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Chapter 256.4 - He Looks So Much Like My Son

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 256.4: He Looks So Much Like My Son

    Mo Jing Yu stretched his hand out to gently smoothen out the crease between her brows and said in a tender voice: “Wait till your soul has been fully returned to its complete state and have recovered your cultivation, I will then go with you.”

    “Mm.” Qing Lan Fei answered softly, before leaning herself onto the man’s embrace.

    Bai Zhi Yan had gone to the main hall to go see his Father and had originally asked Qing Bei to just remain there. Upon further thought, seeing that it might not be such a good idea to have Qing Bei around when the father and son met, Qing Bei quickly made up an excuse that he wanted to go walk around.

    Upon seeing that, Bai Zhi Yan then called in a disciple from the sect to bring the youth around, in case he came to stumble upon any traps or arrays set up within the grounds.

    “You’re a friend of our Young Lord’s? You look very young. Have you yet come of age?”

    The disciple accompanying him did not look to be very old as well, and was such a chatterbox, incessantly finding something to talk to him about.

    Qing Bei did not get impatient with him, but answered all his questions one by one.

    But his personality was one that wasn’t really that extroverted, and would usually not speak all that much with people he was not familiar with. The disciple came to discover that rather uninteresting character of the youth and he then gradually spoke a lot less to him.

    Qing Bei had naturally noticed that the young disciple seemed a little unenthused with accompanying him and he paused a moment before he opened his mouth to say: “I will be fine walking around on my own, and will be going right back in just a short while. You do not need to accompany me if you have things to do.”

    The disciple was naturally delighted to hear that but he put on an expression like he was in a rather difficult position. “But the Young Lord said that I was to bring you around…..”

    “It’s alright. I will explain it to him and he will not place any blame on you.” Qing Bei said reassuringly.

    “I will have to trouble the Young Master to do that then.” Upon saying that, the disciple immediately turned around and left.

    Qing Bei’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the expression on his face clouded over for a very brief instant.

    He wondered how Qing Yu was doing now. He had come to Cloud Heaven for almost an entire month, but he still had not met her a single time.

    Although Lou Jun Yao told him that Qing Yu was safe but was just unable to show herself temporarily, he could not help but still feel worried. Maybe it was because the two of them had never been separated from each other for such a long period of time before.

    Any pair of twins would always share a kind of special link between their consciousness and their relationship was always closer than it was between regular siblings.

    That was because they had once been kept very close to each other in their mother’s womb and were born together one right after the other. Moreover, they had been at each other’s side growing up.

    They only had each other to rely on all this time and that made them treasure each other even more.

    Hence, before he was able to see her with his own eyes, he just could not set his heart at ease completely.

    Unknowingly, he did not know where he had come to having walked with his head lowered down in thought. He furrowed his brows and he suddenly heard someone speaking in a soft voice.

    “I really can’t help but wonder how those two children are doing now…..” It was a gentle sounding woman’s voice, that carried a tinge of helpless regret.

    “Don’t worry, I’m sure they are fine. Afterall, seeds born from such exemplary and outstanding people like us could not possibly turn out to be nobodies.” A man’s deep and magnetic voice said with a laugh.

    “I hope so!”

    Qing Bei unconsciously overheard their conversation and he immediately wanted to turn around and leave. But he was probably in too much of a rush as he did not see a small rock on the ground and he stepped right onto it.

    That piece of rock was clearly a switch that sprung some kind of trap. His foot had just stepped onto the rock when it immediately sank deep into the ground.