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Chapter 257.1 - Child, Father and Mother Loves You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 257.1: Child, Father and Mother Loves You

    What surged straight towards him was a thick black misty cloud, and hidden within that mist, seemed to be some head numbingly terrifying creatures, their eyes a deep crimson, that looked extraordinarily evil and frightening.

    Qing Bei’s body reacted instinctively and he immediately summoned up a light purple force field as a protective shield, keeping the black mist isolated outside. He heard a sizzling sound like meat being cooked coming from the shield’s surface, but the creatures did not seem to know fear, endlessly slamming their bodies onto the shield, their numbers uncountable.

    The expression on Qing Bei’s face turned grave as he knitted his brows together. What are these things?

    If things continued to go on endlessly like this, his energy would slowly be depleted.

    But he did not know what those things were at all, so he did not dare to attack them carelessly, but remaining in that situation was not a viable option as well.

    Just at that moment when his thoughts were distracted for a moment, a corner of the shield was broken through by one of the black creatures. The youth’s bright clear eyes flashed with a dark glint and he gathered a golden red flame in the palm of his hand, before hurling it straight at the spot where his shield had been broken.

    In the next instant, a pitiful shriek rang out, as the golden red flames lit up the skies even though it was in the middle of the day.

    The people closest to him at that moment were none other than Mo Jing Yu and Qing Lan Fei seated under the pavilion a short distance away. The spirit energy that somehow felt so comfortingly familiar caused Qing Lan Fei’s heart to skip a beat. She looked up into the sky that glowed brightly with fiery light and her face turned into shock. “Jing Yu, is that….. glow from the spirit power of the flame element?”

    Her voice was filled with utter disbelief, and it might be because her powers had deteriorated that caused her to be gripped by uncertainty for a moment.

    Mo Jing Yu’s gaze was also staring into the same spot and his eyes flashed with a light inside: “Gold and red spirit energy, that is indeed the flame element.”

    Although they were in Cloud Heaven, that highly unique type elemental power had almost become extinct.

    In the seven hundred years that he had lived before he came to meet his Fei Er, he had never ever encountered anyone who possessed the flame element.

    Revered as the most talented young woman in Cloud Heaven back then, having attained the highest realm of her powers at the young tender age of seventeen, she had gained everlasting youth from then on, her looks unchanged though a few hundred years had passed, her countenance frozen in time when she had remained to be such an intoxicating beauty, the subject of envy of countless other women.

    Not to mention that she was blessed with five different elemental powers the moment she was born, her spirit powers had then come to undergo an unexpected transformation, that made her gain a completely brand new kind of elemental power.

    It was only sporadically mentioned in ancient texts and people only knew that it was called the Flame element, the glow of its spirit power a mesh of gold and red. It gave the wielder the self healing ability and the blood from people who possessed the flame element could be used to save others. As long as a person was still breathing, then there was a chance the blood could save him.