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Chapter 307 - Instructor Tang is Good at Hiding

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 307: Instructor Tang is Good at Hiding

    It was out of Crocodile’s expectation. He had just found her but he was eliminated by her before he could even fire a bullet at her.

    He was deeply grieved as he looked at the blue smoke rising up from his body.

    Now, he wanted so badly to rush toward her.

    It was really humiliating!

    The main thing was, she was really good at hiding herself. It appeared as if she had become a part of the snowy slope.

    He might not even find her location if it were not for the muzzle of the rifle.

    Jian Qi did not even get to relax just yet after she finally got rid of the sniper in front of her. Another bullet was shot at her again.

    She dodged the attack quickly and she made a rather awkward move.

    She did not even know that the rest of the people from the opposing team would reach their location so soon.

    She accidentally pressed onto her left arm while she was rolling over. She could not help but frown.

    Then, she lifted her arm and softly rubbed it. She was hidden deep in the snow so that no one could find her location.

    “Big Sister Qi, we’re here!” Lightning spoke again through the earpiece. Finally, somebody had come to her rescue.

    She breathed out a sigh of relief.

    She soon reported her current location to them. Then, she said, “There’s a sniper in front of me. It’s at one o’clock. I’m not sure of another sniper’s location.”

    Lu Yao was quiet for a few seconds before he then said, “I can see the sniper at your one o’clock direction. Leave him to me!”

    Lightning said, “It’ll attract their attention if Lu Yao fires a gun. Jian Qi, you better change your hiding spot. If another sniper starts firing at us, I’ll deal with him.”

    “Copy that.”

    “Copy that.”

    They replied at the same time. Jian Qi then grabbed her rifle and changed her hiding spot quickly.

    When everyone was ready, Lu Yao fired his gun at the target.

    However, two gunshots were heard at the same time.

    “F*ck!” Lightning roared angrily.

    “What’s wrong?” Lu Yao questioned.

    Another gunshot was heard from where Jian Qi was before Lighting could speak again.

    Jian Qi saw another target being eliminated through the scope. She smirked wickedly, “The second target has been eliminated!”

    She put aside her rifle and said, “Instructor, what’s wrong?”

    Lightning was annoyed as he looked at the blue smoke rising from his body.

    What exactly did it mean?

    “I was disqualified by a damn gunshot!”

    Both Jian Qi and Lu Yao were speechless.

    The veteran who was eliminated by Jian Qi said sadly to Tang Jinyu, “Boss, I hit a target but I’ve been eliminated too!”

    “Boss, me too!” Another veteran said.

    Tang Jinyu hummed in response before he switched the earpiece off.

    It meant that there were only two people left in the opposing team including Jian Qi.

    Jian Qi changed her spot and lay down. She was searching for Tang Jinyu who was hiding himself at the moment.

    “Lu Yao, did you find anything there?”

    “No.” Lu Yao replied.

    At the same time, Lu Yao was looking around too. He wanted to locate where Tang Jingyu was.

    However, half an hour went by but still they could not see where he was.

    “Instructor Tang is really good at hiding himself!” Jian Qi could not help but complain about it.

    Lu Yao said, “Although there are two of us, we cannot look down on him. If we’re not careful, we might be eliminated by him alone!”

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow. She then smiled and said, “I want to torture him still. How could I let him eliminate both of us?

    Then, she said out of curiosity, “Instructor Lu, you seem to dread Instructor Tang so much. I really want to know the reason why. Did something happen between the two of you?