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Chapter 308 - There’s Only One Person Left on the Battlefield

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 308: There’s Only One Person Left on the Battlefield

    Lu Yao frowned. “Let’s look for him first.”

    Jian Qi was amused. “It seems like it’s not a good memory. That’s why you always think about Instructor Tang and keep him deep inside your heart.”

    “Jian Qi, don’t make me point the gun at you!” Lu Yao warned her coldly.

    “I’m just lightening up the mood.” Jian Qi smiled softly.

    At the same time, she was looking around with her binoculars.

    Lu Yao remained quiet.

    There was a deep silence between them.

    In addition, they could not even locate where Tang Jinyu was after a long time of looking around for him. It seemed like he had disappeared in the snow.

    However, they both knew that Tang Jinyu had to be nearby.

    In fact, they knew that the gunshot that they heard just now was somewhere around them. He would surely not be far away from them.

    At that moment, it started snowing at the top of the hill. Both Jian Qi and Lu Yao were hiding at different spots. Their bodies were covered with snow even though they had just lain down on the ground for a short while.

    “Finally, I know the benefits of having such a cold and distant demeanor like Instructor Tang!” Jian Qi said in a rather depressing tone. “He could endure the cold easily at critical moments like this!”

    Lu Yao. “…”

    She was the only one who could complain about such a thing at that moment.

    The snow gradually became heavier. Clearly, their visibility of the area had decreased exponentially. Moreover, they still could not find him.

    Another half an hour went by.

    Lu Yao had already taken a good look around from where he was. He was sure that nobody was around.

    Then, he got up, wanting to change his hiding spot.

    “Nobody is around. I’ll go over there instead!” Lu Yao said.

    “Be careful!” Jian Qi said as she pointed her rifle toward where Lu Yao was. She was trying to cover for him. At the same time, she was keeping a close eye on his surroundings.

    Lu Yao took his gun and moved toward his destination quickly. However, his leg caught onto something just when he had taken a step toward where two slopes intersected with each other.

    He lifted his gun and pointed at that spot almost immediately. But, it was still too late.

    A gun was pointed right at him at the moment as his leg was being pulled by someone else.

    He had been shot!

    Lu Yao did not even get to pull the trigger and that battle was already over.

    It was too fast and it seemed to have happened within one second. Lu Yao was eliminated just like that.

    Moreover, Jian Qi noticed that Tang Jinyu had hidden himself again after he succeeded in eliminating Lu Yao.

    Lu Yao looked at the blue smoke around his body. Truth be told, he was deeply shocked.

    He looked at the location where Tang Jinyu was hiding himself at the moment. The snow on his face made him seem much colder and more distant than ever.

    He knew that it would be very difficult for them to win the battle as he was fighting against Tang Jinyu.

    His stamina was good and it was paired with that kind of endurance and wit. No ordinary people could do that!

    Lu Yao’s lips twitched and he said, “I didn’t think that I’d lose again when facing you!”

    Tang Jinyu looked at him and said, “It’s only a sneak attack.”

    It appeared like he was consoling him. But, he knew that he was weaker than him when Tang Jinyu said that.

    “I’ll definitely beat you the next time!” Lu Yao said firmly.

    Tang Jinyu glanced at him and replied nonchalantly, “Fine, I’ll wait for you!”

    After that, he turned and left. His back seemed strong and powerful. In that instant, Lu Yao seemed to have found the Tang Jinyu from back then.

    Tang Jinyu did not linger around for long given that there was still one person left for him to deal with.

    After all, she claimed that she wanted to torture him. He would certainly give her that chance.