Yin Shili off to A’ze and Advisor Jun.

    “Yes, very well.” A’ze thought Yun Jiuge wanted to find someone to test the safety of the seat, so he enthusiastically situated Yin Shili in the seat, and carried him together with Advisor Jun to fly away.

    In a blink of an eye, only Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang were left in the nest.

    “Do you have something to say to me?” Zi Shang plainly said to Yun Jiuge.

    “Yes,” replied Yun Jiuge. She got ready to speak to Zi Shang about the golden light in A’dai’s brain in addition to preparing some things to take to the human-snake hybrid clan.

    “Are you certain that the golden light in his head is very similar to Holy Power?” Zi Shang fixed his eyes eagerly at Yun Jiuge’s Spiritual Beast Bag, itching to grab A’dai from it to break his head for a closer look.

    “Yes. If I could absorb all the energy, I’d be able to restore my Holy Power,” Yun Jiuge said, nodding. She realized that the look in Zi Shang’s eyes was not right, so she hurriedly added, “There’s only a little in A’dai’s brain. It’s not even enough to fill a gap between one’s teeth. The most important thing is to find out what he ate.”

    “Well, you’re right,” Zi Shang said with a reluctant nod.

    In fact, he felt that A’dai’s golden light could also be absorbed. It was better than nothing!

    But he thought about it and knew that Yun Jiuge certainly would not agree. He’d better not mention it, lest it angered her.

    “Very well, let’s go to the human-snake hybrid clan first to test the results of the Pig-out Herb,” said Yun Jiuge, full of fighting spirit.

    If she could rely on the Pig-out Herb to subdue the human-beast hybrids in the Secret Realm, then she did not have to be afraid of A’li when she encountered anything in the future.

    “Okay.” Zi Shang and Yun Jiuge were of the same thinking.

    He even began to figure out how to make use of the human-snake hybrid clan and Eagle Clan to start roping in the surrounding tribes.

    Now was the critical time to act decisively. Otherwise, there would be big trouble once Nangong Yue dispersed the Demon Qi.

    Yun Jiuge took out the beef patties and pork jerky from the Magical Bottomless Bag and filled a large pocket to the brim. Then she walked to the edge of the overhanging cliff and whistled.

    A’ze and Advisor Jun heard Yun Jiuge’s whistle and immediately flew back with Yin Shili.

    She saw Yin Shili’s calm expression as he sat on the green seat. But his hair which came loose at the back was scattered and blown into a bird’s nest.

    “This seat is really good except that it does not have a Windshield Guard,” commented Yin Shili. He calmly smoothed his hair and secretly regret that he did not have the habit of tying up his hair.

    “As long as it’s safe. Stay here to keep watch while we set off!” Yun Jiuge sat in the seat.

    Zi Shang grabbed onto the leg of an Eagle Clan warrior and flew toward the human-snake hybrid clan.

    At this time, the human-snake hybrid clan soldiers were patrolling the area around the Gaga Grass to prevent other clansmen from approaching.

    They spotted a few black dots in the sky from far away and immediately sounded the horn.

    Meng led his men and came out of the tribe. He immediately cheered when he saw Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang, saying, “Miss Yun, Ye Zi, you’re back.”

    Yun Jiuge safely landed and then walked toward Meng. She said, “Did anything happen in the clan recently? Did the Divine Envoy send anyone to find you?”

    “No, the clan has been very safe recently. Except that it’s getting harder and harder to find food. The Divine Envoy’s side does not have many human-beasts who can fly. No one has come looking for our tribe as yet,” Meng said to Yun Jiuge with a keen look in his eyes.

    He kept thinking day and night about the commitment Yun Jiuge had made to solve their tribe’s food crisis.

    “That’s precisely why I’ve come to you today — to solve the food crisis. But I want to see the young human-snake hybrids first.” The food brought by Yun Jiuge today was specially prepared for the young human-snake hybrids as well as the old, the weak, women and children.

    “Well, the young human-snake hybrids are under the big tree. The last time they came out to get some sun, they felt a lot more energized and not so feeble. Now we’ll bring them out to bask in the sun for awhile in the mornings and afternoons,” Meng informed.

    But every time they basked in the sun, they had to wear a hood. So, they did not stay too long in the sun. They usually lived inside the wood cabins most of the time.

    “This will do,” remarked Yun Jiuge as she came to a big tree in front of the nursery.

    Five young human-snake hybrids could be seen crawling around on the ground. Their short green snake tails swung around. They were indeed much better than the last time.

    “What did they eat today?” Yun Jiuge asked as she looked at Huahua, the female responsible for taking care of the young human-snake hybrids.

    “They ate little bugs, mice, swallows…,” Huahua described as she tallied with her fingers.

    Yun Jiuge looked at the young human-snake hybrids’ flat bellies. Under the tribe’s difficult circumstances, it was already extremely hard to save food for the sick little ones. It was impossible to let them eat well and fill their stomachs.

    “I’ve a bag of food here for the young ones to eat,” said Yun Jiuge as she handed over the food she had prepared to Meng.

    “Thank you so much,” replied Meng, who was very moved as he took it. After he opened it, he discovered that there was a lot of dried meat inside. He knew they must be delicious and filling just by smelling them.

    He resisted the impulse to drool and put the bag away. He solemnly said to Yun Jiuge, “Miss Yun, rest assured that I’ll leave these for the young ones. I absolutely will not steal their food.”

    “I believe you,” said Yun Jiuge, seeing how Meng spoke solemnly. Then she looked at the hungry eyes of the thin human-snake hybrids at the side and felt that they were very pitiful.

    She had initially wanted to give the young human-snake hybrids a check-up before she attended to the matter of the Pig-out Herb. But now it looked like she had better solve this bigger matter first!

    “Meng, I’m going to try growing a type of foodstuff called Pig-out Herb, here at your place. It requires a wide expanse of land. It doesn’t need to be too fertile. Even if it’s not so good, it’ll work as well,” Yun Jiuge said.

    “There’s a piece of land behind our tribe that was initially meant for growing Gaga Grass. But because some areas are contaminated with Death Energy, it’s been left empty all this time. You can go take a look and see if it works,” Meng answered eagerly.

    Ever since the black rain, there had been less and less land suitable for plants to grow in the Secret Realm.

    Although the Gaga Grass’s adaptability was good, it could not grow in places polluted by Death Energy. If the foodstuff that Miss Yun brought was more adaptable than Gaga Grass, it would be momentous for their tribe as well as all the human-beast hybrids in the Secret Realm.

    “Okay, take me there first to have a look,” instructed Yun Jiuge. She followed Meng to the back of the tribe, and saw a large flat land, interspersed with black and brown colors.

    The black color was areas contaminated with Death Energy while the brown patches were normal land. Black color still occupied majority of the area.