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Chapter 240 - The Fork Is Deformed

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 240: The Fork Is Deformed

    Su Cha’s heart skipped a beat.

    It was as if there was a needle piercing her heart. At first, it was not painful, but then the slight pain started to spread, making her feel uncomfortable.

    For the first time, she did not dare to probe further.

    The old lady seemed to be telling her that Bo Muyi really had something to do with the memories that she had lost. Otherwise, why would he choose to look for her after his grandfather passed away?

    She did not dare to think about her past memories. All she had to do was to think about how she had chosen to treat Bo Muyi coldly during the most painful period of his life. She even acted as if she was against him. What were Bo Muyi’s feelings back then?

    At the thought of this, Su Cha could barely breathe.

    She gripped the fork and knife tightly, as if she wanted to break them.

    The old lady paused and said casually, “It’s all in the past.”

    Obviously, she’d known about Su Cha.

    After all, Bo Muyi was the owner of the Lookout Pavilion, the future leader of the Bo family. As his grandma, the old lady would definitely have investigated Bo Muyi.

    She did not know what the old lady thought after she found out about Su Cha’s behavior.

    Yes, of course Su Cha knew it had passed.

    She still had a chance to make a comeback, but to Bo Muyi, all of this had already happened.

    What if Su Cha did not come back?

    Thinking about how Bo Muyi had died because of her, her heart ached even more.

    She could not eat anymore. She just wanted to see Bo Muyi and talk to him.

    Even if she did not speak, she only needed to see Bo Muyi.

    As long as he was by her side…

    At that moment, she suddenly understood Bo Muyi’s feelings.

    Did he think that it would be fine even if Su Cha did not like him?

    Su Cha felt sad.

    Only someone who was humble in love would be like this.

    Bo Muyi was behaving willfully in front of her, trying to test something.

    He was trying to test Su Cha’s limits and push her boundaries. However, once Su Cha became unhappy, he would ease back on the probing and become more careful.

    Su Cha was the only person he could rely on.

    She felt bitterness in her heart, and the delicacies in front of her could not arouse her appetite. She put down the knife and fork, her lips pale as she said, “Grandma, I’m full. You can take your time eating.”

    The old lady seemed to have understood something and nodded. “He’s coming back soon. Go.”

    Su Cha stood up and left the old lady’s company.

    The butler at the side cleared Su Cha’s plates and said with a low laugh, “It seems that Miss Su is sincere toward Young Master.”

    “If she wasn’t sincere, I wouldn’t have told her this.”

    The old lady wiped her mouth elegantly with a tissue, but her expression froze when she saw the butler.

    She followed the butler’s gaze and realized that the handle of the well-made silver fork had become twisted.

    It was a top-notch pure silver product. Ordinary people would not have the strength to leave a mark on it, let alone twist the fork.

    There was a rare flash of shock in the old lady’s eyes.