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Chapter 407 - Slaying

Let Me Game in Peace
     407 Slaying

    Following Ják's words, the Blood Hex Clown beside him emitted blood-colored light. The Blood Hex Clown levitated, its hands seemingly praying to Buddha while it seemed to chant something.

    As the chanting sounded, the Blood Hex Clown's sanguine halo intensified. It actually turned into blood-colored incantations that revolved around its body.

    As for the palm gripping Zhou Wen's ankle, it exploded from the Blood Hex Clown's blood hex. The strange blood-colored incantation patterns crept onto Zhou Wen's stone armor as though they were trying to wrap him in a net formed of blood-colored incantations.

    "In that case, you should feel more honored than me," Zhou Wen said to Ják without showing any signs of panic despite being trapped by the blood incantation.

    Ják felt a little uneasy as he stared at Zhou Wen and asked, "Why?"

    "It's because you will be killed by me. You have lived for so many years. This should be the first time you have been killed, right?" Zhou Wen said.

    "Is that so? Then I'm really looking forward to it." Ják felt that something was amiss, but with the arrow already strung, he had to release it. However, the unease made him activate it ahead of time. He didn't wait for the Blood Hex Clown to finish the incantation.

    A red glow flashed from the Blood Hex Clown's body as it flashed like police sirens. The Blood Hex Clown's body suddenly exploded the next second.

    With the self-detonation of the Blood Hex Clown, the blood incantation on Zhou Wen's body and the severed hand exploded. It was an internecine curse.

    Bang! A blood-colored blast of light rose from Zhou Wen's body as everything almost twenty meters in diameter was destroyed by it.

    "Impossible!" Ják stared at the empty area behind the blood explosion and saw Zhou Wen still flowing in holy light. He stood there like a god of light, completely unharmed.

    Ják completely couldn't believe his eyes. It was the evil self-destruct skill that the Blood Hex Clown had acquired only after it advanced to a Perfect Body. The power of its self-detonation was enough to injure even a Mythical Creature. However, it would take a long time before the Blood Hex Clown Life Soul would recover from its self-destruction. Ják seldom used it even before he was locked up.

    Being cornered today, he used this power, but he never expected that it would fail to injure Zhou Wen at all. How could he remain composed?

    However, he was ultimately a person with an iron will. When he realized that something was wrong, he phased away into a shadow in a bid to escape without any hesitation.

    "Are you done playing? It's my turn now, right?" With the Overlord Sword in hand, Zhou Wen's sun-like radiance gradually vanished. It was replaced by a mysterious aura.

    Unlike the vital radiance from before, Zhou Wen didn't leak any Primordial Energy as he seemed to meld into the void.

    Double Life Souls! An Sheng was pleasantly surprised.

    Double Life Souls were extremely rare. This was because Primordial Energy Arts could easily produce conflicts. Typically, an ordinary person could only cultivate one. Otherwise, it was very possible that the conflict between Primordial Energy Arts would cause damage to the body, especially when advancing. Such sudden conflicting impulses happened suddenly.

    It was especially so when Life Providences between the Primordial Energy Arts clashed. Death was almost certain. Needless to say, any conflict in Life Souls would probably lead to a situation worse than death.

    An Sheng knew a person who cultivated dual Primordial Energy Arts and condensed two Life Souls. That person had peerless talent, and with immense perseverance, he condensed two Life Souls of two different Primordial Energy Arts.

    He originally thought that he was fine, but afterward, he realized that he could only control his body in the day. Once he fell asleep, his Life Soul would occupy his body and do many crazy things that he didn't even know about. Eventually, he went mad and was sent to a mental hospital.

    The fact that Zhou Wen was able to have double Life Souls proved that his talent was indeed as excellent as the former principal had said. However, An Sheng was worried that the double Life Souls would harm Zhou Wen.

    Having double Life Souls exacerbated Zhou Wen's advancement to the Mythical stage. There was already no clear advancement path, but now, he had added an obstacle for himself. This made An Sheng very worried; the surprise was both worrisome and pleasant.

    Zhou Wen switched his Life Providence to Godfiend and the Lost Country ring appeared on his finger. Zhou Wen remained suspended in midair as he looked at the escaping Ják in shadow form, having no intention of pursuing him. All he did was touch the Lost Country ring on his finger.

    A strange glint flashed in the eyes of the ring's ghost face. It was as if a supernatural being had opened its eyes. Furthermore, the light gradually spread outwards, causing the originally simple, ancient ring to have incantations engraved on it.