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Chapter 948 - It’s Not the Time to Play with Your Life Now

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 948: It’s Not the Time to Play with Your Life Now

    They were hiding in a green environment in the middle of the road. Thanks to the Russians’ passion and love for plants, there was lush greenery all over the place. She was concealed in the trees which looked obscure because of the dim lights and hence, she was still safe.

    Besides, she discovered that Si Yiyan’s subordinates had been shielding them and protecting them from the enemies’ bullets.

    Si Yiyan said softly, “We’ve met an ambush team.”

    She froze in shock!

    They had just left the Moville Duke’s Residence and yet, they had already met with an attack even before they returned to the mansion. She was well aware of who the culprit was. Just like Si Yiyan had said, Duke Moville would definitely not allow anyone to challenge his authority, even if she was Rex’s woman.

    It would be the best time to act now!

    Lucifer, which was helmed by Si Yiyan, had always known to be highly mysterious. Once they arrive back at the mansion, Duke Moville would be no match for them. However, now that Si Yiyan was away from the mansion, they were at their weakest and most vulnerable.

    Due to the fact that she had caused Si Yiyan to be in a dangerous position because of her act of recklessness, she felt extremely regretful.

    Although there was a silencer on the gun, she could still hear the sounds of the bullets darting through the air, followed by the sounds of the shaft and the reload.

    It was an almost-silent battle. However, the danger was unimaginable.

    Wen Xinya struggled, thinking to herself that she could not become Si Yiyan’s burden during such a dangerous situation.

    “Baby, stop it. I’ll let you hit me and berate me all you want when we’re home, but now’s not the time to fool with your own life.” Si Yiyan pressed his hands on her shoulder while his warm breath spread into her ears, making her quiver.

    Wen Xinya could not help but feel infuriated. However, her anger was soon replaced by the feelings of regret.

    Wen Xinya lowered her voice and said, “I can protect myself too.”

    Having been trained by Si Yiyan for two years, she naturally had quick reflexes and impeccable combat skills. Previously, she managed to avoid the attack that came from behind in time and she was rather good at shooting since she had been practicing it for some time.

    “Be good! Don’t move! There are lots of enemies,” he instructed while pressing his body against hers. Wen Xinya felt as if her arms and legs were all restrained by him and she could even feel a cold and metallic object being pressed against her pulse. Her breath quickened and she reckoned that it must be his wristwatch.

    She was forced to hold his gaze.

    “I’m sorry!” Wen Xinya exclaimed, staring at his lips while her throat turned dry. She knew how hard she had bit him earlier on.

    Si Yiyan chuckled and asked, “You’re not angry anymore?”

    Wen Xinya did not answer him. Instead, she stared at his still bleeding lips.

    All of a sudden, she pressed her soft and tender lips against his while sucking gently on his wound, occasionally licking them with her smooth tongue. She took pity on him and tried to comfort him.

    Si Yiyan coordinated with her and reciprocated the kiss. Her lips were as tender as flowers and their tongues were like intertwined snakes.

    Wen Xinya’s saliva dripped down the corner of her lips and Si Yiyan immediately pulled away to kiss her neck.

    During the dangerous crossfire, Wen Xinya actually felt extremely emotional and randy all of a sudden. She began to regret her decision to reject Si Yiyan’s advances when they were in the car just now. Had she known earlier that her actions would speak louder than words, she wouldn’t have pretended to give him the cold shoulder.

    Si Yiyan placed his hand between her legs and chuckled. “Baby, your passion is making it difficult for me to resist you!”

    Wen Xinya pressed her legs tightly together, though her body began quivering uncontrollably. She exclaimed in a hoarse voice, “Don’t resist, then!”

    Gazing at her with glistening eyes, Si Yiyan eased. “Baby, do you want us to become horny ghosts?”

    Wen Xinya’s quick panting and stiff body immediately stopped and her body began to turn soft as well. The entire exchange lasted for five minutes, three minutes longer than the time she climaxed in the washroom of Han Palace.

    Si Yiyan asked softly, “Are you satisfied now?”

    Wen Xinya answered dreamily, “Yes!” She found it rather amusing that they could still flirt with each other and get intimate during such a dangerous situation.

    About two minutes later, Si Yiyan whispered, “Those people have changed their positions. It’s still safe here. Hide here and don’t come out. I’ll go check on the situation!”

    Wen Xinya tugged his clothes and gazed at him with her eyes glassed over, as if she was a lost child. However, she was also determined like a warrior.

    At last, she exclaimed, “Be careful!”