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Chapter 309 - I Heard That You Want to Torture Me

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Jian Qi witnessed the entire scene where Lu Yao was eliminated by Tang Jinyu. It only took one whole second.

    Tang Jinyu managed to shoot him and hide himself soon after that.

    It was so fast that it was almost impossible.

    Moreover, how could Tang Jinyu know where Lu Yao was?

    Before Lu Yao left, she took a look around. She did not see anything out of the ordinary.

    In fact, Tang Jinyu was indeed good at disguising himself.

    At that moment, Jian Qi could guess the reason why Lu Yao dreaded Tang Jinyu.

    It was because Tang Jinyu was just way too strong.

    However, Jian Qi was even more excited by the fact that her opponent was strong. It seemed like there was something in her blood, screaming at her and pushing her to fight him.

    She even claimed that she wanted to torture him.

    She had promised herself that so she could not run away now.

    Jian Qi then touched her slightly red face caused by the chilly winds. Her face felt icy.

    She tilted her head slightly and snow drifted down from her head. She was indeed covered in deep snow.

    It was freezing.

    She did not even know where Tang Jinyu was hiding right now.

    Then, she lifted her binoculars and looked around.

    Tang Jinyu would not be far given where Lu Yao was eliminated just now but why was there nobody around?

    Was he not afraid of the cold? Did he bury himself deep in the snow?

    Suddenly, she paused for a short while.

    She frowned slightly as she realized that she was wrong.

    Both Lu Yao and she were wrong.

    Tang Jinyu was holding a pistol in his hand. He could only attack them from a short distance. He could not fire the bullets at them from afar.

    With that said, he would not be far from them. On the contrary, he was quite close to them.

    In addition, she should not have stayed too far away from Lu Yao just now. They should have been close to each other.

    Then, Tang Jinyu would not be able to take advantage of them.

    Now, Tang Jinyu was still holding a pistol in his hand.

    He had to be standing near to her if he wanted to eliminate her.

    Jian Qi got the whole picture now. She moved to the nearest possible place immediately.

    With Tang Jinyu’s military style, he would not wait for her to come to him given that she was the only opponent left.

    He would go after her directly and attack her instead.

    Jian Qi looked at the area before her. The slope was too steep. He would not go up the slope and attack her from there.

    Which meant that he had to be behind her!

    Suddenly, a gunshot was heard.

    A bullet was fired at where she was lying just now.

    Jian Qi rolled on the ground as Tang Jinyu approached her step by step. He fired bullets at her relentlessly.

    His aura was strong and powerful despite being deep in the snow. It seemed like he had become one with the cold world, and now he was the king of the snowy hills. He appeared icy and cruel.

    His every movement was filled with extreme danger. .

    Jian Qi rolled away from him as soon as she saw him approaching her. Then, she grabbed her rifle immediately and fired at him.

    Tang Jinyu jumped up and dodged the attack. Now, he was standing close to Jian Qi.

    Then, he aimed his leg at the sniper rifle in Jian Qi’s hand and kicked it away. The rifle rolled down the slope beside them.

    At the same time, Tang Jinyu turned around and pinned her right hand behind her. After that, he pressed the pistol against her head.

    He looked down at the girl beneath him and scoffed coldly, “I heard that you want to torture me.”

    Jian Qi smiled wickedly. She teased him, “Why would I? There’s not even enough time for me to love you!”

    Jian Qi moved quickly and tilted her head the minute she finished talking. Then, she raised her hand and attacked Tang Jinyu. She tried her best to struggle for freedom.

    Her movements were fast and swift. She appeared savage and dangerous.

    When she finally stood up, she had already grabbed hold of Tang Jinyu’s pistol. Now, she was pointing it at Tang Jinyu…