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Chapter 291 - Powdered Medicine

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 291: Powdered Medicine

    A girl like Jiang Yao, who looked soft and gentle on the outside but was actually courageous and independent, was just Lu Xingzhi’s type.

    Recently, Jiang Yao had been busy in the lab working on a lot of projects. The powdered medicine for Lu Xingzhi’s wound was one of them. All the medicines were wrapped in clean wax papers. She gave them to Lu Xingzhi.

    “I have not seen medicine packed in such a way for a long time. Looks like something from a movie.” Lu Xingzhi chuckled. “Where did you get this?”

    “What if I say I made it myself, would you still use it? This medicine can stop bleeding and reduce swelling, plus it helps with healing of the wound. Stop exerting yourself before it heals, alright?” Jiang Yao urged.

    “Since you made it for me, I would definitely use it.” Lu Xingzhi took the medicine from her. “Why don’t you administer it once I am done bathing?”

    Seeing Jiang Yao’s calm demeanor, Lu Xingzhi felt comfortable asking for a little benefit for himself—enjoying some physical contact with his wife.

    As a man, experiencing injuries were part and parcel of his job. He had no problems suffering for a better future. Each one of his scars were a reminder of his achievements. Hence, even after amassing countless injuries since joining the military, he never once told his family.

    Jiang Yao glanced at Lu Xingzhi, a little surprised at his lack of questions regarding the details of the medicine.

    She had even thought of excuses just in case Lu Xingzhi asked.

    Well then…

    Jiang Yao pretended to return to the bedroom, grabbing all her lab-made medicine and presented them to Lu Xingzhi.

    “I brought these too.” Jiang Yao shoved the medicines to Lu Xingzhi. “This is an odorless bug repellent. I remembered you mentioning how you have to stay still in the bushes for a long time when going for missions in the wilderness. Use this! It is really effective in repelling bugs!”

    This was the first product created from her fooling around in the lab. Ever since she had seen it in the complete herbology collection, she had always wanted to try it out. After preparing it, she used it on herself, wanting to see if it would work. It worked amazingly well, protecting her from incessant bug bites in the hot and humid summer of the south.

    “This is a powder that can stop bleeding quickly. The only bad thing is the strong herbal smell it gives off. It is probably not convenient for you though, using it on your missions.” Jiang Yao scratched her head and continued, “Well, it does not hurt to have some on you.”

    Why did she bring so many things with her?

    “What is that?” Lu Xingzhi pointed at a packet closest to him, but not mentioned by Jiang Yao.

    Jiang Yao held it up and after a swift look, pushed the pack away.

    “You are not going to use this! Let me take it away!” Jiang Yao laughed. She did not notice that she had taken out the packet of itchy powder by accident.

    “Well, what is it?” Jiang Yao’s laughter piqued Lu Xingzhi’s interest. He grabbed it, intending to open it up and see what it contained.