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Chapter 501 - Human-rabbit Hybrid Clan’s Guo’er

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 501: Human-rabbit Hybrid Clan’s Guo’er

    “Master, why do you always ask me to find such uncreative things?” Cute Little Baby said unhappily.

    Thinking back to the days when it was managing the hanging gardens, it planted the world’s most beautiful Spiritual Flowers and Spiritual Trees.

    The whole garden was dense with Spiritual Power and floral fragrance. It was such an enjoyable time!

    “Just do as I say, I don’t have much Holy Power left. If you continue to talk nonsense and waste my time, believe me when I say I’m going to seal you inside the Pig-out Herb patch,” Yun Jiuge threatened.

    “I don’t want to go to that disgusting place.” This kind of object eaten by human-beast hybrids would simply dumb it down.

    Cute Little Baby dared not say more. It quickly found something that fitted Yun Jiuge’s requirements, and then swiftly planted it.

    When Yun Jiuge opened her eyes, five stems of a white, soft plant, which looked like sheep’s intestine appeared in her hands.

    She pinched the heads of the five stems of Sheep’s Intestine Herb into pointed shapes and then merged the other ends together.

    “Little ones, I’ll insert this sharp point into your hands in a while, but you don’t have to be afraid. It’s used for your treatment and won’t hurt very much,” Yun Jiuge gently told the young human-snake hybrids.

    The young human-snake hybrids did not make a sound, but she could see how nervous they were from their taut and straight tail tips.

    “Good children, listen and behave. There’ll be meat patties for you to eat after the treatment,” said Yun Jiuge, using her trump card.

    The young human-snake hybrids’ eyes lit up. They immediately scrambled to be the first to extend their arms, calling out, “Take mine, take mine.” To them, there was nothing more terrible than hunger.

    “All of you, lie down first,” Yun Jiuge instructed. She arranged the five young human-snake hybrids’ heads to face inward in a circle. Then she pierced the tips of the five tubes into the young human-snake hybrids’ blood vessels. Next, she called Feifei to come over.

    “Can you give it a try to see if you can come into contact with the Death Energy in their bodies in this way?” asked Yun Jiuge as she tied the big end to the top of Feifei’s black wing.

    “Yes, I can, but it’s a little slow,” replied Feifei. It stopped at a branch above the heads of the young human-snake hybrids and began to slowly fan its wings.

    Streams of black color flowed from the young human-snake hybrids’ bodies through the tubes to Feifei’s shoulder, and then transformed into Life Energy which descended on their bodies.

    The five young human-snake hybrids’ deathly pale skin slowly gained a little flush and the dull snake tails started showing some luster.

    “Very good! Keep going, Feifei!” Yun Jiuge yelled out to Feifei.

    Feifei ignored her and continued to maintain the momentum.

    The black color inside of these young human-snake hybrids was very viscous. Feifei could not treat it the same way as it did with the land, brandishing at will and flapping its wings freely. It had to be precise with the rhythm.

    Yun Jiuge saw how serious Feifei was and did not dare to disturb it. She quietly kept watch at the side.

    She saw that the scales on the five young human-snake hybrids’ tails became brighter and brighter as if they had been oiled. They exuded a strong vitality.

    “Miss Yun, are these little ones saved?” Meng asked excitedly and nervously.

    “I’m just drawing out the Death Energy from their bodies. I can’t cure them permanently yet. But rest assured that the method for a complete cure isn’t too far away,” Yun Jiuge explained, afraid that Meng would give up on these young human-snake hybrids.

    “Well, in that case, I thank you on behalf of them first,” said Meng with a nod. The tribe was currently willing to raise these young human-snake hybrids because they were still small. Once they became fully grown, they would have to be able to feed themselves. Otherwise, if they were too weak, they would definitely die without a doubt.

    At this time, A’ze turned around from the back and cheerfully said to Yun Jiuge, “Miss Yun, the Rice Herb is cooked. It smells heavenly. Will I be full after eating a bowlful?” Heaven knew how long he had not experienced the feeling of a full stomach.

    “Miss Yun, please have a taste,” said Advisor Jun, who came over with a clean stone bowl containing pale yellow rice that gave off a faint aroma. Anyone would think that it must be unbelievably delicious with a sniff.

