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Chapter 557 - Lawyer’s Letter Is Issued!

Medical Master
     Chapter 557 Lawyer’s Letter Is Issued!

    “What?” Hearing the report, Commander Zuo froze for a short while and then said, “Do you have to come to me for such a small thing? Deal with it yourself.”

    After that, he hung up the phone with indifference.

    It seemed that he didn’t care about it at all.

    The supervisor of the network technology department had no choice but to immediately call the manager of the PR marketing department so that all the employees of the PR marketing department could go back to the company to work out a solution.

    Those employees of the PR marketing department were also anxious when they saw the news on the Internet.

    On the way back to the company, they even directly set up a WeChat group to discuss what they should do while returning to the company.

    “This is a bit tricky.”

    “Yeah, it’s not a big deal if it’s someone else who revealed the news, but the one who did it is Fang Qiu. That’s a problem.”

    “This thing has a great impact on the reputation of our company. It may even affect the operation of the company. I think that whether it is true or not, we must respond immediately. If we let it develop like this, there might be tremendous consequences!”

    “But what if what Fang Qiu said is true?”

    As soon as someone said that, everyone in the discussion group fell silent.

    After a long while, the manager of the PR marketing department who set up this group said, “It can’t be true. It can only be fake. Anyway, we have to suppress it!”

    As the staff saw what he said, they all understood.

    As for them, it didn’t matter whether the new was true or not. Even if it was true, it must be made into a fake one. Otherwise, they could not get through this crisis.

    The supervisor spoke again, “Find a way to contact Fang Qiu and talk to him.”

    One of the staff replied, “Okay, I’ll go and try to contact Fang Qiu immediately.”

    “When you contact him, you can offer him some money. The more he asks for, the better. We can afford it. But you must remember, leave the record of the transfer of the money, recording, or chat history. As long as you keep the evidence, we can sue him for blackmail!”

    As they saw this, everyone was intimidated.

    This move was really cruel!

    They then thought to themselves, “Since it was Fang Qiu that came to us, he couldn’t blame us for being cruel.”

    “And, contact the lawyer immediately and ask him to issue a lawyer’s letter immediately. He should do it as quickly as possible.

    “At the same time, contact an Internet marketing company and hire paid Internet trolls!”

    As a result, before this group of people arrived at the company, they had already worked out a plan and had begun to carry it out.

    Admittedly, this was a big company. People could execute a plan as soon as possible.

    The plan had just come out. The employees of the PR marketing department were immediately divided into three teams. One tried to contact Fang Qiu, another reached lawyers, the last one was looking for an Internet marketing company.

    Only 20 minutes had passed before Fang Qiu divulged the news.

    The official Weibo account of the Siqi Pharmaceutical Company issued a lawyer’s letter.

    “Lawyer’s Statement:

    “In order to clarify the basic fact and defend the rights and interests of the company, Captial Chengke Law Firm accepted the commission of Siqi Pharmaceutical Company and appointed Zhang Shijun, the senior partner, as the lawyer. As for the rumor against Siqi Pharmaceutical Company appeared on Weibo, we hereby make the following statement:

    “1 Through confirmation, a Weibo user ‘Who do you think you are’ posted on Weibo tonight to target at Siqi Pharmaceutical Company, claiming that the pesticide residues of the drug had exceeded the limit. It is fake news. Siqi Pharmaceutical Company is a medical enterprise with a great conscience, which is committed to the benefit of people and the health of the patients. The above statement is just a rumor that comes out of nothing and distorts the fact.

    “2 The above rumor fabricated the basic fact recklessly, started the rumor, misled the public, and seriously damaged the reputation and image of Siqi Pharmaceutical Company. The operation and user of the Weibo account spreading the rumor have already infringed the reputation of Siqi Pharmaceutical Company, which has been suspected of violating the criminal law.

    “3 As we issue this statement, we urge the user of this Weibo account to immediately delete all the contents related to the rumor and guarantee that no other fake information or rumors like this will be released. Otherwise, according to the authorization of the client, the lawyer of this case will file a suit against this user and related people or report to the executive and the judiciary, or make private prosecution so as to defend the basic fact and maintain the legal rights of the Siqi Pharmaceutical Company.

