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Chapter 239 - In This World, He Has Only You

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 239: In This World, He Has Only You

    Su Cha knew that the old lady had seen through her personality.

    She was not a girl who was willing to be a Tigress.

    Bo Muyi doted on her and she could be his girlfriend and future wife, the madam of the Bo family.

    However, it was precisely because Su Cha was not willing to be so now that the old lady wanted her to prove to others that she had the ability to bear such a title.

    The madam of the Bo family and the owner of the Lookout Pavilion could not be like an ordinary lady.

    Besides, Su Cha hadn’t yet made a name for herself.

    Su Cha understood. She nodded and said solemnly, “Thank you.”

    It could be seen that the old lady was not good at expressing her emotions. She had always been elegant and graceful. She had the dignified aura of a mistress. For her to be able to speak so clearly to Su Cha was already showing enough kindness.

    At least, Su Cha did not have to worry about any drama happening in the Bo family.

    The smile on Su Cha’s face became more natural. She suddenly asked, “Grandma, I’ve never heard Muyi mention his parents and grandfather…”

    She had no idea what Bo Muyi’s parents were doing and where they lived.

    Besides Bo Muyi and the old lady, the Lookout Pavilion did not house any other relatives.

    The old lady was startled. There was a strange emotion in her eyes. Then, she sighed and said, “His parents were in a plane accident more than ten years ago. The family of three was going on a holiday. Other than Muyi, no one else survived.”

    Although the old lady was calm, Su Cha could still sense the hatred in her voice.

    “Muyi’s grandmother could not take such a blow and passed away from a heart attack not long after. His grandfather had fought on for the Bo family for more than ten years. After I entered the family a few years ago, his body rapidly declined until Muyi could take control of the family. In the end, he also died last year.”

    She could not help but feel sad.

    The old lady did not hide anything from Su Cha. Actually, this matter was known not only within the Bo family but also by the other families.

    If Su Cha wanted to, she would eventually know about it.

    But for some reason, when Su Cha heard that Bo Muyi’s parents had passed away and only Bo Muyi was left, her heart clenched tightly.

    She recalled the pair of calm and dazzling eyes in her memory. More than ten years ago, Bo Muyi must have remembered them.

    Only Muyi was left alive.

    She could not imagine how much pain Bo Muyi had suffered.

    Last year…

    Last year?

    Su Cha suddenly thought of something. Her heart was aching. Actually, she should not have had such a big reaction. But because it happened to Bo Muyi, she could not control herself.

    “Grandpa passed away just last year?”

    Su Cha’s voice was a little hoarse. Something had occurred to her.

    Bo Muyi suddenly appeared beside her last year.

    The old lady glanced at the girl and realized that although she was trying her best to control herself, there was a flash of pain in her eyes.

    The old lady seemed to understand Su Cha’s meaning. She did not hide anything. “I know what you want to ask. Last year, after his grandfather passed away, he went to Yonggu City to find you.”

    Her tone was calm, like an icicle pointing out a scary fact. “Because after his grandfather passed away, he has only you in this world.”