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Chapter 559 - The Third Company!

Medical Master
     Tonight, it was meant to be a sleepless night for most people.

    “The Letian Pharmaceutical Company was screwed this time!”

    “What the f*ck, I still have tens of thousands of shares of Letian Pharmaceutical Company in my hands.”

    “Where are the people of Letian Pharmaceutical Company? Hurry up and explain the rumors.”

    For a moment, all the shareholders of Letian Pharmaceutical Company were panic-stricken. Some of the people who had fallen asleep were even awakened by the phone and got into a panic.

    Meanwhile, the analysts of the stock group had made their comments, suggesting that shareholders should sell their stocks of Letian Pharmaceutical Company tomorrow morning as soon as possible.

    Now Letian was encountering the same situation as Siqi.

    That night, numerous people couldn’t fall asleep. They were anxiously waiting for the opening trade at dawn, wanting to get rid of the shares of these two big companies as soon as possible.

    Of course, while some people were anxiously waiting, others were still expecting the Letian Pharmaceutical Company to clarify as soon as possible so that the matter could be suppressed as soon as possible.

    However, after they waited for a long time, they didn’t see any reply from the Letian Pharmaceutical Company.

    Half an hour after Letian Pharmaceutical Company’s problem was posted on Weibo, Fang Qiu was unable to get any reply. He didn’t want to wait any longer and directly posted the photos of the test result that had been taken, as well as the national standard of the heavy metal content in medicine in his Weibo.

    According to the national standard and the test result, it was true that the heavy metal content of this medicine must have exceeded the limit!

    What was more, this test report was still from the chemistry laboratory of Capital University of Science and Technology.

    “There is indeed evidence!”

    “No wonder Letian Pharmaceutical Company didn’t give any response. They must have known that Fang Qiu has the evidence and are afraid of being slapped in the face by Fang Qiu.”

    “The Letian Pharmaceutical Company is just like the Siqi Pharmaceutical Company. It is also a famous large Western Medicine manufacturer in the country. I didn’t expect that there was something wrong with their medicine either.”

    One minute later, just when everyone was still thinking about how Fang Qiu challenged Siqi Pharmaceutical Company and Letian Pharmaceutical Company, Fang Qiu’s Weibo was updated again without anyone noticing.

    This time, it was still a photo.

    It was also a kind of medicine in the photo.

    On the package, it was clearly written, “Taikang Pharmaceutical Limited Liability Company!”

    Fang Qiu also wrote something as he posted the photo.

    “The sulfur dioxide of this drug has exceeded the standard! Sulfur dioxide is one of the main pollutants of the atmosphere. Many industrial processes will produce sulfur dioxide. The sulfur dioxide is colorless and tasteless. The sulfur dioxide of this drug has exceeded the standard, which will lead to excessive consumption of sulfur dioxide. It will be easy to cause allergy, which may lead to respiratory difficulty, diarrhea, vomiting, and other symptoms. It will also cause various degrees of damage to the brain and other tissues!”

    As soon as this post was released, all the people on the Internet who paid attention to Fang Qiu’s breaking news were shocked!

    At first, everyone felt that Fang Qiu was having much cry and little wool. Previously, he had claimed that there was something big to disclose. But as a result, he only revealed two drugs of two companies.

    Although this made everyone have something to talk about, compared with the words “big breaking news”, this kind of breaking news obviously couldn’t satisfy everyone.

    However, as the third piece of breaking news appeared, everyone was stunned at once!

    “Another listed company?”

    “There are three listed companies in a row.”

    “Oh, my God. He confronted three listed companies. He really got something.”

    “It’s indeed big news. The three companies at least account for one-third of the domestic Western Medicine industry!”

    “This time, I didn’t wait in vain. He confronted three big companies with his bare hands. Fang Qiu is really awesome!”

    As Fang Qiu broke the news and the whole Internet began to discuss wildly, the stock analysts who couldn’t fall asleep now started working again.

    This time, they no longer dared to hesitate.

    They said directly, “Tomorrow morning, all the shares of the companies which mainly sell Western Medicine and also involve in Chinese Medicine producing should be sold out!”

    Meanwhile, the leaders of the Taikang Pharmaceutical Limited Liability Company were all so anxious that they started to fidget.

    In a luxury hotel in the capital city, people gathered in the place where the health summit was held.

    It was already the break time, but now there were a lot of people in the meeting room, including Commander Zuo, the chairman of Siqi Pharmaceutical Limited Liability Company, as well as the chairmen of Letian Pharmaceutical Company and Taikang Pharmaceutical Company.

    The chairmen of other companies also came here one by one.

    No one spoke.

    “Something’s wrong!”

    Suddenly, the bald fat man said angrily with a gloomy face, “There must be something wrong with this boy.”

    This bald fat man’s name was Ma Guoyong, and he was the chairman of the Taikang Pharmaceutical Industry.

    “This kid, how did he get so much evidence?”

    A young man in his thirties also looked grim.

    He was Liu Tianle, the chairman of the Letian Pharmaceutical Company.

    “Hmm…” Commander Zuo stroke his grey hair, closed his mouth, and let out a long breath. Then he thought of something and glanced at the chairmen who came to the meeting room. He said, “This is a plot, this is revenge!”

    Upon hearing that, everyone in the meeting room was stunned!


