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Chapter 949 - Asura the Fallen

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 949: Asura the Fallen

    The noises of the gunshot were softened by the silencer. Hence, only faint sounds were produced when the bullets hit the flesh of the victims.

    Did he fire that shot?

    He was merely using his index finger and thumb to form the shape of a gun!

    He was not holding a gun at all!

    Later on, she finally realized that Si Yiyan was just like a commander, for his subordinates would aim their guns and fire bullets in whichever direction he pointed at.

    They would shoot wherever he aimed!

    It was as if Si Yiyan was a clairvoyant. Regardless of where the assaulters moved in the dark, Si Yiyan managed to aim at them accurately!

    Wen Xinya’s heart palpitated and ricocheted continuously. How confident must he be to think that he would be able to aim faster than his subordinates could? How much faith did he have in his subordinates? How sure was he that they would fire on his command? Not only did he have immense faith in their loyalty, but he also believed in their reflexes and marksmanship!

    Should there be any slip-ups, the first one to die would be him!

    At this moment, a figure darted out of the dark in a menacing and terrifying manner.

    Wen Xinya almost screamed because the assaulter had found her.

    Before she could even react, the cold and hard gun was pressed against her.

    Next, Wen Xinya noticed that Si Yiyan had changed his position too.

    “Put the gun down!” At this moment, he was standing at the spot where darkness and light met. The street lamps seemed to have separated the regions.

    He strode across the line of separation between the light and the dark, his trim and muscular body appearing sleek and defined like bamboo. His handsome face was hidden in the dark and he looked just like Asura, menacing and intimidating.

    All of a sudden, he stepped into the light again, standing tall and proud like a god who had just descended from Heaven.

    The brightness seemed to have formed an illusory halo on top of his head, making everything appear warm and serene, though he still had an icy cold gaze in his eyes.

    It was as if the light from the street lamps had penetrated through his body, forming an austere and aloof silhouette on the ground.

    The assaulter sneered. “They all say that Rex has a woman by his side whom he treasures as much as his life. It should be this woman!”

    Si Yiyan did not answer him, though he did not deny it either.

    That man gently placed his hand on the trigger, though he did not pull it. However, Wen Xinya’s defined pupils began to constrict.

    That man seemed to enjoy seeing Wen Xinya’s fear. He chuckled and gibed. “I wonder if your life means more to you than this woman’s does, Rex.”

    The only fate that he would suffer by hiding in the dark, was being shot to death. Hence, he decided to take the chance to dash out and hold Wen Xinya at gunpoint while his accomplices were stuck in a crossfire. He thought that he would perhaps get a chance at surviving. Although he was just a hitman, he treasured his life too.

    Si Yiyan said sternly, “Trust me, you won’t want to know the answer.”

    The man laughed hysterically and said, “No, I believe I’ll get the answer soon.”

    At this moment, another voice sounded coldly. “No, you’ll never get the answer!”

    As soon as she finished speaking, Si Yiyan raised his hand and pointed his “gun” at the man.

    The bullet was fired with a loud bang and the man dropped his gun before he could even react. Si Yiyan then shot him on the forehead and his face stiffened as he fell onto the ground. He began flinching feebly while laying on the ground.

    Staring wide-eyed at the hem of her golden dress which trailed all the way onto the ground like a flower, the man murmured, “You…”

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “I’m sorry, but you’ve underestimated me. I’ve never liked letting others decide my destiny.”

    Her voice was as light as a feather and tender like catkins. However, her words were like hammers being knocked against the man’s heart, causing him to lose his last breath.

    Si Yiyan looked at her and exclaimed, “Impressive!”

    She had shot the man’s hand and caused him to drop his gun before shooting him dead in the head.