    Yun Jiuge tasted a mouthful. The rice was a little coarse and more difficult to chew. Although there was no Spiritual Power when swallowed into the stomach, it still had a feeling of satiety.

    But with her current appetite, she was full from eating a tiny half bowl. She could not throw away the rest, so she handed it directly to Zi Shang.

    Zi Shang silently took it and poured it all into his mouth.

    “Miss Yun, can the Rice Herb be grown at our Eagle Cliff?” A’ze asked impatiently.

    The Pig-out Herb was really easy to plant and filling. It would be wonderful if they could fully expand it in their Eagle Cliff because many of their members’ companions were herbivores.

    He even thought that with this source of food at Eagle Cliff, the Eagle Clan members would not be afraid to live as bachelors.

    “It can be planted at your Eagle Cliff. Just scatter toward the rock wall. But it’s not easy to harvest!” Yun Jiuge had realized that the Pig-out Herb’s roots were particularly tough, even piercing through stones. It would not be a problem to plant it in the rock wall.

    “That’s not a problem. As long as you help us grow it, we’ll think of ways to solve the other problems on our own,” Advisor Jun hurriedly stated their stance at the side.

    As long as there was foodstuffs, harvesting was the least of their problems. They would even pluck the food out one by one if they had to.

    “Very well, I’ll help you grow it when I get back to Eagle Cliff,” Yun Jiuge agreed with a nod. Even if there was no A’dai, seeing how the Eagle Clan had not thrown in their lot with Nangong Yue, it was worth her while to cultivate them.

    “In that case, I’ll send someone back to Eagle Cliff, no, I’d better personally return. A’ze, stay here to watch over Miss Yun,” instructed Advisor Jun. When it came to foodstuffs, Advisor Jun felt that it was not reliable to send anyone. It was better that he personally made the trip.

    “Go ahead. I’m here,” said A’ze, thumping his chest.

    “Meng, take some Rice Herbs and Potato Herbs for them to bring back,” Yun Jiuge said to Meng.

    “I’ll go prepare them now,” replied Meng as he took an oversized brown leather bag and kept stuffing Rice Herbs and Potato Herbs inside.

    “Enough, enough. I can’t carry it if it’s too heavy,” Advisor Jun hurriedly stopped him. Anyway, Miss Yun would also head to their Eagle Cliff to help plant them. There was no need to appear desperately hungry.

    “Okay, take it!” said Meng as he handed the leather bag over.

    Although he was feeling pain inside, his heart felt much comforted when he turned around to look at the large swathe of Pig-out Herbs.

    Advisor Jun took the leather bag and flapped his wings to fly toward Eagle Cliff.

    He initially wanted to go directly over to his grandfather’s side but found many people surrounded in front of A’gu’s nest, sighing in despair.

    A’gu’s weeping cries rang out faintly, “Guo’er, Guo’er, wake up quickly.”

    “What’s the matter?” Advisor Jun flew over in a hurry.

    “A’gu’s companion has fainted. He’s been calling for a long time to no avail,” a human-eagle hybrid replied.

    “I’ll take a look.” Advisor Jun quickly threw the bag into the corner and then strode in.

    A’gu’s nest was exceptionally clean and neatly maintained.

    At this time, a petite young woman from the Rabbit Clan was lying on the grass-covered ground. Her thin little body looked so small and huddled up.

    Her partner, A’gu, hugged her tightly and sobbed in gasps.

    “A’gu, what’s wrong with Guo’er?” Advisor Jun asked.

    “I don’t know. She suddenly fainted. She’s not waking up no matter how I try to wake her. Advisor Jun, you know Miss Yun who knows how to give treatment. Can you invite her over to have a look at Guo’er?” A’gu pleaded.

    “Let go of her first for me to have a look,” Advisor Jun said in a heavy voice.

    A’gu hurriedly lay Guo’er flat.

    Guo’er’s long ears drooped down listlessly. Her face was sallow, and her eyes were closed. She was painfully thin, and her limbs were slight. But her abdomen was slightly bulging. She appeared as if she were pregnant.