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Chapter 500 - Healing the Young Human-Snake Hybrids

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 500: Healing the Young Human-Snake Hybrids

    “Go ahead and cook it!” Yun Jiuge also wanted to know how the Pig-out Herb’s root tasted like and whether it could be filling.

    Meng immediately organized the human-snake hybrid clan to build a bonfire, and then filled a large stone basin with water before putting it on to raise a fire.

    Another group of human-snake hybrids was busy washing the round Potato Herbs clean, which they then threw into the water.

    “Oh, by the way, I recall that A’dai can spit out fire. Don’t you human-snake hybrids have similar special abilities?” Yun Jiuge asked Meng.

    “Besides being very fat, the Eagle Clan’s Prince Ling Fei has the special ability to spit out fire. It was God who bestowed it to him. None of us, the other human-beast hybrids have it,” Meng said, shaking his head.

    There was nothing special about the human-beast hybrids other than being stronger than wild animals. That was why they were so helpless when the black rain came.

    “Oh,” replied Yun Jiuge. It seemed that A’dai’s fireballs also had something to do with the golden light in his brain.

    She did not know where that golden light came from, and whether it had something to do with the Secret Realm. Yun Jiuge was really getting more curious.

    At this time, A’ze descended from the sky, carrying a large bundle of gray grass. He kept shouting, “The grass is coming, the grass is coming.”

    Meng immediately instructed his clan members to divide the Sisi Grass and weave them into nets as soon as possible to sieve out the husks of the Pig-out Herb.

    “A’ze, thank you for your efforts,” Yun Jiuge praised A’ze with smiles.

    “It’s no trouble at all,” A’ze grinned foolishly and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

    Advisor Jun wordlessly handed over a cup of water to him.

    While A’ze drank, he stared at the large stone pot cooking next to him. Then he suddenly spit out water on Advisor Jun’s body.

    “Wow, the water’s boiling. Those Potato Herbs are floating to the surface!” A’ze shouted excitedly as he pointed at the stone pot, not realizing what he had done.

    Advisor Jun touched the water on his face and wished he could press A’ze’s head into the stone pot for a good boil.

    “Miss Yun, is it ready to be eaten?” Meng swallowed his saliva.

    Yellow bulbs the size of an egg were bobbing up and down, giving off a faint fragrance.

    “It should be almost done. Fish out a floating one first to have a taste,” said Yun Jiuge, uncertain if it was cooked.

    “I’ll do it, I’ll do it,” said A’ze, who wanted to stick his bare hands into the pot but was immediately swatted away by Advisor Jun who said, “This is the human-snake hybrid clan’s pot. Meng should be the first to fish it out as the Clan Leader.” Since they were going to form an alliance, they had to respect each other. Advisor Jun was a human-bird hybrid who paid particular attention to rules.

    “Actually, it’s fine for either of us to do it. But it’s really dangerous for Brother A’ze to use his hands. It’s better to use something to fish them out. But I think Miss Yun should be the one to fish out the first one!” Meng handed a long wooden spoon to Yun Jiuge. He had hurriedly fashioned it just now.

    “Brown-noser,” A’ze muttered to himself. He very much regretted how he did not think of this move himself!

    Advisor Jun also felt that Meng’s move was too insidious. He was shamelessly trying to win Yun Jiuge’s favor so blatantly.

    Yun Jiuge could not help thinking how funny it was, watching the Eagle Clan and the human-snake hybrid clan striving so hard to win favor.

    “I’ll do it, lest the water splash on your body,” Zi Shang intercepted. In the end, it was Zi Shang who stepped forward and fished out all the Potato Herbs which had floated to the top. Next, he put them inside a big stone bowl at the side.

    “I’ll have a taste for you first,” said Zi Shang, who was naturally the first person to test for poison.

    He broke open the Potato Herb and exposed the yellow fruit inside. He took a bite and slowly nodded as he said, “It’s okay to be eaten.”

