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Chapter 243 - Together

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 243: Together

    Su Cha simply brought up the matter of her staying in the Imperial Capital, clearly stating that she was staying at her boyfriend’s house.

    After all, if she did not say it and Le Anqi said that she wanted to stay over, Su Cha would not be able to decline. She might as well say it openly.

    Le Anqi almost choked on her water. “Are you cohabiting?”

    Su Cha stayed silent for a few seconds. “I guess so.”

    “Oh my god, Su Cha, are you crazy?!”

    Le Anqi’s eyes widened. If not for the fact that there were people around the building, Le Anqi would have asked Su Cha what she was thinking.

    “You even taught me not to mess around, but how old are you?! You’re only 18 years old and you’re living with your boyfriend? Besides, you’re going to enter the entertainment industry in the future. If you sign with a management agency someday, would the agency allow you to continue being with your boyfriend?”

    After all, Su Cha was only 18 this year.

    “Don’t worry about this. I have a solution.”

    Su Cha was not as agitated as Le Anqi. She continued calmly, “Nothing will happen. My boyfriend’s matter will not affect my entry into the entertainment industry.”

    The old lady had mentioned that there was no need for Su Cha to worry about some troublesome matters. This must include her relationship with Bo Muyi.

    Even if the entire Imperial Capital knew that she was dating Bo Muyi, the media would never expose her.

    Su Cha was not worried about this.

    “You’re right!”

    Le Anqi did not even know who Su Cha’s boyfriend was, so she naturally did not know Bo Muyi’s background. “But I think you should be careful. After all, the paparazzi are so scary these days, even your eighteen generations of ancestors can be dug up. We are participating in the competition, so you should be careful…”

    Su Cha gave Le Anqi a look of amusement. “You’re worried that my boyfriend and I will be exposed. Why aren’t you telling me off about how my boyfriend and I are living together?”

    Le Anqi stammered, “About this… You’re already an adult, you can decide your own matters, why would I have any objections? It’s you… Be careful, don’t do anything you shouldn’t.”

    Le Anqi blushed.

    Su Cha instantly understood what Le Anqi was referring to.

    However, ever since he came to the Imperial Capital, Bo Muyi had been more careful.

    Anyway, he would take safety measures.

    Moreover, Su Cha knew very well that although her cultivation technique did not affect her pregnancy, she was still in the early stage. Her body was strange and it was not easy for her to get pregnant.

    She was not worried about these things.

    Nothing had started yet. Even if she wanted to bear a child for Bo Muyi, it was definitely not at present.

    Judging from Bo Muyi’s attitude, he did not seem to like children…

    “Don’t worry.”

    Su Cha couldn’t help but laugh. “I didn’t even make the connection to such matters. Why are you thinking about some random things?”

    “How can that be considered random?”

    The two of them had reached the floor where Dai Xiaofu taught. Le Anqi could not help but scratch Su Cha’s waist. “Why didn’t I see that you were so bold before…?”

    In the past, Su Cha was synonymous to being quiet. No one had been able to tell that she was actually so bold.

    She started living with her boyfriend as soon as she became an adult.

    Of course, if Su Cha had been the real Su Cha in the past, she would not be like this. However, since she was reborn into this life, she had every intention of making it up to Bo Muyi, so she would not hold back in these aspects.

    Although she was only 18 years old, her mental age was unknown.