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Chapter 503 - Good, But Not as Good as Green Moss

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 503: Good, But Not as Good as Green Moss

    “Miss Yun, Lord Ye Zi, would you like to take some food back?” Meng said with a look of concern.

    “No need for that, just keep it for yourselves. I’ll come and see you again when I’m free. Just remember to be careful over at the Divine Envoy’s side. Forget about the bonfire celebration,” Yun Jiuge instructed before leaving.

    If Zi Shang and she were around, they’d naturally have a way to shield the noise of the human-snake hybrid clan. But now was not an appropriate time to have a celebration.

    “Miss Yun and Lord Ye Zi, rest assured that I know what to do,” replied Meng, who was not a fool. The Eagle Clan’s elder was in critical condition. They would be senseless if they were to hold a bonfire celebration now.

    “Good,” Yun Jiuge replied. She then sat in the Eagle Clan’s seat to quickly fly toward the Eagle Cliff.

    Many Eagle Clan members stood outside Elder Bai’s cave. All of them looked sad and at a loss.

    Ever since the old Clan Leader had sacrificed himself protecting them, Elder Bai had become their spiritual leader. No matter how hard the days were, they were able to endure through them.

    What would their Eagle Clan do if Elder Bai were to pass on?

    His Highness had become an idiot. Even though Advisor Jun was smart, he was not bold enough. A’ze was brave but dim-witted. Who could lead their Eagle Clan to continue on?

    “Everyone, step aside, Miss Yun is here,” A’ze yelled from afar.

    The Eagle Clan members at the mouth of the cave all darted aside, allowing A’ze and the others to fly in.

    As soon as Zi Shang landed, he escorted Yun Jiuge to enter Elder Bai’s nest.

    Bai Elder was still unconscious. If his chest had not briefly risen, he looked no different from a dead person.

    Yun Jiuge carefully checked Elder Bai’s pulse and suddenly frowned. Elder Bai was old and had been worried for a long time. He was already running on empty gas.

    “Miss Yun, how’s my grandfather?” Advisor Jun crouched down and asked.

    “I can wake Elder Bai up, but I’m afraid his days are limited,” said Yun Jiuge, shaking her head.

    Advisor Jun’s eyes immediately reddened. He gritted his teeth and did not plead Yun Jiuge to save his grandfather’s life. Instead, he just asked, “How long more can my grandfather live?”

    “With proper care, he should live another year. But bear in mind that he must not get tired, angry, or worried. He must rest peacefully.” A year was actually an overestimation by Yun Jiuge.

    “How long more before His Highness wakes up?” Advisor Jun asked again.

    “A’dai will wake up in no more than seven days,” said Yun Jiuge. A’dai was currently in the most important stage of recovery. She dared not wake him up by force.

    “Well, I thank Miss Yun first for helping to wake my grandfather up!” Advisor Jun bowed deeply to Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge took out the Lightning Fire Needle to jab into Elder Bai’s Renzhong acupoint, Taiyang acupoint, the web between his thumb and forefinger as well as other acupoints.

    Elder Bai’s body stirred and he slowly opened his eyes. He looked somewhat perplexedly at Advisor Jun and Yun Jiuge as he hoarsely asked, “What’s the matter with me?”

    “Grandfather, you were tired and fainted at the door of the warehouse,” Advisor Jun said, stifling the sadness in his heart.

    “I must be getting old. I originally wanted to go to the warehouse to see what kind of foodstuff I could take out for the young to eat. But I didn’t expect to fall down just as I walked to the door,” said Elder Bai, who helplessly shook his head. He wanted to get up, but was held down by Advisor Jun who said, “Grandfather, Miss Yun said you only have one year to live. You must rest and not tire yourself out. But His Highness can only wake up in seven days.”

    Elder Bai stared blankly and then nodded calmly as he said, “Well, to be able to see His Highness wake up with my own eyes means that I’ve not let the late Clan Leader down at least.”

    He was well aware of his own physical condition. He was not as strong as before, and had been trying to hold up all this time.

    With this fall, he thought that he was going to meet the late Clan Leader. It was unexpectedly good that he had another year to live.

    “Grandfather, there’s also a piece of good news. Miss Yun has grown foodstuffs called Rice Herb and Potato Herb,” Advisor Jun said as he went outside the cave and shouted, “Is there any cooked Potato Herb left?”

    “Yes, yes, there are!” A’gu’s voice came from far away. Next, he came over with nine cooked Potato Herbs.

    Advisor Jun had 12 pieces left earlier and he had cooked them all. Guo’er ate three of them and refused to eat any more, letting him send the food back to Advisor Jun.

    Advisor Jun took the nine Potato Herbs, and gave two to A’gu, saying, “Guo’er is with child now. You’ve to take care of them, and you should take care of yourself too.” There would be another mouth to feed once the child was born. He would be so tired!

    “Okay,” A’gu also did not refuse. He thought about finding more food one of these days to repay Advisor Jun.

    Advisor Jun took the Potato Herbs to his grandfather and bragged about the magic of the Pig-out Herb before he finally said, “In addition to this Potato Herb, there’s also the Rice Herb, which is very fragrant when cooked. It’s very satisfying when eaten.”

    “That’s right, I ate two bowls there. I’m still very full and now I’ve energy all over. So it’s not a problem for me to fly around the Blue Lake five times,” A’ze patted his belly and said to Elder Bai.

    “Is that Pig-out Herb really so good for planting?” Elder Bai looked at Yun Jiuge eagerly and excitedly, as if he were looking at God.

    “I’ll help you plant it all over the rock walls here later. You just have to think about how to harvest it,” Yun Jiuge said.

    “No problem, you can plant on this side of our rock walls. When the time comes, I’ll instruct them to open a walkway next to them, and then get a rope ladder down from above so that even the Eagle Clan’s companions can harvest,” Elder Bai immediately spoke of his idea.

    “You can also grow it in our nests,” A’ze said while drooling. At the thought of being able to sleep among the foodstuff, he would even laugh in his dreams.

    “Pig-out Herb is not suitable for growing in caves,” Yun Jiuge said and shook her head.

    However, the surface area of Eagle Cliff’s rock walls was limited. She was afraid that it would not be enough for them to eat even if they used up all the areas for planting. She had to find a more suitable foodstuff for them, one that would be best suited to be planted in their nests.

    As a result, she went to Cute Little Baby and informed it of her request.

    “There’s a type of moss that is suitable for them. Although it’s a little bit hard to eat, it can at least fill their stomachs,” said Cute Little Baby as it had already learned of the human-beast hybrids’ current situation in Yun Jiuge’s Subconscious mind.

    It sorted out all the seeds kept inside the Magic Cauldron. Although the seeds were many, they were all incomparably fine and precious. They were all treasures which required an exceedingly high Spiritual Energy.

    Similar to how it found a marvelous yet lowly thing like the Pig-out Herb, Cute Little Baby went through everything to find the Green Moss.

    This type of moss was originally offered as a tribute by the human-fish hybrid clan, saying that it could be grown in the sea or by the river. There would be a light green fluorescence, and it was fat and delicious.

    “Well, that’s it. Show it to me,” said Yun Jiuge. With that, a large palm-sized piece of green crystal rock appeared in her hands.

    Fortunately, the offerings of seeds from those clans at the time were all essences. She only needed to grind it up and it could grow quickly. If it were a common seed, it would grow slowly. The probability of it dying would also be remarkably high.

    “Miss Yun, what’s this?” A’ze asked as he looked curiously at Yun Jiuge’s palm. He then squeezed his own palm, curious as to how something could automatically grow out on its own.