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Chapter 241 - I Want to Be with You Forever

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 241: I Want to Be with You Forever

    Outside the Lookout Pavilion.

    The low-key and luxurious Bentley drove into the main entrance but was stopped halfway.

    Feeling the slight vibration of the car, the man who was resting on his forehead opened his eyes slightly. “We’re here?”

    When the driver took a closer look, he realized that there was no emotion in his eyes. It was empty and scary, like a pool of stagnant water.

    There was a hint of hesitation in the driver’s voice as he said, “Miss Tong is blocking the way.”

    The man narrowed his eyes.

    At the same time, someone knocked on the car window and said vaguely, “Brother Muyi…”

    Her voice was full of affection as she pretended to be innocent.

    A strong murderous intent flashed in Bo Muyi’s eyes. The driver rolled down the car window. Tong Ran could not help but feel her heart flutter when she saw the shocking face gradually revealed within the car. Her eyes were already filled with infatuation. “Brother Muyi…”

    However, the man’s cold and heartless words made her feel like she had fallen into hell. “If you don’t drive away from here, I’ll kill her.”

    Tong Ran’s eyes widened instantly.

    At the same time, what terrified her the most was that the driver did not hesitate to carry out Bo Muyi’s orders. The car continued to drive at a slightly slower speed. Tong Ran did not expect the driver to really drive. She jumped to the side in shock, then the car suddenly sped up and entered the Lookout Pavilion.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that she had dodged in time, even if it wasn’t a big deal, her palm would have been broken.

    Tong Ran’s face was pale. When she saw the car enter the pavilion without mercy, she thought that it was as heartless as the man’s eyes had been.

    Tears welled up in her eyes and she felt wronged.

    If other men were to see this expression, they would be heartbroken.

    The two bodyguards stood at the door.

    Even though they maintained their cold expression, they still cursed in their heart.

    However, this was natural and part of their duty as guards. After all, Tong Ran was the biological granddaughter of the old lady, but unless Tong Ran threw a tantrum here today, they would not care about her.


    Not long after Su Cha entered the bedroom, Bo Muyi returned.

    When Su Cha saw Bo Muyi, she ran over and hugged his tall body. “You’re back?”

    Her voice was as soft as usual. As he listened carefully, however, there seemed to be something else.

    Bo Muyi’s eyes darkened. He touched Su Cha’s hair and asked in an intimate and low voice, “Cha Cha? Are you unhappy?”

    He always felt that the person in his arms was not very emotional.


    There were too many things that happened today. Su Cha had just finished digesting it all and was not in a good mood. She did not intend to hide it from Bo Muyi. “I found my mother today, the one who is my father’s ex-wife. She told me some things about the past. My biological father left me because he wanted me to receive treatment.”

    Bo Muyi’s expression darkened, and a strange light flashed past his eyes. However, his expression changed quickly, and since Su Cha was in his arms, she naturally did not notice it.

    He did not say anything but hugged Su Cha tighter.

    “Actually, that’s nothing. The main thing is that I now know about your parents.”

    Bo Muyi was stunned.

    The person in his arms raised her head. Her eyes seemed to be misty. “I’m sorry…”

    Bo Muyi remained silent for a long time. “This is none of your business.”

    After he finished speaking, Su Cha hugged him. “I may be too late, but I wanted to tell you now…

    “I want to be with you forever.”