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Chapter 410 - Imposter Doctor

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 410  Imposter Doctor

    "the unit has made it clear that we can only stand guard for a maximum of three days. furthermore, we are to stay away from the river for three subsequent days. he actually stayed here for seven days. does he have a death wish?" the officer looked at zhou wen as he spoke.

    the soldier said with a bitter smile, "liu gui said that he had a tenacious body and wasn't afraid. he was really fine in the beginning. he didn't get any rashes after manning it for five days like us. on the sixth day, he only had a tiny bout of rashes, but who knew that his rashes would suddenly break out today. his entire body is covered in rashes and they are festering. before i left, it wasn't as serious …"

    "doctor little zhou, what do we do?" the officer asked zhou wen.

    "what else can we do? send him back to the medical team quickly." zhou wen was just about to say that when he saw the soldier's body convulse. wherever his skin was exposed, the red rashes rapidly decayed and his hands festered.

    it was unknown if the pain had jolted him awake. he began reaching out and clawing his face. with one swipe, his skin was torn, leaving behind a few marks on his face. his cheekbones could be seen, making him look extremely frightening.

    however, the soldier did not care and continued to claw himself with all his might. his face was mangled in a few scratches, but he refused to stop and continued to claw at it with all his might.

    "hold him down!" the officer immediately ordered. the soldiers rushed forward and pressed his hand down to stop him from grabbing his face.

    it was unknown if liu gui was conscious or not. he didn't say a word as he struggled with all his might to claw his face.

    "liu gui, do you have a death wish…" the officer berated him loudly, but liu gui acted as though he didn't hear anything. he struggled with all his might, his feet kicking hard as he rubbed his body across the ground. after he kicked off his boots and socks, people realized that his feet were covered in rashes.

    suddenly, liu gui stopped struggling and blood seeped out from his mouth. he looked like he was about to die.

    "doctor little zhou, what should we do? hurry up and save old liu." a soldier who was on good terms with liu gui nearly cried.

    zhou wen thought to himself, i'm not a real doctor. how would i know?

    he wanted them to send him to the medical team, but it was already too late by the looks of it. zhou wen thought for a moment and felt that this red rash could also be a poison. perhaps doctor darkness's fight poison with poison would be useful.

    by now, zhou wen could only attempt a hail mary. he would rather have the soldier die in his hands than watch him die.

    without any hesitation, he summoned doctor darkness to appear in companion form and used fight poison with poison as a syringe appeared in his hand.

    "hold him down properly. don't let him move," zhou wen said to the soldiers.

    after all, he was not a real doctor. administering injections was not his forte. fortunately, if it was only administering a tranquilizer, he could still do it.

    the few soldiers held liu gui down tightly as zhou wen stabbed the syringe in and slightly pushed the plunger, injecting bits of poison into lin gui's body before stopping to watch his reaction.

    doctor darkness's poison was extremely potent. he reacted quickly after being injected with it. the blood that flowed out of liu gui's mouth had clearly decreased, but zhou wen didn't know if it was because he was about to die or if fight poison with poison was showing its effect.

    after waiting for a while longer, liu gui's rashes stopped festering. liu gui's convulsions also lessened in intensity.

    seeing that the poison was effective, zhou wen injected a little more. liu gui's body convulsed even more, but the rashes on his body were dissipating.

    zhou wen knew that it was truly effective. it was normal for liu gui's body to convulse. it was unknown what kind of poison doctor darkness used, but the pain from having it injected into the body was something zhou wen had experienced before. it wasn't something an ordinary person could tolerate.

    however, this also meant that liu gui's condition was improving. previously, he couldn't feel any pain.

    zhou wen didn't dare to inject too much poison. seeing the improvement, he put away the syringe and used doctor darkness's light of penetration to look inside liu gui's body. he didn't discover any problems, nor did he discover what the source of the rashes was.

    "ah! it hurts!" liu gui's eyes widened as he screamed in pain. his body struggled even harder.