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Chapter 321 - Meng Meng, You Still Have Me

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 321: Meng Meng, You Still Have Me

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    Qi Shan and Su Ye rushed to Huo Beichen’s side after the security guards had chased away the mob.

    Sitting in the open plaza in the middle of the mall’s roof, Huo Beichen had his eyes fixated on Ning Meng as they waited for the owner of the mall to arrive to discuss the mall’s purchase.

    “Boss, the mall hasn’t been on the green in its ledger of late. It might not be in our company’s best interest to invest in this mall. Besides, we’ve already got a much better shopping mall under our name in town. If we were to purchase this mall, it would clash with our already established mall’s business. Not only that, if they see that you’re eager to buy this asset in the shortest time possible, the mall owner will definitely ask for an unfairly steep price!”

    After hearing Su Ye’s lengthy analysis of the situation at hand, Huo Beichen closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

    “Buy it.”

    He had gathered so much wealth over all these years because of his promise to the girl. He would give away all of it just to see her smile.

    Seeing that his boss insisted on the purchase, Su Ye had no other choice but to comply. “Alright, sir. As you wish.”

    A few moments later, the mall’s owner had finally arrived. After hearing that it was the great Huo Beichen that wanted to purchase his asset, he nodded eagerly. “Certainly! I would be delighted to sell this mall to Mr. Huo!”

    Of course, there was no need for Huo Beichen, the great emperor of Huo’s Group, to participate in the trivial meeting of purchasing a small shopping mall like this. He sent Qi Shan and Su Ye to deal with the mall’s owner while he continued to accompany Ning Meng on the roof plaza.

    The view was great and they were able to see the entire Jingdu City from here.

    After sitting at the table for a while, Ning Meng finally calmed down. When she finally came to her senses, Ning Meng realized that from the moment Huo Beichen had appeared all the way till now, when they were on the roof plaza, their hands had been firmly linked together.

    She tried to pull her hand out of Huo Beichen’s, however, her dear hubby seemed to be quite forceful today—his fingers locking tightly with hers after realizing that she was pulling away, not letting her go.

    Ning Meng sighed. “Perhaps it’s best to not buy this mall? You might suffer a loss, you know.”

    Huo Beichen let out a snigger as he rubbed her head with his big, warm hand. “Qi Shan’s the one doing the negotiating. You know him. Do you really think he’ll buy this mall at a high price?”

    Ning Meng nodded in agreement after hearing this.

    Huo Beichen smiled. “Don’t worry. It’s not our first rodeo in making risky investments like this. I’ll turn this mall around and make money in no time.”


    As they were talking, the waiters from the café had arrived to serve them afternoon tea—there were cakes, cookies, and even milk tea.

    After eating a slice of Black Forest Cake and finishing a cup of milk tea that she had been hoping to enjoy earlier, Ning Meng finally felt alive again.

    Staring at her cup, Ning Meng sighed. “I… I suppose I’m not as strong as I thought. I thought I could handle it, but it hurts so much that I couldn’t bear with it just now.”

    Huo Beichen’s heart ached when he saw her like this. Taking her hand, he said, “Meng Meng, you still have me.”

    Looking at his earnest eyes, Ning Meng nodded with a smile.

    Suddenly, a crow flew across the sky and…


    A small piece of bird dung fell into a Butter Cake.


    Ning Meng stared at the cake for a few moments before bursting into peals of laughter.

    Seeing her laugh out loud, Huo Beichen finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    5 minutes later, Qi Shan and Su Ye had finally finished with the negotiations and came to report the purchase.

    Qi Shan yelped upon seeing the full table of food. “My goodness! While Su Ye and I were working hard just now, you were here enjoying all these delightful desserts! How unfair!”

    Having said that, Qi Shan took the Butter Cake in his hand. “So, is this for me?”

    Ning Meng anxiously tried to stop him. “No! Don’t eat that!”

    Unfortunately, it was too late. Qi Shan had already shoved the cake into his mouth, mumbling, “How stingy, it’s just a slice of cake! I don’t care. I’ll still have it even if you don’t let me!”

    And then, the cake was swallowed into his stomach in just a matter of seconds.