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Chapter 306 - Boss, I…

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 306: Boss, I…

    Jian Qi looked at her surroundings. If she were to move away from the stone, she would certainly be attacked by them.

    “Jian Qi, is something wrong?” Lightning spoke to her through her earpiece

    “Yes, there’s something wrong.” Jian Qi replied.

    “Where are you? We’ll go to you now!” Lightning said.

    “You guys go and deal with the other two people. I’ll deal with this myself!” Jian Qi said.

    “Are you sure you can handle them alone?”

    Lightning was still worried.

    “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine!” Jian Qi smiled playfully. “If I cannot handle it, I’ll hide and wait for you to rescue me.”

    The others could say no more given how Jian Qi was resolutely holding onto her decision.

    “Be careful.” Lightning said.

    They confirmed their respective locations before they made their next moves. They also informed each other where they would be going next.

    Then, they threw themselves into the battlefield.

    Yet, what happened next was out of Jian Qi’s expectation. She was planning to deal with the two of them on her own. However, Tang Jinyu had asked the other two veterans to come over so that they could flank her. They planned to ambush her at the same time.

    Her location would soon be exposed and she would be found by them.

    On the other hand, Jian Qi glanced at the spot beside her. Her smile deepened and she grabbed the sniper rifle. Then, she took off her cap and threw it toward the stone beside her.

    A bullet was fired again, hitting the cap spot-on.

    Jian Qi turned around immediately and went over to another snowy slope, quickly lying down on the ground.

    Her previous spot was battered by an array of bullets.

    She breathed out a sigh of relief.

    Her heartbeat was fast and erratic.

    It was much too exciting.

    She was almost shot by the gun and eliminated from the battle.

    Now, her current hiding spot was larger. She could dodge the attacks easily. Then, she grabbed her sniper rifle and left immediately to search for the best sniping spot.

    On the other hand, Crocodile was rather annoyed as he did not manage to eliminate Jian Qi. “I couldn’t hit her even after firing so many bullets. It seems like she’s really good at dodging the attacks.”

    Tang Jinyu said to him stonily through the earpiece. “You couldn’t even hit the target with so many bullets. It seems like you need to practice more!”

    Crocodile. “…”

    “Boss, don’t worry. I’ll get rid of her soon enough. I won’t let her bully you again!” Crocodile gave his promise solemnly.

    After that, Crocodile moved to another spot. Needless to say, Jian Qi had found a sniping spot and his location would be exposed by now.

    Jian Qi had just found a nice spot when she heard Lighting’s voice through the earpiece. “Big Sister Qi, the other two soldiers are coming your way. I’m afraid that the boss wants to tackle us one by one!

    “You go and find a good hiding spot for yourself. Lu Yao and I are on our way!”

    Jian Qi frowned. Tang Jinyu did not even allow her to hide herself now.

    As such, she must eliminate the sniper in front of her before the other two veterans reach where they were now.

    If not, she would be unable to move on. Moreover, she would be eliminated while being ambushed by three or even four people.

    After that, she grabbed the binoculars and observed the person in front of her.

    Where would the sniper be?

    Crocodile was also looking for Jian Qi’s location at the same time when Jian Qi was looking around.

    After a short while, Crocodile heard Tang Jinyu’s voice again. “Crocodile, check the snowy slope across from you. Your nine o’clock!”

    Crocodile grabbed the binoculars and glanced at it. Soon, he broke into a smile. “Boss, I found her!”

    Crocodile was excited. He grabbed the sniper rifle and aimed it toward that direction.

    A gunshot then rang out. Crocodile was puzzled.

    ‘Damn it! I…’

    ‘Oh my God!’

    “Boss, I…”