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Chapter 324 - Her Animosity

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 324: Her Animosity

    HuoBeichen wanted to register a new account on Weibo. However, due to him being totally out of touch with the internet, he found it too much of a hassle, thus, he asked for the company's official Weibo account from Su Ye and posted that Weibo post.

    That was how Ning Meng's identity as Huo Beichen's wife was revealed publicly in high profile. Huo Beichen had decided to put aside the fact that their marriage was meant to be a secret from the public and stood on Ning Meng's side firmly.

    If there was a need for Ning Meng to be attacked on the internet, it should be him who shouldered this abuse for her.

    After uploading the Weibo post, Huo Beichen stood up and opened his bedroom door. Hmm? The living room's light was still lit, meaning that Ning Meng was not asleep yet.

    Walking out in light steps, he saw the girl sitting on the sofa, playing with her phone. Inching closer, he could hear her sending Zhen Shanmei a voice message: "Arghh!! Have you seen Lin Qingbei's post? Now. That's. A. Real. Man! I knew this guy wasn't a heartless monster! See? He's defending me the first chance he could! Still, the way he did it was a bit naïve and foolish. Hahahahaha~"

    "Oh, and God was such a darling too~ This puppy boy had only just gotten his first win in E-sports and he came out, taking the time to defend me instead of working harder for himself. Awww~ He's such a good boy~"


    Huo Beichen stared at the sofa with a pair of soulless eyes.

    What? So, that Weibo post that he made earlier was nothing to her? Why did she not mention a word of it at all?

    As he was having this excruciating internal monologue with himself, Zhen Shanmei's voice message came in: "But what about your hubby? He did great too! He bought you a shopping mall and even made an official statement on Weibo to defend you! Now, that's a boss!"

    Huo Beichen's ears perked up after hearing this.

    Yeah… it was strange. Ning Meng's attitude toward him had changed so drastically lately… She did not care to sweet-talk him anymore, and not only that, she was bossing him around a lot as well. How rude and insolent!

    As he was thinking to himself, Ning Meng opened her mouth and replied: "Well, the internet is saying that I am so low-class that I am not good enough for him! They teased saying that I am a hen trying to be a Phoenix! Can you believe that? What? Am I not good-looking enough? I am such a goddess~ I'm a bae to so many men! How am I not good enough for Lord Chen?!"

    After finishing her rant, Ning Meng heaved a long sigh.

    Huo Beichen, on the other hand, was shocked when he heard that. He quickly snuck back into his bedroom to check the comment section under the post he had made.

    And there they were! Waves after waves of negative feedback from the internet.

    @Googooroo: [Wife? Ning Meng is his wife?! Wow, what's the world coming to?]

    @Nuwa2002: [So, is Huo Group going to defend that b*tch of a wife their CEO got?]

    @AquariumYugong: [I see. It is just so fitting to see how underlings in Huo Group behave exactly like their superiors. If this is the wife of your boss, then Huo Group should kneel before all the farmers and apologize to them on behalf of that Ning B*tch!]

    @QianDu: [Yeah! Kneel before us! Or else we'll boycott Huo Group's products from today onward!]

    @Woohoo96: [Mr. Huo is an influential figure in the business world. I can still remember how the media reported that he was the richest man in the country last year. I can't imagine how a great man like this would marry such an immoral woman who came from the entertainment industry too, at that! I believe Huo Group is just making a joke to jab at Lemon Entertainment.]


    After ranting her thoughts out, Ning Meng switched to Weibo to check on the storm of outrage coming her way. It was then that she saw that public announcement from Huo Group's Weibo Account.

    As she was reading that announcement again and again, a smile started to spread across Ning Meng's face. Her smile was as bright and cheerful as a high school girl who had just fallen in love.

    Of course, she did not bother to read the comments. After all, there was no need to ruin her day like this, not to mention, she was going to uninstall Weibo again later.