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Chapter 323 - He Was Not a Good Husband

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 323: He Was Not a Good Husband

    Half an hour ago, in Huo Beichen's bedroom.

    Huo Beichen was on Weibo, trying to understand the situation at hand.

    Before the afternoon today, he had never known that the chatters and cackles on the internet would affect their day-to-day life to this extent.

    It was only after what happened today that Huo Beichen finally understood just how dire the situation was.

    He had thought that as long as they waited for the police to finish luring out and crushing the human trafficking ring, things would go back to how it was.

    However, now that he had seen how things could harm Ning Meng in and off the internet, he could not just sit still and watch.

    Thus, Huo Beichen gave Fei Bai a call.

    After a few short rings, Fei Bai accepted the call.

    Huo Beichen asked, "Busy?"

    Hearing his boss's tone, Fei Bai immediately knew this phone call's purpose—a mission was now being assigned to him.

    "No, I'm not busy."

    Giving him time off to be by Li Shiyao's side was a sort of vacation that was issued by his boss. As one of Huo Beichen's most trusted lieutenants, he now needed to put that "vacation mode" aside and prioritize his job.

    Huo Beichen then gave him his orders. "I need you to aid the police in their efforts to sort out that human trafficking ring. Solve this as fast as you can. Bring a few men with you if need be."


    Hanging up the phone, Fei Bai immediately called up two of his most reliable men for the job. Then, he visited Li Shiyao to bid his good-byes.

    "I want to apply for a week's leave. There's something I need to deal with."

    Li Shiyao anxiously asked, "What's going on?"

    Lowered his head, Fei Bai told her the truth. "It's to do your boss, Ms. Ning Meng. I need to help her with something."

    After hearing that Fei Bai's new assignment was to help Ning Meng, Li Shiyao let out a sigh of relief. She was glad that he was not going to be involved in another job that would take others' lives.

    "Okay. Take care… and… make sure you don't do anything illegal, okay?"


    And so, after acquiring Li Shiyao's approval, Fei Bai left for his mission.

    After he had left, Li Shiyao now felt relieved that the pair of eyes that were glued on her all this time was gone, but at the same time, she also felt a sting of sorrow at the separation.

    There were times when she finished filming a shot, Li Shiyao would instinctively look toward the pine tree that the clingy bodyguard used to stand under. He would always be there, watching her.

    Now, there was no sight of him under the tree anymore…


    After issuing the mission to Fei Bai, Huo Beichen saw that Su Ye had posted a link in the WeChat Group "Is Missus Coming Home Today?".

    Opening the link, he saw that it was a Weibo post by Lin Qingbei.

    @LinQingbei: [Ms. Ning is an insightful, kind boss. She may seem vicious and strong-headed on the outside but she is actually a very gentle and caring person on the inside. I've seen the online video and I don't think she did anything wrong. I urge everyone to give her some space and understanding. I assure you that she is not the kind of person you all accuse her to be.]


    Huo Beichen's immense jealousy began to fume out of his body upon seeing this, and everyone from the WeChat Group could almost smell it through the WeChat interface.

    And that was not the end of it. Su Ye sent another message, this time, containing a post from that puppy boy, God.

    The boy had helped Team CM win the second place in the E-sports tournament recently, bringing fame to both himself and Team CM. Now, God had gotten several hundred thousands of fans across the nation.

    @Team CM–God: [Sis Ning Meng is a kind girl. Don't be tricked by what you see in the video. I have faith in my sister.]


    Was there a need for these two to defend her online? Huo Beichen scrolled down to the comments. Well, indeed. Now, everyone was scolding them, saying that these two were trying to use this incident to boost their ego and fame.

    Letting out a snicker, Huo Beichen saw another link from Su Ye.