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Chapter 405 - It Couldn“t Be Him

Let Me Game in Peace
     405 It Couldn“t Be Him

    While smiling sinisterly at Zhou Wen, Ják threw out a blood-colored dagger. However, the dagger wasn't thrown at Zhou Wen but at the ground.

    Zhou Wen immediately felt that something was amiss. He saw the blood-colored dagger fly over and immediately realized the problem.

    His shadow! Ják wasn't attacking him, but his shadow that had been projected by the moonlight.

    It was too late to dodge. He didn't have the time to think further. Zhou Wen's first reaction was to summon his Inverse Ancient Sovereign Life Soul.

    The moment the Inverse Ancient Sovereign Life Soul was summoned, the blood-colored dagger had nailed Zhou Wen's shadow. However, due to the Inverse Ancient Sovereign's humanoid sun Life Soul appearing, the strong rays of light scattered his shadow. Most of the shadows were redirected in another direction. The shadow cast by the moon was almost invisibly faint.

    His heart palpitated slightly, but he didn't feel any damage. Like a ghost, Zhou Wen appeared in front of Ják and slashed his Overlord Sword and Bamboo Blade at him.

    Ják ducked, causing Overlord Sword to miss. However, Bamboo Blade slashed across his waist. Unfortunately, all that was sliced apart was Ják's clothes. He was nowhere to be seen.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Ják's clothes exploded in front of Zhou Wen, forcing him to retreat quickly. He retreated to the air once more and switched back to his Godfiend Life Providence.

    The atmosphere became tense again. Both of them knew that they had met a terrifying opponent. They waited for each other to make the first move, waiting for the moment the other party revealed a flaw.

    Zhou Wen wasn't in a rush. He didn't believe that the other party could keep hiding without eating or drinking. He flew into the air and grabbed a random piece of pancake and a can of Coke from the Chaos Bead. He even brought out some spring onion to go with the pancake. He ate while monitoring the situation in the forest.

    That punk is quite a figure. He's so tasteless. Is that even called food? Ják couldn't stand Zhou Wen's eating preferences, but he couldn't help but feel hungry. The fragrance of red wine and roasted meat surfaced in his mind.

    Ják gulped his saliva and forced himself to stop thinking. Just like that, he continued the stalemate with Zhou Wen while silently seeking out an opportunity.

    It was not feasible to use Lunar Shadow Sorcery to control Zhou Wen, so Ják had to think of other solutions.

    As Ják endured the hardship below, Zhou Wen ate his fill in the sky. At first, he only filled his stomach. Later, he took out a vacuum-packed duck head and beer and sat down in the air, having a feast.

    This punk's taste is terrible. Is that what a human will eat? Ják wished he could throw the food that Zhou Wen was eating into a trash can, but he held back.

    Ják glanced at where Zhou Wen's shadow was, but he didn't dare head over. Although Zhou Wen appeared to be eating and drinking on the surface, he believed that Zhou Wen's sword beam would definitely slash at him the moment he made any abnormal movements.

    He was well aware of the prowess of Zhou Wen's sword beam. Although it was a little lacking compared to a few sword experts he knew, his sword beam held some special attributes to it. It had to be extraordinary, considering how he could sever his hand.

    After Zhou Wen had his fill, he said to the forest, "You won't be able to escape no matter what. Why don't you come out and have a chat? If you can provide enough information that satisfies me, I might spare your life."

    Ják continued lurking and ignored Zhou Wen as though he hadn't heard him.

    "Your ability is so outstanding that I believe you have some status in the bureau. Why risk your life?" Zhou Wen continued probing.

    However, no one answered him.

    Suddenly, Zhou Wen realized that someone was approaching the forest. The person was riding a gray wolf with an astonishing speed as he quickly approached the forest.

    Zhou Wen took a careful look and realized that it was An Sheng.

    "Ah Sheng, don't enter the forest." Zhou Wen shouted at the distant An Sheng from midair, but it was already too late. The gray wolf An Sheng was sitting on was too fast as it rushed into the forest.