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Chapter 319 - Delete the Weibo Pos

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 319: Delete the Weibo Post

    At Lemon Entertainment.

    Ning Wentao was so angry that he was hitting the table in his office. Manager Huang, who stood in front of him, was not sure whether to laugh or to cry.

    "CEO Ning, you should not post things like these on Weibo. You will need to explain to the management…"

    Ning Wentao raised his voice. "Why not? Why should my daughter be insulted? Even if what she did was wrong, can we not discuss this properly?"

    Cao Xuehua was also advising him from the side. "Wentao, what you did is not good for the company's reputation. The company just needs to issue an apology to settle this case."

    Ning Wentao became even angrier. "Apologize? What for? Meng Meng herself has not apologized, why should we apologize on her behalf? Also, you tell your daughter to delete her post!"

    After he had calmed down a bit, he sent out another Weibo post.

    @LemonEntertainment: [No one should simply represent the lady. If you do not delete your post, the company will sue you. @Su Tiantian]

    After this status was posted, Su Tiantian deleted her post within half an hour, but she had posted a new status.

    @SuTiantian: [Sorry, I was just being a busybody.]

    One of the Big Vs had shared another video of her filming. The shape of the slap could still be seen on her face even though they had used a thick layer of foundation to cover it up. The makeup artist carefully asked her, "Teacher Su, will you be OK?"

    Su Tiantian's face seemed to be in pain but she persisted. "No worries. I should not delay the filming schedule."

    Hence, Su Tiantian's dedication was spread all over the internet.

    At the production company for Love in the Summer.

    After they had finished recording the video, Su Tiantian's expression changed drastically. Ning Meng had put too much force into the slap and her face had swollen up. Everyone in the production company was waiting for her but she was in so much pain that she said, "Quick, get the foundation off my face, it's so painful!"

    She could not have her face destroyed!

    After her manager helped to massage her face, she felt much better. Su Tiantian carefully applied the medicine onto the welts as she looked in the mirror. Then, she asked the staff who was in the room, "Has the video been posted?"

    "Yes, it has been posted."

    Su Tiantian nodded. The staff paused for a while before asking, "Teacher Su, Miss Ning has a strong defense team for this case. I have a feeling that they have some hidden moves. There was also this one post that claimed that Miss Ning was rescuing someone. We don't know what is the reason that she has not come forth with the truth, perhaps you might want to delete this video post before you go in too deep."

    Su Tiantian laughed and mocked her. "Yesterday, she said that she would explain to everyone today, and yet, she deleted her post on Weibo last night. What hidden moves could she possibly have? Don't worry, just make the video viral!"

    The staff could only sigh and continue posting.


    No matter how bad the insults were online, Ning Meng could not see them, and so, she had no reason to be angry. After leaving the production company, she sat in her car, wanting to go and grab dinner. On the way, she received a call from Huo Beichen.

    "What shall we eat tonight?"

    Ning Meng gave it some thought and mentioned the name of a mall. "Let's meet there."

    Ning Meng arrived first while Huo Beichen still needed another ten minutes to arrive. Just as she was feeling thirsty, she saw a stall selling boba tea, so, she went there and started queuing. There were about five or six people in front of her. When her turn finally arrived, she looked at the menu and gave her order. "Milk foam, level three sweetness, boba, coconut cubes. Thanks."

    After she had ordered, she lifted her head to hear the staff saying, "I'm sorry, miss. We're just lowly peasants, so we cannot sell this to you."