    “I’ll have a taste,” said Yun Jiuge, who took the other half from Zi Shang’s hand and put it in her mouth to chew.

    It was lightly sweet, powdery, and sticky. It tasted quite good, at least a little better than potatoes. But she just did not know if it was to the taste of the human-beast hybrids.

    “All of you, have a taste too!” Yun Jiuge let Meng distribute the Potato Herbs.

    A total of 20 Potato Herbs were cooked, and only a limited number of human-beast hybrids could taste them.

    A’ze was impatient by nature and eagerly gobbled it down in two or three mouthfuls. Then he rubbed his stomach and said in surprise, “Ah, I don’t seem to be as hungry.”

    “It’s small, but sufficient. It tastes much better than Gaga Grass,” said Advisor Jun after he ate it slowly. He also gave a high rating.

    “Oh my gosh, it’s delicious,” Meng exclaimed in an exaggerated manner after taking a bite.

    His beautiful face revealed the sincerest expression as he touchingly said to Yun Jiuge, “Miss Yun, thank you for bringing such precious food to our human-snake hybrid tribe.” The other human-snake hybrids also got up to express their thanks.

    “Utterly disgusting!” A’ze gritted his teeth. Why did he not think of this move?!

    Advisor Jun also felt that they had lost another round. To deal with a cunning human-snake hybrid like Meng, their Eagle Clan had to be more brazen. They absolutely could not let Meng beat them to it again the next time.

    “You’re too kind with your words. Hurry up and cook the Rice Herb. Everyone will have a full meal tonight,” Yun Jiuge said.

    “Okay!” The moment the human-snake hybrids heard the word “full”, they all cheered approvingly in unison.

    “Very well, I’m going to see the young human-snake hybrids. You continue with your chores.” Harvesting that large swathe of Rice Herb was enough to keep them busy.

    “I’ll come with you. Wei, you stay here to stand guard,” said Meng, who delegated the task to his subordinates. He was determined to take the opportunity to generate more favorable impressions.

    “Let’s go!” Yun Jiuge went back to the young human-snake hybrids’ again.

    Five young human-snake hybrids had just eaten the food sent by Yun Jiuge and were lying comfortably on the grass mat under the tree at the moment.

    Upon hearing the sounds of Yun Jiuge and the others coming, the five young human-snake hybrids stood up at the same time and spoke in their young voices, “Thank you for bringing us food, Miss Yun.”

    “You’re the best person in the world.”

    “We’d be dead without you.”

    “Thank you for saving us.”

    Although she could tell that these words were taught by an adult, Yun Jiuge was very satisfied with the current state of the young human-snake hybrids compared to before, when they could not even stand straight up.

    These children’s vitality were very tenacious, proving themselves to be human-beast hybrids.

    With this, perhaps she did not have to wait for A’dai to wake up but instead could help them solve some problems first.

    “Feifei, can you eliminate the Death Energy inside their bodies?” Yun Jiuge asked Feifei in a whisper.

    A large part of the Demon Qi in the young human-snake hybrids was made up of Death Energy. If they could eliminate this part, they could leave the completely dark wood cabin and return to their parents.

    “No, their Death Energy is inside their bodies. I can’t eliminate it without contact,” Feifei said, shaking its head. It could only eliminate the Death Energy laid bare on the ground.

    The Death Energy inside a human body was bundled up in layers. Feifei really could not do it.

    Yun Jiuge thought about it and asked, “What if I’ve a way of letting you touch their bodies?”

    “Then I’m sure I’ll be able to help them eliminate it,” replied Feifei. It looked at these stunted young human-snake hybrids and also felt very sympathetic toward them.

    “Well, take a break first and get ready to work at any time!” With that, Yun Jiuge closed her eyes again and summoned Cute Little Baby, “Help me find a plant that grows to the length of an arm and width of a small finger. It has to be hollow inside and containing a little Spiritual Power.”