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Chapter 288 - : Say Nice Things

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 288: Say Nice Things

    As soon as Deng Meihua, Major Zhu’s wife, asked Jiang Yao the questions, Mrs. Lin could tell what her real intention was. At the moment, she felt that Deng Meihua was being rather narrow-minded, assuming that everyone coveted her job as the kindergarten teacher just like how she craved to hold on to the job.

    The military would arrange jobs for the military dependents according to their qualifications. Mrs. Lin graduated from an educational university in Jin City. She was able to get a job right after her graduation so the military did not have to make any arrangements. Captain Yang’s wife worked as a sales personnel off-base. Among them, Deng Meihua was the only one whose job was arranged by the military.

    There was a kindergarten in the base for the children living on base. There were only less than twenty children in total under the care of three teachers. However, the job as a teacher was selling like hotcakes among the army wives because the job was in the base with a decent salary package.

    Honestly speaking, Mrs. Lin looked down on the kindergarten because their teachers were poorly educated whereby the best out of them had only finished elementary school. What could they teach the children anyway? It was just a daycare center in disguise.

    Mrs. Lin found it amusing and she was bewildered when she heard Mrs. Zhu asking Jiang Yao about her future work.

    Yet, Jiang Yao did not see all the twists and turns in the questions. She figured that there was nothing to hide, so she said, “I’m studying medicine, and I will definitely work in the hospital after graduation. When I come to the base, I think I will work at a nearby hospital. As for the kindergarten, I’m still new here, I don’t really know the drill, but I bet the kindergarten is very excellent under the military’s establishment.”

    Jiang Yao was really good with her words, she did not say anything bad about the military.

    Mrs. Lin took a second glance at Jiang Yao after hearing her answers. One could tell that she was impressed by Jiang Yao, thinking that she was very smart and sharp for her age.

    “Wow, a hospital! That’s great! Being a doctor means a stable and lifelong income!” Mrs. Zhu exclaimed in astonishment and delight with a tinge of envy when she heard Jiang Yao’s answer. “Wow, saving lives, it is so admirable and impressive. It’s great for girls like you to have a good educational background, you’ll be spoiled with job opportunities after graduation. Unlike me, I went through the five-year elementary school system, and that’s it. I can’t find a satisfactory job in the society. Thankfully, the military set up the kindergarten in the base, so I followed their arrangement and became a teacher to watch the children. In the future, when you and Sergeant Lu have a baby, send them to us, I’ll take care of them with all my heart.”

    “I’m still studying, it’s not the time to have babies yet. We plan to have children after I graduate, so, it’s still a long way to go, it’s a little too early to say anything now,” Jiang Yao blurted half-heartedly.

    She finally fathomed the feeling of oddity upon Mrs. Zhu’s earlier questions. Was Mrs. Zhu afraid that Jiang Yao would become her rival after her arrival at the base?

    “Yes, you’re right!” Mrs. Zhu nodded vigorously. “Besides, Sergeant Lu is rich, I bet he can support you even if you don’t work.” Then, she turned to Lu Xingzhi and said loudly, “Sergeant Lu, am I right?”

    Lu Xingzhi did not pay any attention to the women as he was drinking with Colonel Lin and the guys. When Mrs. Zhu suddenly shouted his name, his hand froze midair with the glass in his hand. He looked at Mrs. Zhu, and then Jiang Yao, in confusion as if trying to ask Jiang Yao with his eyes, ‘What are you talking about?’

    Mrs. Lin giggled when she saw the tiny signals between Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi. She said, “Mrs. Zhu was asking you, after your wife graduates from college, will you spoil her by making her stay at home and be a carefree and wealthy wife?”