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Chapter 506 - The Vanished Human-rabbit Hybrid Clan

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 506: The Vanished Human-rabbit Hybrid Clan

    “You don’t have to worry about this — I’ve my own way of building the city. You just need to subdue the nearby tribes as soon as possible. I hope that before winter comes, all the human-beast hybrids of this Secret Realm will be able to live in my city,” Zi Shang said calmly.

    “Yes, Lord Ye Zi. Rest assured that we’ll definitely complete the task,” Elder Bai solemnly agreed, even though he remained unconvinced in his heart.

    “Ye Zi, come over here. I’ve something to discuss with you,” said Yun Jiuge, who could not sit still. She simply thought that Zi Shang was joking.

    “My two Lords, I’ll leave you to slowly discuss. I still have some things to deal with, so I’ll head out first.” Elder Bai flew out of his own nest tactfully.

    “Zi Shang, do you know what you’re talking about?” Yun Jiuge looked incredulously at Zi Shang.

    “Of course,” Zi Shang replied, nodding.

    “So, what do you intend to use to build a city? My tiny bit of Holy Power is not even enough for me to save people.” Even if Yun Jiuge had a surplus of Holy Power, she would have prioritized it for growing the foodstuff. That was what the human-beast hybrids needed most now.

    “You’re not needed. Just hand me Yin Shili and that’ll do.””For Zi Shang to dare say such a thing, he obviously must have given it plenty of thought.

    “Do you want him to use his Yin Qi to build the city?” Yun Jiuge asked with a frown. Although Yin Shili had a Golden Core Cultivation, he was also greatly limited upon entering the Secret Realm. She only feared that for this matter, he might have the will but lacked the strength.

    “I want him to build a mud city, not a Spiritual City. It doesn’t require much effort.” The city that Zi Shang wanted to build was a mud perimeter wall with a deep moat. He would let the human-beast hybrids think of their own ways to build the houses inside. It was not a problem at all.

    “Very well. Since you’re certain, then just give it a try,” said Yun Jiuge, who gave Zi Shang the Cultivating Corpse Bag. She believed that Zi Shang would not do anything he was uncertain of.

    “Aren’t you coming with me?” Zi Shang asked, frowning.

    “It’s not as if you’re a child. Don’t tell me you want us to hold hands and traipse together? You do your thing and I’ll do mine so that we can get things done quicker to go look for Li Wei,” Yun Jiuge said impatiently.

    “Then you’d better be careful.” Zi Shang could not deny that the best method was to divide and conquer.

    “By the way, what about the Pig-out Herb’s seeds?” Yun Jiuge asked Zi Shang.

    “I still have a use for it. Even if you go to the tribe now, you can’t help them plant it immediately anyway. Take some foodstuffs first for emergency relief. It’d be best if you could let them automatically cast their support for you. Otherwise, why would they need to pledge their allegiance to you if they had food and drink?”

    “I know. You’d better get busy with your things then.” Yun Jiuge waved him away and hastened to prepare. It was top priority to quickly return.

    “I’ll go now,” Zi Shang shouted towards outside the cliff. “A’ze, come here.”

    “What are Lord Ye Zi’s instructions?” A’ze flew over with a Potato Herb in his beak.

    “Take me out for a spin.” Zi Shang grabbed hold A’ze’s legs and left the nest with him.

    Elder Bai only came in when he saw Zi Shang had left. He looked like he wanted to ask something but was too embarrassed to.

    “Ye Zi has gone to build the city. I’m staying behind to claim the tribes with you. Where’s Guo’er? Have you spoken to her?” Yun Jiuge said.

    “I’ve already spoken to her. She’s indicated that she can represent her tribe to pledge their loyalty to you. She also hopes that you will be able to save her tribe as soon as possible,” Elder Bai said.

    Guo’er was an orphan and raised by the clan members from an early age. In the past, their tribe was attacked by a group of ravenous wolves. She accidentally fell into the river when she ran away, and was rescued by A’gu after.

    “Let’s set off now.” Yun Jiuge found it a little unbearable to think of those timid and weak young female human-rabbit hybrids suffering.

