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Chapter 242 - Remember What You Said Today

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 242: Remember What You Said Today

    These simplest of words were filled with sincerity.

    She had forgotten exactly when her feelings for Bo Muyi had changed.

    Perhaps back then, she had already felt something for Bo Muyi.

    A man like Bo Muyi would always have people fantasizing about him based on his appearance.

    However, those fantasies were perhaps born merely of wishful thinking.

    Su Cha could not believe that Bo Muyi would fall in love with her. She felt that it was unreal, so she’d instinctively rejected him.

    Then came the final confirmation, and she had paid an irreversible price.

    It was such a wonderful life. She now had a chance to set things right again. From the moment she agreed to be with Bo Muyi, she might let others down, but never this man.

    She saw Bo Muyi’s thin lips trembling.

    A man like him did not get too fazed by anything, no matter what happened. He would let emotions show occasionally only in front of Su Cha.

    But those times were very rare.

    After Su Cha finished speaking, she saw a flash of light in the man’s eyes. It was as bright as day.

    “Cha Cha…”

    He did not know what to say, nor what he could say.

    For a moment, she started to grow ambitious.

    It seemed like the things that she had been looking forward to were finally showing some results.

    He looked at Su Cha like that, from her eyebrows, from her nose to her red lips.

    It was as if he wanted to use his eyes to carefully draw Su Cha’s entire body and make a picture that would keep her preserved forever.

    There seemed to be a hint of madness in the depths of his eyes, which could make one afraid.

    However, Su Cha did not feel this way.

    She moved her head closer to Bo Muyi and was careful.

    When her lips touched his lips, the slightly itchy feeling brought a different kind of satisfaction.

    At that moment, the man who had remained silent suddenly approached Su Cha.

    It was like being in a raging storm.

    He continued to control himself. Under his madness, he was as gentle as ever. However, compared to before, he could not calm down at all.

    “This is what you said, Cha Cha, remember what you said today.”

    In the end, before he lost his mind, he had whispered this gently into Su Cha’s ear with a hint of bloody stubbornness.


    When Su Cha woke up, it was already the second day.

    She received a call from Le Anqi, who said that she had arrived in the Imperial Capital and asked Su Cha out to play.

    However, Su Cha still had to go to class. Thinking about what happened with Dai Xiaofu, she arranged to meet Le Anqi at her office.

    “Su Cha!”

    Seeing Su Cha, Le Anqi, who was wearing a hot t-shirt and a hot pair of shorts, displayed her good figure.

    After the third year of high school, everyone seemed to have let loose. Le Anqi started to dress casually.

    “Did you draw lots?”

    Su Cha nodded. “I did. You went too?”

    Le Anqi nodded happily. “I went there yesterday, but I had something to do so I didn’t ask you out. Where do you live now? Didn’t you report to school?”

    The two of them headed to the floor where Dai Xiaofu was. Le Anqi started to ask about Su Cha’s recent stay in the Imperial Capital.