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Chapter 411 - The Little Flower on the Mountain

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 411 The Little Flower on the Mountain

    Lu Su was reading some documents for her research when she suddenly received an emergency notice. She rushed over to take a look at the soldier’s condition and could not help but frown. “What happened to him?”

    “Dr. Lu, Liu Gui violated the rules. He stationed himself at the sentry post for seven days, and turned into this,” the officer said.

    “He stationed himself at the sentry post for seven days straight? Does he not want his life anymore?” Lu Su was slightly taken aback when she heard that. She went forward to carefully observe Liu Gui’s injuries and asked in disbelief, “He must have scratched himself, right? There’s indeed some festering, but…”

    The more she looked at it, the stranger she found it. Liu Gui’s injuries seemed to have signs of rashes, but it was obvious that the rashes were no longer festering and there were signs of recovery. The situation wouldn’t have been so if the rashes had really acted up.

    “We happened to meet Doctor Little Zhou earlier on. Doctor Zhou injected some medicine into Liu Gui at the sentry post, improving his condition a little. He’s much better now…” the officer explained everything that had happened earlier.

    “Doctor Little Zhou? Which Doctor Little Zhou?” Lu Su found it unbelievable.

    After all her research, she had ultimately failed to find a way to treat the rashes. Once it acted up, death was a certainty. According to what they said, Liu Gui had been there for seven days without dying. That was testimony to his luck. The situation back then must have been the rashes acting up, quickly turning him into a pool of blood.

    According to their description, Liu Gui should already be a dead person. Even if she, Lu Su, had been present, there was no way she could have saved Liu Gui.

    However, the doctor they were talking about had only given one injection to significantly improve Liu Gui. She could no longer see any signs of the rashes, so she found it unbelievable.

    “It’s Dr. Zhou Wen. His identification document says that he’s an intern,” the officer replied.

    Lu Su ran through all the medical team’s personnel through her mind, but they did not have such an intern doctor. There were indeed a few new interns this year, but none of them had the Zhou surname.

    “Take him in for a checkup now.” Lu Su let Liu Gui in. Liu Gui could already walk on his own, but his facial injuries were rather serious.

    Lu Su checked Liu Gui and treated his wounds. But this only served to surprise her more.

    Liu Gui’s entire body was covered in festering rashes, which meant that the breakout was very severe. Liu Gui and company were probably not lying, but the rashes did not show any continual signs of decay. Instead, they were slowly improving.

    After Lu Su’s check-up, Liu Gui had almost fully recovered from his rashes. Even if he didn’t undergo any more treatment, he would recover in a few days. However, he needed to be treated for those festering wounds or his entire body would be covered with scars.

    Instead, the self-inflicted wounds were more serious. It would probably take him quite some time to treat them.

    “Are you sure that the intern doctor you met is named Zhou Wen?” Lu Su asked again.

    The officer answered with certainty, “It’s Doctor Zhou Wen, alright. I made sure.”

    “That’s strange.” Lu Su really wanted to meet Zhou Wen and ask him what he had injected into Liu Gui, but she couldn’t recall having such a person in the medical team.

    When she returned to her office, Lu Su found the medical team’s case files and saw that none of the intern doctors were named Zhou Wen. None of them had the Zhou surname.

    How strange. Could it be that they were really lucky to meet a deity? Lu Su was secretly puzzled.


    Zhou Wen was less than two hundred meters from Chess Mountain’s mountain pass. With his eyesight, he was able to see if there were any patterns on the mountain wall, so he didn’t head forward again.

    Zhou Wen’s gaze constantly sized up the mountain wall and after a while, he failed to find the tiny palm symbol. Instead, he saw a strange flower.

    The flower was growing on the wall of Chess Mountain and was only about ten centimeters tall. The leaves were black, but the flowers were white. The contrasting colors resembled the rock colors of Chess Mountain.

    The small flower grew alone on the stone wall. There were no plants for hundreds of meters.