    As expected, cuteness won the day.

    Elder Bai originally wanted to follow along as well, but Yun Jiuge strictly forbade him to do so. He was to stay at Eagle Cliff to preside over the general situation and also to have a good rest.

    Advisor Jun also nodded repeatedly next to him. In the end, he took A’gu, A’ping, A’hui and the other Eagle Clan members together with him. Each Eagle Clan member carried a bag of about thirty Potato Herbs as well as a bag of Green Moss, which were to be sent to the human-rabbit hybrid clan as food.

    A’gu did not want to bring Guo’er along but Guo’er insisted on going.

    She was usually gentle and agreeable. But once she became determined, even A’gu had no way of convincing her otherwise. He could only ask Advisor Jun.

    Advisor Jun naturally did not agree. In his view, a pregnant female could only be a hindrance. Taking her along was asking for trouble.

    As a result, Yun Jiuge gave Guo’er a checkup and found that her pregnant state was stable and did not affect her movement. Advisor Jun then reluctantly agreed.

    “Do tell me if you’re feeling uncomfortable in any way. Don’t put up with it by any means,” said Yun Jiuge as she looked at Guo’er’s long soft ears, wanting to touch them. But in order to maintain her haughty and cool image, she did not do so.

    “Thank you very much, Miss Yun.” Guo’er nodded shyly and fearfully.

    She also knew that she was likely to cause trouble by tagging along. But she was really concerned about taking care of her own clan members whom she grew up with. She could only be wayward this one time.

    “A’gu, take good care of Guo’er. Don’t let her fall,” Advisor Jun commanded.

    “Don’t you worry, it’s secure!” A’gu took out a rope made of Sisi Grass and tied Guo’er firmly to the front of his chest.

    Advisor Jun and A’hui then carried Yun Jiuge together and flew in front. The other Eagle Clan members vigilantly flew beside them.

    Back then, the human-rabbit hybrid clan’s territory was located in the east of the grassland. After the black rain disaster passed, majority of the grassland had gone to waste. They could only migrate toward the little that was left of the green mountain range.

    “Our clan members’ territory is there,” said Guo’er, looking down from on high and pointing to a small mound full of weeds.

    “Let’s go down,” Yun Jiuge gave the order. Advisor Jun led the Eagle Clan members and Guo’er to land on the small mound.

    “Clan Leader Granny, Elder A’lang, I’ve brought some people to send you foodstuffs,” Guo’er opened her mouth to cry out.

    Except that the small mound was awfully quiet and exceedingly strange, with a faint whiff of Death Energy blowing through. The half yellow and half green weeds started swaying nonstop.

    “Xiao Xia, Xiao Bo.” Guo’er went to the caves covered in weeds and turned them over one by one but found no traces of her clan members. She was so anxious that she broke out in a sweat.

    Yun Jiuge, Advisor Jun, and the other Eagle Clan members helped to look around inside and outside, but also did not find anyone.

    “Don’t worry, Guo’er. Maybe they’ve migrated again?” A’gu was worried about the flustered Guo’er and wiped off her sweat.

    “That’s not possible. If they’d migrated, they’d definitely leave a sign for the other clan members,” said Guo’er, shaking her head. Her tiny face was deathly pale.

    “I guess they could have been attacked.” At this time, Yun Jiuge came out of a cave, holding a half-eaten carrot in her hand.

    Guo’er could smell the blood on the carrot — it was the scent of her clan members. Her body swayed involuntarily and her eyes rolled over before she fainted.

    “Guo’er, are you alright?” A’gu cried out in horror, and hurriedly held her soft body.

    “Don’t be nervous. She just fainted in a moment of agitation. Help her inside to rest first,” Yun Jiuge comforted A’gu.

    “Quickly go in!” Advisor Jun said with a frown. All along he did not agree to bringing Guo’er with them. Indeed, nothing good came out of it.

    A’gu hurriedly carried Guo’er inside the cave.

    “Advisor Jun, what do you think of this matter?” Yun Jiuge asked.