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Chapter 499 - Rice Herb and Potato Herb (2)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 499: Rice Herb and Potato Herb (2)

    “Miss Yun, can you see if this piece of land will work?” Meng asked. Previously, the pollution in this piece of land was not so serious. With time, the patches of black color gradually became more and more.

    “Yes, it’ll do,” Yun Jiuge said, nodding. Then she said to Feifei, “Can you transform the Death Energy in this piece of land into Life Energy?”

    This was the first time Yun Jiuge was going to plant crops in front of human-beast hybrids. She had to succeed in order to stun them.

    “Of course I can,” replied Feifei, who flapped its alternating black and white wings as it flew over the land and started circling from a position at the edge.

    Streams of black Death Energy flew from the ground into its black wing on the left, and then extended to its white wing on the right, turning into Life Energy as it returned to the ground.

    The originally mottled land began to change as Feifei progressed. The black color became less and less while the brown color increased.

    Meng could not help rubbing his eyes, for fear that he was seeing things.

    “The dead land is really coming to life. It’s really resurrecting!” The human-snake hybrid clan was in an uproar. Even A’ze and Advisor Jun were both thrilled.

    Although the Eagle Clan was not good at planting due to habit, there were more opportunities to live as long as there was living land. It was a great thing for the entire Secret Realm.

    “This must be the legendary Divine Beast,” Meng exclaimed.

    “All Hail the Almighty Divine Beast,” the human-snake hybrid clan cheered excitedly, “Almighty Divine Beast is formidable.”

    Feifei suddenly felt extremely proud as it listened to the unabashed praises from the human-beast hybrids.

    It raised its proud head and beat its black and white wings even more vigorously. It flew around and was not tired at all.

    “Alright, alright, quickly come back!” Yun Jiuge hurriedly called it back when she saw that Feifei looked like it went overboard.

    “There’s a bit more to convert!” Feifei looked at the black color in the corner at the edge. It would feel uncomfortable if it did not fully take care of that properly.

    “Keep that bit as I’ve a use for it,” said Yun Jiuge who wanted to test the Pig-out Herb on the dead land.

    “Okay!” Feifei reluctantly returned to Yun Jiuge’s shoulder. Its small eyes were still fixed intently at that bit of black colored Death Energy.

    “Good girl. You’ll have more chances to shine later,” said Yun Jiuge as she fed it two Cherry Pills. Everywhere was dead land in this Secret Realm. She was only afraid that it might not want to play later.

    “Miss Yun, did you bring this Divine Beast with you?” Meng fervently looked at Feifei. Such a small, adorable, and special butterfly was definitely not born of this accursed place.

    “It’s called Feifei. It’s just a small butterfly with some ability, not a Divine Beast. Don’t you flatter it too much, lest it becomes lazy and refuse to work in the future,” Yun Jiuge said half-jokingly.

    Feifei, the haughty and pampered demon, was already difficult to discipline on a normal basis. If these human-beast hybrids were to praise it to the heavens, it might not want to work anymore.

    “Yes, yes.” Meng immediately shut up, fearing that Feifei might shirk its responsibility and not want to work.

    “Very well, all of you step back a little. I’m going to start planting the herb,” instructed Yun Jiuge. She took out the grounded essence of the Pig-out Herb. Next, she blew it over toward the open space in front of her.

    Yellow powder scattered throughout the open land, and then it began to slowly protrude outwards, sprouting small yellow seedlings.

    “Cute Little Baby, lend me a little Plant Power,” said Yun Jiuge, who was determined to work a miracle in front of the human-beast hybrids today.

    “Okay.” Cute Little Baby reluctantly imbued its own Plant Power into Yun Jiuge.

    A faint green color came out of Yun Jiuge’s hand.

    She cast it toward the patch of little yellow herbs, and fragments of the green light rippled outward like gentle green waves.

    The seedlings which sensed the Plant Power, tried their utmost to shoot up, and they soon grew into a patch of chunky yellow grass. Each stem was as thick as an adult’s thumb. They looked very sturdy.

    “Okay,” remarked Yun Jiuge. She looked at the large area of yellow grass and felt immensely proud. It was indeed a harvest that made people happy!

    “How do we eat this? Like Gaga Grass?” Meng asked hesitantly.

    Although they could also eat vegetables, fruits, and plants as human-beast hybrids, they were still carnivores. Eating too much plants would be nauseating.

    “No, it’s not the same. This mainly needs to be cooked before consumption,” replied Yun Jiuge as she broke off a Pig-out Herb. She could see a solid white color in the broken off section. It was really somewhat similar to rice.

    Then she dug down to the Pig-out Herb’s roots, revealing one by one what looked like round potatoes, a food that was very filling.

    Once these Pig-out Herbs matured, they would automatically produce seeds for sowing. Even if this large swathe of Pig-out Herbs were dug clean, they would immediately germinate as long as there was rain. It only required up to seven days before it could be consumed. It could be considered a godsend against hunger.

    “In that case, shall we try it now?” Meng eagerly said.

    As long as they could fill their stomachs, it would be fine for them to eat even plants.

    Gaga Grass could not fill their bellies. The more they ate it, the emptier their stomachs felt.

    “You can now cut down the Rice Herbs and then break the yellow husks outside. The other group of people can then dig out the Potato Herbs below,” said Yun Jiuge, who gave the Pig-out Herb unimaginative new names.

    “Miss Yun, how do we break the Rice Herbs?” Meng gently gave a squeeze and the yellow and white bits were all crushed together.

    “Just use the appropriate amount of force to crush their husks,” Yun Jiuge broadly explained how to de-husk them. The intelligent and capable human-snake hybrids quickly mastered it.

    They cut off a batch of Pig-out Herbs and placed them on the ground. With a roll of their tails, the husks came off easily, leaving the shining white Rice Herbs.

    “Don’t throw these husks away. They can be used to feed the herbivores such as elks and so on,” advised Yun Jiuge. When Yun Jiuge had flown in the sky, she saw a lot of herbivores looking hungry and thin.

    Many of the plants that survived the black rain had mutated into toxic reds. The remaining greens were exceedingly rare. If these animals were to starve to death, it would absolutely be a terrible disaster.

    “Even if we take it to them, they won’t eat it!” Meng said frustratingly. These guys were sharp and would dodge when they saw them from afar.

    “After you’ve collected it, let the Eagle Clan take it to their territory and feed them from the air,” answered Yun Jiuge, who intended to spread the Pig-out Herb.

    Especially to places where animals traversed to the most, such as the riversides and various areas in the depths of the forest.

    Only by maintaining the ecological balance, would this Secret Realm’s decline stop.

    “Okay, we’ll do it right away,” replied Meng, who thought that Miss Yun was a kind-hearted person. He was absolutely right to follow her.

    “I’ll go pluck some Sisi Grass. Nets woven out of Sisi Grass are the best to use,” A’ze volunteered at once.

    Sisi Grass grew on the other side of the Blue Lake. The human-snake hybrids would have to swim for a long time if they wanted to go over there.

    “Go ahead!” Yun Jiuge nodded and was incredibly happy to see the peaceful coexistence between the human-snake hybrid clan and the Eagle Clan.

    A’ze immediately led two of Eagle Clan’s soldiers and flew away.

    “We’ll cook the Potato Herbs on the fire first!” exclaimed Meng. He almost drooled while looking at a small pile of Potato Herbs at the side. He wished he could eat it raw now to have a taste.