    “The Siqi Pharmaceutical Company also hope all the media and the public could fully comprehend and respect facts and the national law so as to report and spread the truth.

    “We hereby certify the fact to stop the rumor!”

    A lawyer’s letter was issued.

    The paid Internet trolls, as well as all kinds of marketing accounts on the Internet, immediately made remarks as soon as the letter was posted.

    “Siqi Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the top-notch pharmaceutical companies in the country. How could they possibly do that?”

    “Fang Qiu must be dying to be famous. How dare he frame Siqi Pharmaceutical Company?”

    “I always thought that Fang Qiu was a good man, but I didn’t expect that he not only spread Qigong but also rumors. It’s really disappointing that he framed a pharmaceutical company with a clear conscience.”

    “I’ve always been taking the medicine of the Siqi Pharmaceutical Company, and the drugs they produced are very effective. Every time I get sick, I’ll soon get better as long as I take their medicine.”

    “Me too. The medicine of Siqi Pharmaceutical Company is really effective. As a doctor of Chinese Medicine, how could Fang Qiu frame such a good pharmaceutical company with a clear conscience?”

    At the same time. “Fang Qiu has been on the phone. We can’t get through at all.”

    The staff member who tried to contact Fang Qiu smiled wryly as he sent messages in the WeChat discussion group.

    Obviously, what he dialed was the number that Fang Qiu had left on Weibo.

    He made more than a dozen phone calls in a row.

    He was so helpless right now.

    It was like kicking a rock to his own feet. They didn’t expect that such a day would come when they forced Fang Qiu to tell the public his phone number.

    Now they reaped what they sowed.

    At this crucial moment, they couldn’t get in touch with Fang Qiu at all.

    What should they do?

    “Don’t give in. Just keep trying!” The supervisor sent a message.

    Helplessly, the staff member could only continue to call Fang Qiu.

    At the same time, all the people in the PR marketing department were looking forward to what might happen next. They hoped that netizens could be guided by the paid Internet trolls. At least, it should be able to ruin the whole thing on the Internet!

    They had to admit that paid Internet trolls were very powerful.

    Under the impact of the paid Internet trolls, public opinion was beginning to shift.

    On the internet, many people began to watch the whole incident.

    “It’s indeed a big company with quick reactions. Only more than 20 minutes have passed, yet they have already issued the lawyer’s letter.”

    “What impressed me was that they just sent the lawyer’s letter without any further explanation. It’s clear that they are going to fight with Fang Qiu to the end!”

    “Will Fang Qiu be able to handle it?”

    “Actually, Fang Qiu only posted photos of the drugs, and there is no clear evidence. I think there is a great chance that he is telling fake news.”

    In Dormitory 501 of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, the three roommates of Fang Qiu, who had been watching Fang Qiu’s Weibo, were also shocked by Fang Qiu’s challenge to Siqi Pharmaceutical Company. Especially when they saw the lawyer’s letter from Siqi Pharmaceutical Company, they couldn’t help but worry.

    “Hey, bro, Siqi Pharmaceutical Company has issued a lawyer’s letter. If you don’t handle it well, you will be legally responsible for this. Aren’t you afraid?” Zhu Benzheng asked with concern.

    “Ha-ha.” Fang Qiu replied with a grin, “Don’t worry. I only posted it when I’m fully prepared.”

    After that, Fang Qiu turned around and took out a stack of examining reports from his backpack next to the pillow. Then he searched carefully and took out one of them. After that, he began to take pictures with his mobile phone.

    “What is this?” Because Zhu Benzheng’s bed was on the opposite side of Fang Qiu’s, he immediately came over.

    Zhou Xiaotian and Sun Hao also surrounded him with curiosity.

    They both stepped on the ladder of Fang Qiu’s bed with one foot and raised their heads to look at the report in Fang Qiu’s hand.

    “What is this?” Zhu Benzheng asked.

    “It’s the examining report of the medicine. I went to the laboratory of the Capital University of Science and Technology to do the test,” Fang Qiu answered with a smile.

    “Oh, I see…” Hearing that, the three of them immediately looked at Fang Qiu in surprise and gave him a thumbs-up in unison.