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Chapter 294 - Lets Live Together in Bliss (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 294: Let's Live Together in Bliss (2)

    Since Gu Yu was attending this particular university, her parents had hoped that she'd be able to cultivate some affection with him if they sent her there.

    Truth be told, she didn't want to attend the same university as Gu Yu. She didn't want Gu Yu to feel that she was clinging on to him even after he rejected her.

    By the time she found out, everything had been set in stone. She didn't have much of a choice. As such, she spent her days avoiding all the places that she could possibly bump into Gu Yu.

    However, she learned that fate worked in bizarre ways. The more she tried to avoid him, the more she crossed paths with him.

    Every time she saw him, her heart acted on its own accord and got a little more entangled with feelings for him. Before she had realized it, she was already head-over-heels in love with Gu Yu.

    Just when on earth had that happened?

    Perhaps it had been when she had occasionally walked past the campus' piano room at night and had caught sight of Gu Yu in front of the piano. His slender fingers had danced dexterously across the keys as a light breeze had ruffled the hair on his forehead. He even had a slight smile on his face.

    Perhaps it had been when she had witnessed the cold and detached Gu Yu stopping by the side of the road to pick up an injured little kitten and dress its wounds.

    Perhaps it had been that one time when she'd been admonished by her parents. She ran back to the campus and had sat alone by a bench on the roadside to cry. Gu Yu had walked over to her and had handed her a handkerchief.

    She knew that Gu Yu hadn't recognized her back then. He did that out of pure charity, just like he had when he dressed the wounds of the injured little kitten by the road.

    Of course, those were only a few of the many instances she had seen Gu Yu like that…

    Bit by bit, her emotions accumulated and evolved into love. It also evolved into the reckless courage she displayed when Gu Yu ended up in the car accident.

    Back then, everyone couldn't understand why she was so insistent on going to him. Her parents even outright opposed it. When Gu Yu had been healthy and well, she hadn't made any effort to get close to him. Now that he had met with an accident and could possibly remain unconscious forever, why was she so eager to be by his side?

    She hadn't bothered to explain herself to her parents. Even if she had, they wouldn't have understood. She had just stubbornly continued to insist on her way. That had been the very first time in her life that she had gone against her parents' wishes.

    She went to Gu Yu with the wholehearted intention of taking care of him. She hadn't considered anything else. Even if Gu Yu remained unconscious for the rest of his life, she was willing to remain by his side the entire time.

    Unexpectedly, the heavens took pity on her and allowed Gu Yu to wake up. Subsequently, Gu Yu got together with her and treated her exceptionally well. Her unrequited love had finally evolved into mutual feelings between them.

    Back then, she truly felt like she was the luckiest girl in the world.

    Even so, how did the story end up being a horrible tragedy?

    The sweet dream took a sudden and drastic turn for the worst, turning into a nightmare of pain, sadness, heartache, and grief that threatened to consume her mind. As darkness began to chase her, she could only keep running. She did not want to be consumed by the endless darkness.

    Unfortunately, the darkness moved too quickly while she was already running with all her might. Even so, she could do nothing else as the darkness slowly caught up and slowly engulfed her.

    She was so tired. She didn't want to struggle any longer. She just wanted to sleep for a while…

    Just as her world was about to plunge in an endless abyss of darkness, she suddenly heard a voice calling out hoarsely, "Xu Weilai!"

    The voice sounded a little familiar. It sounded like Gu Yu… was it him?

    Beneath her eyelids, her eyes shifted.

    That voice continued, "Xu Weilai! As long as you're willing to wake up and not leave me, I'll let go of everything that happened in the past! I've forgiven you!"