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Chapter 502 - Feifei Advances In An Epiphany

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 502: Feifei Advances In An Epiphany

    “A’ping, bring your partner over to take a look at whether Guo’er is pregnant.” Although the human-beast hybrids weren’t particular about forbidding physical contact between males and females, he had to find a clan member with experience instead because he himself had never fathered a cub before.

    An older human-beast hybrid immediately brought his own Cattle Clan companion over.

    With a long horn on her head and looking similarly thin, the Cattle Clan hybrid touched Guo’er’s belly and nodded as she said, “Yes, she’s pregnant.”

    “Guo’er is actually pregnant with a baby. But why did she faint?” A’gu murmured. He was exhausted from searching for food everyday. He would sleep once he came back and did not realize that Guo’er was pregnant. Damn it!

    “Pregnant females have a bigger appetite and she’s hungry,” the Cattle Clan hybrid sighed. Although A’gu worked extremely hard, it was really difficult to look for food. Guo’er had a reserved character and would endure silently. Even if she were hungry, she would not tell A’gu.

    “I’ll go look for food now,” said A’gu, who was about to rush out.

    “Wait a minute,” Advisor Jun hurriedly stopped A’gu and said, “I just got some food from the human-snake hybrid clan. I’ll cook it for Guo’er to eat later.”

    “What kind of food?” A’gu looked wary and said, “We don’t eat the Gaga Grass.” By now the Eagle Clan members all knew there was a problem with Gaga Grass.

    “Do you think I’m stupid? The foodstuff was given by Miss Yun to me to be brought back for tasting. Oh, that’s right, where’s my grandfather?” Advisor Jun looked around and did not see any sight of his own grandfather.

    Generally, when this kind of thing happened, his grandfather was the first to rush over to take charge.

    “I don’t know, I didn’t see him!”

    “Think he’s in the nursery.”

    “No, I saw him come out of the nursery and go to the warehouse.”

    Every Eagle Clan member talked at once.

    “I’ll go find him. You cook these for Guo’er to eat first,” said Advisor Jun as he poured out a dozen of Potato Herbs and flew toward the warehouse with the rest of the food.

    The wooden door of the warehouse was half open, and a thin figure had fallen in front of the door.

    “Grandfather!” cried Advisor Jun. He was so terrified and rushed over to hold his grandfather up.

    He only saw his grandfather’s face turning sallow with his lips dry and cracked. His breathing was shallow.

    “A’ping, A’hui, come quickly,” asked Advisor Jun. After Advisor Jun arranged for the clan members to take good care of his grandfather, he immediately flew to the human-snake hybrid clan to find Yun Jiuge.

    At this time, Yun Jiuge was examining the young human-snake hybrids who had just finished their treatment.

    “Very good, more than half of the Death Energy in their bodies has been eliminated. They needn’t be afraid of light in the future. Take the hoods off your heads!” Yun Jiuge personally took down the black hoods off the heads of five young human-snake hybrids.

    This was the first time she had seen the appearances of the young human-snake hybrids.

    They looked different from the Eagle Clan’s chicks. These young human-snake hybrids were quite gorgeous with particularly long eyelashes. Their deathly pale skin had an unnatural quality. There was a cryptic element of beauty about it.

    Even though Yun Jiuge did not place much importance on beauty, she felt incredibly happy seeing how adorable these young children were.

    “Clan Leader, father, mother!”

    The five young human-snake hybrids opened their eyes and first saw the Clan Leader who had been protecting them. Then, they saw their parents.

    “Children, quickly come over.” The parents of the five young human-snake hybrids rushed up to hold their little ones.

    The human-snake hybrids’ fertility was not like other snakes species which could lay countless eggs. They mostly laid one egg at a time. It was exceptionally good if they could have two eggs. So, their offspring were equally precious to them.

    Feifei was extremely moved by the tears of the young human-snake hybrids’ reunion with their families.

    It landed on Yun Jiuge and whispered, “This is the first time I think it’s so good that I’ve evolved to become like this.”

    “Why? Don’t you like the way you looked before?” Yun Jiuge wondered. Feifei had always showed off its good looks shamelessly and was greatly confident. She thought that Feifei liked its own looks very much.

    “Well, there are only two colors, black and white, which is a bit monotonous. I like color,” Feifei said. It dreamt that it would become a brightly colored butterfly which would scatter beautiful Spiritual Light and not black colored Death Energy.

    But after saving these five little human-snake hybrids today, it was filled with a strong sense of pride in its heart. This made it happier than its appearance.

    “Although your body only has black and white colors, what matters is that your heart is brightly colored,” said Yun Jiuge, touching Feifei’s head. The little guy who showed off its looks pretentiously finally realized its importance.

    “Yes!” Feifei nodded, and suddenly a warm current sprang from its chest, surging toward the wings on both sides.

    Its black and white wings suddenly emitted a faint light, and finally turned into two Tai Chi Yin and Yang fishes, respectively imprinted on the wings.

    “It’s advancing?” Zi Shang asked in surprise. This Reincarnated Yin-Yang Butterfly was a wonder of the world. It was already magical that it had been formed. To advance was even harder.

    He had seen a Reincarnated Yin-Yang Butterfly once. It only advanced once in 100 years after the accumulation of being fed countless Spiritual Medicines.

    In his view, Feifei was raised freely. In addition to the monthly two bottles of Spiritual Beast Pills, it was usually fed a few pills during moments of commendation. For it to have actually advanced, other people’s jaws would drop upon hearing that.

    But come to think of it, other than Yun Jiuge, no one else would casually take a Reincarnated Yin-Yang Butterfly out to use. It would basically be raised in a Spiritual Garden for fear of being seen by others.

    “This pattern is so ugly!” exclaimed Feifei. It gave a look of disdain at the interconnected head and tail of the black and white fishes.

    “No, it’s beautiful. You keep working hard and one day you’ll grow the most beautiful pattern in the world,” Yun Jiuge perfunctorily comforted.

    “That’s a must,” replied Feifei, who cheered up again.

    Meng, who had been quietly watching at the side, was not certain what happened to the little butterfly, but he instinctively guessed that it was a good thing. He happily said, “Miss Yun, it’s thrice the blessings today. Our tribe is going to hold a bonfire celebration. Please stay on to celebrate together.”

    Their tribe had not held a bonfire celebration for a long time. He decided to hold a celebration to further cement his relationship with Yun Jiuge.

    “Sure,” Yun Jiuge answered. She also wanted to rope in the human-snake hybrid clan to ask about the situation with Nangong Yue and other tribes that she could claim.

    “In that case, I’ll send instructions now,” Meng excitedly announced the order to the human-snake hybrid clan to have a bonfire celebration that night. They would all have the Rice Herbs and Potato Herbs to their heart’s content.

    The human-snake hybrid clan erupted in a thunderous cheer. Advisor Jun came over at this time.

    “Miss Yun, something bad has happened. My grandfather has fainted,” Advisor Jun landed hastily in front of Yun Jiuge and shouted.

    “What happened to Elder Bai?” He was still fine when she left.

    “I don’t know. I saw him passed out at the door of the warehouse when I went back and he hasn’t woken up yet,” Advisor Jun said hurriedly.

    “Let’s go back now then,” said Yun Jiuge decisively. Elder Bai was the leader in spirit for the Eagle Clan. If he met with a mishap, there would definitely be chaos in the Eagle Clan. That was something she absolutely did not want to see.