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Chapter 238 - Prove It to Them

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 238: Prove It to Them


    When Su Cha arrived at the old lady’s side, the old lady elegantly waved her to sit down.

    She was not wearing a cheongsam but a black evening gown.

    Putting aside the fact that gowns like this generally did not suit old people, the old lady’s aura was still elegant and noble. No matter what outfit she wore, she would be able to stand out even at her age.

    Women born out of wealth were naturally different from ordinary people.

    She wiped her hands with a hot towel. Someone beside her passed a similar hot towel to Su Cha. When Su Cha reached out to take it, she saw that the person who passed it was the butler. He whispered, “Old Madam, Miss Tong is still outside.”

    Su Cha was stunned.

    Of course Miss Tong was still here.

    The old lady did not comment. She took a sip of the red wine and said slowly, “Let her be.”

    She sounded unhappy.

    Su Cha could tell that something was wrong, but she did not speak rashly.

    The old lady suddenly looked at Su Cha and said directly, “You did well. Don’t argue with someone with no status. You’d be lowering your own.”

    Su Cha paused.

    There was nothing unusual about her expression. She said calmly, “Does Grandma know?”

    That is, that she had just spoken to Miss Tong outside the door.

    However, their exchange had not been a dispute. She had had no intention to deal with such a stupid person.

    The old lady did not deny it. “Su Cha, there are some things that I’ve told you before. I’m his grandma, but I’m not his biological grandma. His grandpa only married me ten years after his real grandma’s death. Still, I was also a legal wife. Because of this, Muyi still has some respect for me. You’re the only person he has allowed to enter the Lookout Pavilion after so many years. I don’t need to get involved or know what your position is in his heart.

    “After all, making a joke of myself is not one of my fortes.”

    Su Cha also smiled.

    The old lady’s words were clear. Although Su Cha’s status was not good, Bo Muyi liked her.

    As long as Bo Muyi liked her, the old lady would not interfere.

    It turned out that Bo Muyi’s grandfather only married this lady ten years after his grandmother passed away. No wonder the old lady looked so young.

    The old lady said, “It’s not a choice to be born, but fame and status are earned by oneself. You are an outstanding child; I believe you can understand this.”

    Su Cha glanced at the old lady.

    From the looks of it, this old lady possessed a rare peace of mind.

    To the old lady, Su Cha was barely an infant, but she had no intention of looking down on her. She was only telling Su Cha that since she had entered the pavilion, her future was destined to be different. Su Cha now needed to prove many things to others.

    After all, Lookout Pavilion’s future mistress was always in the spotlight.

    It was the first time in so many years that Bo Muyi doted on a woman so much. Before this, the old lady could not imagine who the future Madam Bo would be.

    And there had been too many eyes staring at her when she wanted to become Madam Bo.

    Lightly, the old lady said again, “I know that you are participating in an entertainment show. I am not old-fashioned. No matter what path you choose, it will be your choice. You have the Bo family as your backing. There are many troubles that you don’t have to worry about. However, you can rely only on your own strength to advance. The Bo family will not interfere. No matter which path you take, you can prove its rightfulness to the Bo family and to others. But Muyi would have no need for this proof.”