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Chapter 298 - Xu Weilai, Im Sorry (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 298: Xu Weilai, I'm Sorry (2)

    He said, "I'm sorry."

    Gu Yu's voice was extremely deep and low. He seemed to be trying his best to suppress his emotions.

    Xu Weilai's body trembled violently for an instant. For a moment, she really couldn't tell if she was still in her dream or if that was reality…

    Ever since she met Gu Yu, he had never said anything sweet to her. He had never once apologized to her either.

    Three years ago, when they were still together, he had really doted and loved her. When she would throw a few small tantrums every now and then, he would hug her or kiss her. Sometimes, he would buy gifts to make her happy. She would never be able to remain angry at him for more than an hour. He had always managed to appease before that.

    After they got married, as the ‘victim' who was forced to marry her, he only spoke to her coldly and mocked her at times. The words he said were like ice blades. They stabbed right into her heart. He rarely said anything gentle, much less an apology.

    Looking at Xu Weilai's stunned expression, Gu Yu's Adam's apple started bobbing up and down furiously. He swallowed a few mouths of saliva before moving his thin lips and repeating in a low voice, "Xu Weilai, I'm sorry."

    The ward was very quiet, so quiet that every single word Gu Yu said was heard loud and clear.

    If she was still suspecting whether the first apology was an illusion, the second apology should be real, right…

    Xu Weilai raised her head in confusion and looked into Gu Yu's extremely deep and dark eyes with a puzzled look. She didn't dare to believe what she had just heard. She asked in a daze, "Why are you sorry?"

    Gu Yu's clenched his fists slowly. He looked intently at the young lady's pale face. Her lips were so white that not a trace of blood could be seen. He said each word slowly, "I'm sorry that I caused you to get hurt."

    Caused her to get hurt?

    Oh, was he talking about her blocking the knife for him?

    Actually, that wasn't his responsibility. He didn't force her to block the knife for him. She was the one who rushed out. It was her own intention.

    Anyway, she managed to pull through so she didn't find a need to make the atmosphere so heavy. Xu Weilai waved her hand and used a light-hearted tone to reply to him. "This has nothing to do with you. There's no need to apologize. However, you can thank me if you want."

    Gu Yu stared at her with his black eyes and continued, "I'm sorry that I caused you to go overseas alone."

    Xu Weilai was stunned once again.

    "I'm sorry that I said so many unpleasant things to you."

    Suddenly, a layer of tears appeared in Xu Weilai's eyes.

    "I'm sorry that I made you so unhappy all this while."

    A strong feeling of sorrow surged through her body. Her tears fell out of her eyes without any warning. Xu Weilai lowered her head immediately to avoid Gu Yu's gaze.

    She didn't expect that… Gu Yu wasn't apologizing because she blocked the knife for him. He was apologizing for what he did three years ago as well as the harm he inflicted on her during that period…

    When her engagement was broken off three years ago, she was in pain for a long time. She couldn't understand what she did to make him so heartless. After she came back and got married to him, his hatred and loathing towards her inflicted new wounds on her scars. The pain compounded.

    Then, she started learning how to let go. She started to pretend that she was heartless too. No matter what he did or said, she felt that he would no longer be able to hurt her. She felt that she wouldn't care about him anymore.

    However, after hearing Gu Yu apologizing to her over and over again, the suffering and sorrow in her heart started spreading uncontrollably. Her tears started falling down, drop by drop. She couldn't stop them…