    Fang Qiu’s revenge?

    Could it be that Fang Qiu had already known that the overwhelming rumors were spread by them?

    If he didn’t know, how was it possible for Fang Qiu to reveal the problems of these drugs one by one?

    That was right.

    Commander Zuo was right. Fang Qiu was taking revenge!

    For a moment, everyone was certain.

    Although they couldn’t believe it, they couldn’t think of any reason why Fang Qiu was so reckless and crazy that he tried to expose all of them.

    Especially the chairmen of the three major companies, whose drugs had been exposed at the moment, found it hard to accept this fact from the bottom of their hearts though they all looked grim.

    They would never have thought that a college student would dare to compete with the listed companies which were the giants in this industry!

    It was because of this idea that they had, they had always looked down upon Fang Qiu, thinking that Fang Qiu was like an ant and that they could pinch him as much as they wanted.

    But now, this ant really broke out the power that was completely beyond their imagination. He really fought against them!

    The three of them all looked sullen and were lost in thought.

    The other chairmen of several companies also became nervous at this moment.

    Even Siqi, Letian, and Taikang had been exposed by Fang Qiu. Would Fang Qiu continue to reveal their companies?

    For a moment, these chairmen called one after another to contact their production staff to do some research. They would also need to carry out a quality test for their own medicine to see what was going on.

    In the eyes of these large companies, it was fine if there was something that remained in Chinese Medicine because it couldn’t kill a person. Even if a person was dead, it could only be caused by taking it for a long period of time. Besides, it was very difficult to find out the truth under normal circumstances. Therefore, they didn’t care much that the residues of their drugs had exceeded the standard.

    But now, these problems had been exposed. That was not a trivial matter anymore, but a real big problem!

    At night, it was 10:40 p.m.

    At the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, it was time to turn off the lights in the dormitory. Many people should be asleep now, but no one slept tonight.

    Almost all the students in the school were completely shocked by Fang Qiu’s revelation.

    Not to mention these students, even the teachers of the university and Vice President Chen Yinsheng were shocked by Fang Qiu’s revelation this time.

    Even though all the lights had been turned off in the dormitory building, the students were still paying attention to Fang Qiu’s Weibo, using their phones and computers to keep refreshing.

    Also, in the Central Television building in the capital, Li Huawen, who should have gone home earlier, still stayed in the office. He knew that he couldn’t fall asleep even though he went back, because Fang Qiu’s revelation this time was too astonishing.

    Because it was he who had helped Fang Qiu to contact people of the Capital University of Science and Technology, and he also accompanied Fang Qiu to do the tests, he clearly knew that the three companies were not the only ones whose drugs had been tested by Fang Qiu.

    Apart from these three companies, there were also quite a few.

    “Is this kid going to reveal all the test results of those companies?”

    As Li Huawen was shocked, he also frowned and tried hard to figure out why Fang Qiu did this.

    As a man in the entertainment circle, he was a big shot working as a director.

    Director Li Huawen knew how things worked in the circle, so when he saw Fang Qiu’s unusual performance, he immediately connected the revelation with Fang Qiu’s rumors that had appeared suddenly on the Internet earlier.

    After pondering for a while, he immediately figured it out.

    “No wonder this kid was in the mood to buy drugs for tests. It looks like the big companies that control Western Medicine are very likely to be the masterminds behind Fang Qiu’s rumors. Otherwise, with Fang Qiu’s way of doing things, he wouldn’t be so crazy before he was provoked. At most, he would just give a reminder to a few big companies.”

    Although Li Huawen associated it with the development of the whole matter, he still couldn’t believe that Fang Qiu was so resolute this time, leaving no room for discussion.

    “Awesome!” Seeing Fang Qiu making such a big scene on Weibo, He Gaoming couldn’t help getting excited. After all, it was he who had helped Fang Qiu find out the information of these companies, so he naturally thought that he had something to do with this matter.

    The most important thing was that Fang Qiu was fighting against all of them alone, and these were all large companies, which was incredible.

    It was not just these acquaintances.

    In the Chinese Medicine industry, all those who knew or didn’t know Fang Qiu were paying attention to this matter.

    After all, as for the Chinese Medicine industry, it could be seen as a wave, which would engulf the whole Chinese Medicine industry!

    The employees of various medicine production companies in the country all received calls for working overtime that very night.

    In a short period of time, the city buildings, which had been darkened with the dim light of the night, were lit up floor by floor.

    The leaders of these companies were very flustered. They were busy performing qualitative tests on their drugs and also waiting to see if Fang Qiu would continue to expose more companies and whether they would be one of them.

    As expected, it was 10:50 p.m.

    Ten minutes after the lights of the dormitory buildings were turned off, Fang Qiu revealed the news again!

    The photo was taken before the lights went out.

    This time, it was still a large Western Medicine company. Like the previous three companies, this company was also listed and a giant in the pharmaceutical industry!

    In Dormitory 501, deeply attracted by Fang Qiu’s revelation, Zhu Benzheng, Zhou Xiaotian, and Sun Hao, who even climbed to Fang Qiu’s bed and sat around him, watched Fang Qiu reveal the fourth one. They couldn’t help but give a thumbs-up to Fang Qiu at the same time and said in unison, “You’re so awesome!”