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Chapter 299 - I’m Not As Easy To Comfort Now (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 299: I’m Not As Easy To Comfort Now (1)

    There was no such thing as nonchalance. She cared very much. Too much.

    She remembered clearly all the hurtful things Gu Yu had said to her. She was just pretending that she didn’t mind. But, at that moment, she finally knew that what she had always been waiting for, was his apology.

    Did he finally understand how much he had hurt her? Did he finally know how much pain she suffered because of him? Did he finally realize that he was in the wrong?

    That knife was nothing.

    The pain from that knife wasn’t even a fraction of the pain he caused her!

    Did he know how she felt when she stepped on the land of another country? Did he know how she tossed and turned in bed while she was overseas? Did he know the pain she went through during those three years? Did he know what low expectations she had at the start after she married him? Did he know how he doused her flame of hope slowly, bit by bit?

    In that instant, she really wanted to scold him.

    She wanted to say ‘Gu Yu, you’re a bastard. What right do you have to abandon me whenever you want? Why did I have to get exiled overseas just because you broke off our engagement? Why could you hurt me without any hesitation after we got married?

    However, her throat was blocked by anguish. When she opened her mouth, all she heard was the sound of her choking and sobbing. She wasn’t able to control her emotions. She couldn’t stop crying.

    All these years, even if she cried, she would control her tears as much as she could. She would only cry silently because she had already lost the pair of shoulders she could rely on when she wanted to cry. No one would take pity on her because of her tears.

    Every single weak sound Xu Weilai made while she was crying pierced into Gu Yu’s heart. It was so painful his face turned slightly pale.

    He knew how much pain and harm he inflicted on her. However… he was blinded by anger and hatred. He couldn’t see her pain. He was drowning in his own sorrow so he continued his revenge. What a joke.

    In the end, when she got hurt, he didn’t feel happy at all. Instead, he felt even more pain.

    Then, he realized that when he harmed her, he was actually hurting himself too. Without love, how could there be hatred?

    All those years of brooding were only because he loved her, he loved her so much he couldn’t let go of her. Thus, he could only use hate as the only reason to continue pestering her. He wasn’t willing to cut their ties entirely so that they could each live their own life.

    Without her, even if it was just a minute or a second, he had never been happy.

    Gu Yu’s eyes turned red too. He couldn’t help it anymore and hugged Xu Weilai. His voice was hoarse and choking slightly, “I’m sorry that I made you cry again…”

    When he woke up from his car accident and saw Xu Weilai’s smiling face the moment he opened his eyes, he promised that he would protect the smile of that young lady forever.

    He couldn’t even bear to recall how he had the heart to make her cry again and again until he lost the smile that he loved so dearly.

    Xu Weilai was already having a breakdown emotionally. When he said that sentence, she started crying even more furiously. Gu Yu was standing while she was sitting on the sickbed so when he hugged her, her cheeks only reached his waist. Her tears stained his shirt and drenched a huge patch of it.

    She grabbed Gu Yu’s shirt tightly. When she finally managed to gain control of her emotions, she refuted with a slightly hoarse voice, “I only cried because my wound hurts too much. It’s not because of you.”

    Gu Yu didn’t expose her lie. He rubbed Xu Weilai’s head gently, so gentle it was as if he was holding a delicate porcelain doll. “Yes, your wound must be very painful.”